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My Time At Sandrock – How To Adopt A Pet

My Time At Sandrock is the life sim and crafting game by Pathea Games where you work as a Builder in a desert town. It’s a unique setting that completely changes the way that we handle farming and other life sims. Water is scarce for one thing meaning that farming and planting crops won’t be your main focus. And for some of the days you can even get stuck in a sandstorm. Life out in Sandrock is hard but while the weather and surroundings might be harsh the people are warm. Work hard and you’ll eventually carve out a wonderful life on the dunes. And could make your picturesque journey complete? A fuzzy companion of course!

Sandrock is home to a number of different types of animals that can join your family. Simply befriend them and they’ll become a loyal companion for life! Once you get them into your workshop they’re going to need to be housed properly and of course, looked after. In turn, you’ll be able to send your pet out on missions to collect some resources out in the desert. In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about pet adoption in My Time At Sandrock.


How To Adopt A Pet

To be able to start adopting pets in My Time At Sandrock you’ll need to first complete the Tune Your Banjo mission. Do this by heading over to the Wandering Y Store where you’ll find Rocky, Elsie, Cooper and Mabel talking outside. Go ahead and complete the mission by crafting an Animal House and you’ll get yourself a Pet Whistle.

You’ll need both those items to begin adopting a pet. After that, all you need to do is raise your relationship with the potential pets living in town. Once you’ve reached a ‘Buddy’ level or higher you’ll have the option of adopting the animal and having it become your Familiar.

Once you’ve successfully adopted a pet you can rename them by gifting them a Pet Brand. This can be bought from the Mysterious Man for 625g. You can also choose to abandon a pet by giving them a Goodbye Meatball. You’ll be able to purchase this item from the Mysterious Man as well for 500g.


Taking Care Of Your Pets

After the mission, you’ll have the recipe to craft an Animal House in which your pet can sleep in. Aside from the Animal House the Construction Junction will also sell pet furniture that your pet can use as well. Any animal can live in the House and you can move it wherever you’d like in your Workshop.

You can still choose to interact with your pet every day and give it gifts. Unlike the other animals in your Workshop though they won’t require feeding.


Dispatching Your Pets

Pets in your Workshop don’t drop any resources however you can send them off on dispatch missions to gather useful items. There are four different types of tasks that you can send them out on and after a number of hours they’ll return with useful items. Once they return you’ll be able to collect the items from the Delivery Box right outside your Workshop.

Only three pets can be dispatched at the same time, but as soon as one pet finishes its assignment, another one that has not been dispatched yet on that day can be dispatched.

Pet TaskTimeDrops
Collection8 HoursCactus Fruit (5-6)
⁠Sandberry (5-6)
⁠Sandrice (3-4)
⁠Feather (2)
⁠Sandrice Seed (80%)
Dig8 HoursCopper Ore (6-7)
⁠⁠Tin Ore (4-5)
⁠⁠Iron Ore (4)
Manganese Ore (2)
⁠Chromium Ore (1-2)
Collect Water10 HoursDew (17-23)
⁠Water (2-3)
⁠Sandworm (4-7)
⁠Scorpster (1-3)
Explore12 HoursDregs (8-10)

One of the following:
⁠Iron Scrap (3-4)
⁠⁠Rubber Scrap (4-5)
⁠⁠Plastic Scrap (2-3)

One of the following:
⁠Quartz (3-4)
⁠Amber (1)
⁠Fluorite (1)
⁠⁠Rosestone (1)
⁠⁠Golden Candlestick Piece 1 (1)
⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model Piece 2 (1)
⁠⁠Jeweled Egg Piece 2 (1)
⁠⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue Piece 3 (1)
⁠⁠Rusty Robot Piece 3 (1)
⁠Ship Wheel Model Piece 2 (1)
⁠⁠Spaceship Model Piece 1 (1)

Pets Available For Adoption

Around Sandrock, you’ll find a number of cute animals ready to be adopted by you. However, not all of them can join your family because they already belong to someone else. This is the case for Captain, Sandy and X. The rest however on this list are all up for grabs!

In order to get a pet to join you, you’ll need to ensure that their relationship with you is strong enough. Just like any human relationship that you’d like to develop, make sure to interact with your potential pet every day, and give them their favourite gifts.



A stray cat who was saved by Fei deep in the mines. His wanderer’s life has left him with many bad habits, but people in town are helping him to get better.

BirthdaySummer 13

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Cute Armchair (+15)
⁠Elegant Lounging Chair (+15)
Elegant Sofa (+15)
⁠Pet Sofa (+15)
Rustic Armchair (+15)
⁠Rustic Lounging Chair (+15)
⁠Yakboy Sofa (+15)
⁠Rustic Sofa (+14)
Cute Lazy Sofa (+13)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+13)⁠
Sisal Thread (+13)
Composite Fiber Threads (+12)
Canvas (+11)
⁠⁠Football Toy (+11)
⁠Rosestone (+10)
⁠Spinel (+10)
⁠Opal (+9)
Liked Gifts
⁠Love, Sofa and Robots (+10)
⁠Animal House (+9)
Artwork: Windmill (+9)
⁠⁠Basic Cushion Chair (+9)
⁠Cowprint Sofa (+9)
⁠Fish Fossil (+9)
Golden Bull Head (+9)
⁠Meowses II Statue (+9)
⁠Old Sofa (+9)
Bullhead (+7)
⁠Crucian Carp (+7)
⁠⁠Tape Ball Toy (+7)
⁠Yakmel Doll (+7)
⁠Amber (+6)
Fluorite (+6)
⁠Lungfish (+6)
⁠Sand Carp (+6)
⁠Sandacuda (+6)


BirthdaySpring 8

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Large Desert Mudfish (+13)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+13)
⁠Bird Swing (+12)
⁠Giant Loach (+12)
Liked Gifts
Artwork: Windmill (+9)
⁠Agave (+8)
⁠Cact-o’-Lantern (+8)
⁠Cact-o’-Lantern Scarecrow (+8)
⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern (+8)
⁠Cistanche (+8)
⁠⁠Desert Mudfish (+8)
⁠⁠Large Crucian Carp (+8)
⁠Potted Chrysanthemums (+8)
⁠Potted Purple Hydrangea (+8)
⁠⁠Chestnut Seed (+7)
⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds (+7)
Cold Cactus (+7)
⁠⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)
⁠⁠Large Sandacuda (+7)
⁠Potted Cactus (+7)
⁠Alfalfa Salad (+6)
Avocado (+6)
Biocrust (+6)
⁠Bird Nest (+6)
⁠⁠Coffee Beans (+6)
Desert Mushroom Strains (+6)
⁠Fruit Salad (+6)
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds (+6)
⁠Rib Meat (+6)
⁠⁠Scorpster (+6)
⁠Shellipede (+6)
⁠⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds (+6)
⁠⁠Tomato (+6)
Alfalfa (+5)
⁠Ant Honey (+5)
⁠Cactus Fruit (+5)
⁠Chestnut (+5)
⁠⁠Fertilizer (+5)

Fennec Fox

The Fennec Fox, although a latecomer to the town, quickly became one of Sandrock’s most beloved residents. Always chipper and quirky, the Fennec Fox keeps its spirits high with its delightful and charming personality.

Note: The Fennec Fox is an exclusive pet, only given to backers of My Time at Sandrock who backed the Kickstarter on the USD80 tier or above.

SpeciesFennec Fox
BirthdayWinter 1

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Camping Den (+19)
⁠Pet Tunnel (+19)
⁠Scratching Post (+19)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+17)
Rosestone (+14)
Spinel (+14)
⁠Opal (+13)
⁠Foggy Bassia (+12)
Liked Gifts
Artwork: Windmill (+9)
⁠Large Horned Adder (+8)
⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+8)
⁠Wind Chimes (+8)
⁠⁠Cantaloupe (+7)
⁠Football Toy (+7)
⁠Horned Adder (+7)
⁠Mountain Rose (+7)
⁠Squeaky Toy (+7)
Avocado (+6)
⁠⁠Desert Mushroom Strains (+6)
⁠⁠Fruit Salad (+6)
⁠⁠Heart Blossom (+6)
⁠Large Sand Snake (+6)
⁠⁠Raspberry (+6)
⁠Sand Snake (+6)
⁠⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds (+6)


A type of gecko, probably a distant relative of the Geeglers. The chubby little tail is adorable.

Note: The Gecko is only available via the Lil Gecko DLC.


Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
⁠Gecko Toy
⁠Pet Tunnel
⁠⁠Potted Chrysanthemums
⁠⁠Potted Purple Hydrangea
⁠Gecko Nest
⁠Shiny Scorpion
Liked Gifts
Steak Surprise
Animal Bones


A cute cat with short, soft, flexible limbs. Despite its spaced-out expression, some say it has been a part of many battles.

Note: The Gecko is only available via the Lil Gecko DLC.

BirthdayWinter 24

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Vintage shotgun (+16)
⁠⁠Pet Sofa (+15)
⁠⁠Scratching Post (+15)
⁠Vintage assault rifle (+15)
⁠⁠Fine Steamed Sandfish (+14)
⁠⁠Fine Tomato Fish (+14)
⁠⁠Vintage Pistol (+14)
Diamond (+13)
⁠⁠Sunstone (+11)
⁠⁠Tape Ball Toy (+11)
⁠⁠Rosestone (+10)
⁠Spinel (+10)
⁠⁠Opal (+9)
Liked Gifts
Animal House (+9)
⁠Artwork: Windmill (+9)
Fish Fossil (+9)
⁠Large Desert Mudfish (+9)
⁠⁠Meowses II Statue (+9)
⁠Desert Mudfish (+8)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+8)
Big Flowered Rhino Horn Potted Plant (+7)
⁠Large Sandacuda (+7)
⁠Salted Fish (+7)
Squeaky Toy (+7)
⁠Steamed Sandfish (+7)
⁠Tomato Fish (+7)
⁠⁠Foggy Bassia (+6)


BirthdaySummer 25

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Camping Den (+15)
⁠Pet Castle (+15)
⁠⁠Pet Tunnel (+15)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+13)
⁠⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+11)
⁠⁠Rope Knot Toy (+11)
Sandcoral (+11)
Squeaky Toy (+11)
⁠Agate (+10)
⁠Moonstone (+10)
⁠Foggy Bassia (+8)
Aluminum Ore (+7)
⁠⁠Bloodstone (+7)
⁠Chromium Ore (+7)
Liked Gifts
⁠Artwork: Windmill (+9)
⁠Large Horned Adder (+8)
⁠⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds (+7)
⁠⁠Delicious Mushroom (+7)
⁠Fragrant Satchel (+7)
⁠Horned Adder (+7)
⁠⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)
Desert Mushroom (+6)
⁠Desert Mushroom Strains (+6)
⁠Fruit Salad (+6)
⁠⁠Large Sand Snake (+6)
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds (+6)
⁠⁠Sand Snake (+6)


A cute dog with short, soft, flexible limbs. Despite its spaced-out expression, some say it has been a part of many battles.

BirthdayAutumn 22

Favourite Gifts

Loved Gifts
Camping Den (+15)
Pet Tunnel (+15)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+13)
⁠Braised BBQ Ribs (+12)
Rib Gumbo (+12)
⁠Rope Knot Toy (+11)
⁠⁠Sweet and Sour Pork (+9)
⁠Tomato Beef Brisket (+9)
Liked Gifts
Artwork: Windmill (+9)
⁠⁠Wind Chimes (+8)
⁠⁠Dog Food (+7)
⁠Meat Bun (+7)
⁠Meaty Bone Toy (+7)
Paint (+7)
⁠Yakmel Doll (+7)
Jerky (+6)
⁠⁠Rib Meat (+6)
⁠Manure (+5)

My Time At Sandrock

Travel to the desert community of Sandrock and take on the role of a fledgling Builder. Use your trusty toolset to gather resources, construct machines, and turn your run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility to save the town from the jaws of economic ruin! My Time at Sandrock takes place in a wholesome post-apocalyptic world 330 years after the Day of Calamity destroyed most modern technologies.

After accepting a job offer to become Sandrock’s newest Builder, you’ll arrive in the wild and rugged city-state, where it’s up to you and your trusty tools to restore the community to its former glory. Gather resources to build machines, befriend locals, and defend Sandrock from monsters — all while saving the town from economic ruin!

My Time At Sandrock is out now on Steam and Epic Games.


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