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Overwatch 2 – Venture, the Swashbuckling Archeologist with a Massive Drill

Venture is coming to Overwatch next year as the game’s next damage hero. Hailing from the wild North of Canada, they identify as non-binary and utilise their massive drill arm to dig up treasure and beat up the bad buys. Labelled as a “swashbuckling archaeologist”, Venture introduces a fairly new mechanic into the Overwatch arena, digging underground to disappear for a while and then pop up to do some damage. The drill will also fire explosive projectiles and their playstyle is somewhat unpredictable and versatile.

With every new hero that Overwatch introduces it completely flips the meta and Venture is set to do the same thing. Their drill gives them a lot more mobility, versatility and unpredictability on the battlefield. Something we love to see. In this article, we’ll go through everything that we know about Venture.


Primary Fire

Shoots out an AoE projectile that travels a set distance and explodes on contact.

Ability: Burrow

Venture burrows underground, becoming invulnerable to damage and movement abilities. They can move quickly through the ground and emerge at any point within a certain range. When they emerge, they deal damage to any enemies in their path. Use this manoeuvre to escape tricky situations as well as catch your enemies off guard and get behind enemy lines.

Ability #2: Drill Blast

Venture fires a powerful explosive projectile from their drill. The projectile travels through the air and explodes on impact, dealing damage to enemies in a large area.

Movement: Dash

Venture dashes forward, propelled by their drill. They can use this ability to close the distance on a target, escape from danger, or reposition themselves on the battlefield.

Ultimate Ability (TBA)

Venture’s ultimate ability is still under wraps, but Blizzard says it will be “something truly special.”


How To Play Venture

Venture’s playstyle is all about being unpredictable and aggressive and their drill ability will give you both offensive and defensive options. That coupled with their AoE is great for clearing out groups of enemies.

I’m not sure how well they’re going to be solo-ing but given their kit I’d suggest playing them as an aggressive flanker and potentially area defence. Make sure to make use of their Burrow as well as their movement ability to quickly eliminate targets and escape before they can react. Or get into high places and use your explosive projectiles to lay down some fire and disrupt an enemy team’s formation.


When Will Venture Come To Overwatch

The next hero coming to Overwatch Season 8 is the tank hero Mauga. We haven’t gotten a confirmed date for Venture, but according to Blizzard’s roadmap, they could come in as early as Season 10. Following their timeline this can be sometime in March 2024.