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Spirittea – What You Need To Know About Cooking And Recipes

Spirittea is the latest bathhouse management sim that came out yesterday. If you’ve watched Spirited Away you’ll understand the concept of a spirit bathhouse. If you haven’t watched the classic Ghibli movie then think of it as a relaxing spa for spirits. In this small village in rural Japan, angry spirits have been causing issues in the land. By opening up the bathhouse and taking care of the spirits you’ll be able to bring peace to your village. Taking care of the spirits includes cleaning up the place, making sure the baths are at the right temperature and of course serving them delicious snacks and food.

In this Spirittea guide, we’ll go through all the basics of cooking, where to get recipes and more.


How To Start Cooking In Spirittea

There are two kitchens accessible to you in Spirittea, the first is in your home and the second is in the bathhouse once you’ve upgraded it. There are four different cooking methods available in the game, they are – Boil, Bake, Fry and Ferment. These methods will be divided into their individual cooking stations in the game.

To start cooking simply approach a cooking station with the required three ingredients. Some recipes will require another completely cooked ingredient to complete their recipe. For example, a Carrot Cake will require you to bake a Carrot, Cream Cheese and Plain Cake to bake. So you’ll need to make the Plain Cake first with Milk, Egg and Flour.

If you use the wrong ingredients or the wrong cooking method you’ll end up with Junk. You’ll want to avoid this because not only does it waste ingredients but your time as well. Time in a time management game as you know is very important.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the cooking you can use this cooked food to make the spirits visiting your bathhouse happier. However, you won’t be able to give them just any food, giving some spirits the wrong meal can cause some spirits to be unhappy. So make sure to spend some time digging up Spirit Tomes, which will tell you more about a particular spirit’s favourite food and bathing habits.


How To Obtain Recipes

Having more recipes on hand in your bathhouse will allow you to cater to a wider range of guests. You’ll be able to purchase more recipes from Song’s shop for a certain amount of Moolags. The recipes are randomised each day so make sure to check in daily to get the one you want. You’ll also be able to get other recipes from quests and events in the game.


All Recipes


RecipeIngredientsObtainSpirit Favourite
Bitter SaladBitterleaf, Cloudleaf, TomatoPurchase for 50MOchress
Crimson Shrimp SoupUgligrass, Shrimp, Spicy PeppersPurchase for 30M
Julian Family RecipeCrimson Shrimp Soup, Soy Sauce, Demon PepperComplete “Thieves in Town” Request
LemonadeLemon, Sugar, Bottled WaterPurchase for 50MRuko
RamenNoodles, Pork, EggMuwo
Seaweed SoupHamburger Bun, Pork, HoneyPurchase for 50M
SpaghettiNoodles, Tomato, ShinetopPurchase for 50M
Spicy Kimchi StewKimchi, Garlic, PorkPurchase for 50M
SushiSalmon, White Rice, WasabiPurchase for 50M


RecipeIngredientsObtainSpirit Favourite
Butterfruit PiePie Crust, Butterfruit, Butterfruit
CakePurchase for 100M
Plain CakeMilk, Egg, Flour
Carrot CakeCarrot, Cream Cheese, Plain CakePurchase for 30MUpo
Mixed Vegetable PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Mixed Vegetables
Pulled Pork SandwichHamburger Bun, Pork, HoneyPurchase for 50M
Soy ChickenChicken, Soy Sauce, GarlicPurchase for 50M


RecipeIngredientsObtainSpirit Favourite
Fried ChickenSesame Oil, Chicken, FlourPurchase for 50M
Fried RiceWhite Rice, Pork, GarlicPurchase for 50M
HamburgerBeef, Hamburger Bun, TomatoFatherog
Mixed Vegetables, Egg and RiceWhite Rice, Egg, Mixed VegetablesPurchase for 50M
Soy Flavoured Deep Fried SquidSquid, Soy Sauce, Sesame OilPurchase for 50M
Spciy Rice CakesRice Cakes, Red Pepper Paste, EggPurchase for 50M
TakoyakiOctopus, Flour, EggPurchase for 50M


RecipeIngredientsObtainSpirit Favourite
Ice CreamMilk, Sugar, LambsbreathPurchase for 50M
KimbapDried Seaweed, White Rice, KimchiPurchase for 50M
Shrimp Salad RecipeShrimp, Wolfpeal, LemonPurchase for 50M

Ingredient Locations

ButterfruitGather from bushes in town (lemon-shaped fruit)
CarrotPurchase at random from Song’s Store
CheesePurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store
ChickenPurchase at random from Song’s Store
CloudleafGather from the yard to the right of the Red-Roofed House
Cream CheesePurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store
Demon PepperGather from plants growing outside the Bathhouse. On a cliff wall to the right of the entrance.
EggsPurchase at random from Song’s Store
FlourPurchase at random from Song’s Store
GarlicPurchase at random from Song’s Store
Hamburger BunPurchase at random from Song’s Store
HoneyPurchase at random from Song’s Store.
Found in trees in the Mountains (once you repair the bridge).
KimchiPurchase at random from Song’s Store
MilkPurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store
Mixed VegetablesPurchase at random from Song’s Store
NoodlesPurchase at random from Song’s Store
Pie CrustPurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store
Pizza DoughPurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store
PorkPurchase at random from Song’s Store
Red Pepper PastePurchase at random from Song’s Store
Sesame OilPurchase at random from Song’s Store
Soy SaucePurchase at random from Song’s Store
Spicy PeppersPurchase at random from Song’s Store
SugarPurchase at random from Song’s Store
TomatoPurchase at random from Song’s Store
WasabiPurchase at random from Song’s Store
White RicePurchase at Eko’s Convenience Store


Wait! Who the heck are you?! Can you see me? You CAN, can’t you? You’ve drunk the Spirittea and now you can see me!! Look, we’ve got problems! This town is crawling with troublemaking spirits. They’ve become lost because humans have stopped worshipping, leaving offerings or even thinking about them anymore. This is- well… used to be a nice town, but there have been some strange goings-on lately! You’re going to find the spirits causing mayhem and fix their problems so they can become paying customers, and get to know the townspeople and explore the mountain to its fullest!

Spirittea is out now on the Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.