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Spirittea – Where and How To Get All The Spirits

Spirittea is a bathhouse management game set in a rural town in Japan. The spirits in this land are restless and in order to calm them down they’ll need a place to relax. The old bathhouse has been in disrepair for some time but with the help of some Spirittea you’ll get it running again! The only thing you need to do besides manage the bathhouse is to make sure the spirits actually come in. To do this you’ll have to look for them around the map and unlock them. Once you do they’ll be regular fixtures in your bathhouse!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how and where to find all the spirits in Spirittea.


How to Find Spirits

In order to find spirits, you’ll need to be able to actually see them. To do this you’ll need Spirit Vision and to look around in an area that you think they might be. This can involve just being at the right place at the right time and inviting them over. Or for some spirits, they may need you to give them an item or solve a puzzle for them before they come.

You’ll be able to find the location of spirits by looking around and gathering information on their whereabouts. Hints to where a spirit maybe can be found on the town Bulletin Board or given to you in conversation with a villager. You may also be able to spot them by looking for any anomalies that you can spot in town.

Lastly, the list below will tell you how and where to find all of them.


Where To Find All The Spirits

AuroraSpring SpiritEric’s Apartment, Around TownQuest: Stalker Photo
Talk to Eric
AurumFall SpiritEko’s Convenience Store – At the top of the store with FatherogChase and catch them 3 times
AvanisSummer SpiritTownComplete the Mountain Shrine / Summer Shrine
BantushiWinter SpiritSchool with TikanQuest: Snowmen Snowfight
Talk to Tera
BorzoFall SpiritSujin’s boat after 5:30 PM with DolmoriQuest: Vandalized Boat
Talk to Sujin
ChiropiWinter SpiritSchool – Nurse’s Office before 0:00 AMQuest: Reanimated Skeleton Model
Talk to Ling
CoronisSummer SpiritOutdoor chess table by the SchoolQuest: Crazy Crows
Speak to Yari
CorvinkFall SpiritLeigh’s Van – Mon-Wed, 9AM – 3AMQuest: Cursed Painting
Talk to Leigh
DolmoriSummer SpiritSujin’s boat after 5:30 PM with BorzoQuest: Vandalized Boat
Talk to Sujin
FatherogSpring SpiritEko’s Convenience Store – At the top of the store with AurumChase and catch them 3 times
FeniasSpring SpiritAbandoned Shrine Southeast of Song’s StoreQuest: Fix a Shrine
Speak to Bruce
Repair the shrine using a repair kit from Song’s Store
FlittWinter SpiritTownComplete the Winter Shrine
FonukiWinter SpiritKim’s Desk after 2:00 AMQuest: Phone Thief
Talk to Kim
GorgoSummer SpiritWestern Beach – After 5:30 PM. Dig up the Sandcastle with your ShovelQuest: Water Shooting Sandcastle
Talk to Quill
Heck, Geckit, FrokeSummer SpiritIn front of Song’s StoreQuest: Baby Momo Abducted
Talk to Song
HibernusLord Spirit for WinterBathhouseBuild the Lord Bath upgrade in the Bathhouse
HobinFall SpiritAnywhereQuest: Player Money Thief
JookyooSummer SpiritJulian’s RestaurantQuest: Karaoke Vomit
Talk to Gale
JusoSpring SpiritTownComplete the Spring Shrine
KurkapiSummer SpiritTemple BellQuest: Temple Bell
Talk to Young
LarrickSummer SpiritMountains – Borthwest of town there’s a clearing near the locked doorQuest: Fae Tools Thief
Talk to Fae
LunarissFall SpiritTownComplete the Fall Shrine
MarikoSpring SpiritMountains – The clearing near the big tree and buildingQuest: Sujin Doppleganger
Talk to Kenzo at 7:00 AM
MeowshroomSpring SpiritTea FieldsQuest: Wild Boar
Talk to Tifa
MorinobaSpring SpiritBig Apartment – Moby’s BathQuest: Haunted Bathtub
Talk to Moby
MujinaFall SpiritUpstairs in the pensionQuest: Tanuki Transformation
Talk to Jillian in Spring
MuwoFall SpiritSoutheast of townQuest: Poobird
NanashiWinter SpiritSchool – Weekday, 6PM – 11PMQuest: School Horror Game
Talk to Yumi
NaosFall SpiritSummit of the MountainQuest: Find the Statue
Talk to Clarence
NimboarsWinter SpiritMountain – West of the HostpringsQuest: Forgetful Amelia
Talk to Amelia
OchressLord Spirit for FallBathhouseBuild the Lord Bath upgrade in the Bathhouse
OnishiWinter SpiritInvisible zones around townQuest: Textbox
PanthermansLord Spirit for SummerBathhouseBuild the Lord Bath upgrade in the Bathhouse
RibbardFall SpiritJulian’s RestaurantQuest: Karaoke Vomit
Talk to Gale
RukoFall SpiritOutside of Pension on the Southern Beach just before 2:00 AM on a SundayQuest: Secret Shop
Talk to Sora
TikanWinter SpiritSchool with TikanQuest: Snowmen Snowfight
Talk to Tera
UmakikiWinter SpiritHotsprings – After 0:00 AM on MondayQuest: Ghost Bus
Talk to Tobi
UpoSpring SpiritIn the fields north of Song’s Shop at 4:00 AMQuest: Vegetable Thief
Talk to Kenzo
VulpishLord Spirit for SpringBathhouseBuild the Lord Bath upgrade in the Bathhouse
WasajijiWinter SpiritJulian’s RestaurantQuest: Spicy Soup Craving
Talk to Julian


Wait! Who the heck are you?! Can you see me? You CAN, can’t you? You’ve drunk the Spirittea and now you can see me!! Look, we’ve got problems! This town is crawling with troublemaking spirits. They’ve become lost because humans have stopped worshipping, leaving offerings or even thinking about them anymore. This is- well… used to be a nice town, but there have been some strange goings-on lately! You’re going to find the spirits causing mayhem and fix their problems so they can become paying customers, and get to know the townspeople and explore the mountain to its fullest!

Spirittea is out now on the Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.


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