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Honkai Star Rail v1.5 – New Characters, Story Missions and Events

Nobody works harder in the entertainment industry than the Hoyo team. Every six weeks we get a sizable new update on their two hottest games Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. In a few days on November 15th Honkai Star Rail will launch version 1.5 and with it will come a brand new story chapter, a new game mode, events and of course new characters. Three to be exact.

In this article, we’ll go through everything that’s coming to the version update.


New Story Chapter – The Crepuscule Zone

The Crepuscule Zone will unlock a new location in Honkai Star Rail. It is a mysterious realm that is said to be located between the Astral Express and the real world. This realm is home to both beauty and danger, and players will need to be on their guard as they explore its many wonders. In the Crepuscule Zone, players will meet new characters, including Argenti, a mysterious traveller who seems to know more about the Crepuscule Zone than she’s letting on. Players will also learn more about the Trailblazer’s past and the secrets of the Astral Express.

  • Trailblaze Continuance Mission – A Foxian Tale
  • Companion Mission: Argenti – Night of Universal Hallucinations

New Characters


Huohuo – Wind, Abundance (5-Star)

Huohuo is a foxian and a judge-in-training at the Ten Lords Commission and has been regarded as pitiable and helpless. She is tasked with catching ghosts but she is extremely timid by nature.

Huohuo is set up to be one of the best healers in Honkai Star Rail. She can heal party members, cleanse them, and increase their energy regeneration. Along with that, she can also enhance the ATK of allies through her ultimate. A must-pull if you’re lacking in that department.

Huohuo’s Skills

Basic Attack – Banner StormcallerDeals Wind DMG equal to 25% of Huohuo’s Max HP to a target enemy.
Skill – Soul Talisman: Life-saving ProtectionDispels 1 debuff(s) from an ally and immediately restores HP to them equal to 14% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 140. At the same time, restores HP to the target ally’s adjacent allies equal to 11.2% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 112.
Ultimate – Tail: Spiritual DominationRegenerates Energy for all allies (excluding this character) by an amount equal to 15.0% of their respective Max Energy. At the same time, increases their ATK by 24.0% for 2 turn(s).
Talent – Possession: Ethereal MetaflowAfter using her Skill, Huohuo gains Sacrificed Life, lasting for 2 turn(s). This duration decreases by 1 turn at the start of Huohuo’s each turn. If Huohuo has Sacrificed Life when an ally’s turn starts or when an ally uses their Ultimate, restores HP for that ally by an amount equal to 3.0% of Huohuo’s Max HP plus 30. At the same time, every ally with 50% HP or lower gets healed once. When Sacrificed Life is triggered to heal allies, dispel 1 debuff(s) from that ally. This effect can be triggered up to 6 time(s). Using the skill again resets the effect’s trigger count.
Technique – Fiend: Impeachment of EvilHuohuo terrorizes surrounding enemies, afflicting Horror-Struck on them. Enemies in Horror-Struck will flee away from Huohuo for 10 second(s). When entering battle with enemies in Horror-Struck, there is a 100% base chance of reducing every single enemy’s ATK by 25% for 2 turn(s).

Release Date: Huohuo is set for release on November 15, 2023, alongside the release of version 1.5. Her banner ‘Bloom in Gloom’ will include Dan Heng, Arlan and Serval.


Argenti – Physical, Erudition (5-Star)

Argenti is one of the Knights from the Knights of Beauty, a religious sect devoted to the missing star goddess Pure Beauty Idrila. He is a noble and admirable man who travels through the cosmos alone, faithfully following the Path of Beauty.

Argenti is a powerful physical attacker who can deal devastating damage to his enemies at the cost of energy. He is also highly mobile, allowing him to easily dodge enemy attacks. His skills are focused on consuming energy to deal damage and then gaining energy back through his talent ability. 

Argenti’s Skills

Basic Attack: Fleeting FragranceDeals Physical DMG equal to 50% of Argenti’s ATK to a single target enemy.
Skill: Justice, Hereby BloomsDeals Physical DMG equal to 60% of Argenti’s ATK to all enemies.
Ultimate #1: For In This Garden Supreme Beauty BestowsConsumes 90 Energy and deals Physical DMG equal to 96% of Argenti’s ATK to all enemies.
Ultimate #2: Merit Bestowed in My GardenConsumes 180 Energy and deals Physical DMG equal to 168% of Argenti’s ATK to all enemies, and further deals DMG for 6 extra time(s), with each time dealing Physical DMG equal to 56% of Argenti’s ATK to a random enemy.
Talent: Sublime ObjectFor every enemy hit when Argenti uses his Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate, regenerates Argenti’s Energy by 3, and grants him a stack of Ascend, increasing his CRIT Rate by 1.0%. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
Technique: Manifesto of Purest Virtue After using the Technique, enemies in a set area are inflicted with Daze for 10 seconds. Enemies in Daze will not actively attack the team. When attacking a Dazed enemy to enter combat, deals Physical DMG to all enemies equal to 80% of Argenti’s ATK and regenerates his Energy by 15.

Release Date: Argenti will be released in the second phase of Version 1.5, which will start on December 6, 2023 and end on December 27, 2023. His banner ‘Thorns of Scented Crown’ will include Hanya, Lynx and Asta.


Hanya – Harmony (4-Star)

Of the four duties of a judge (detention, imprisonment, punishment, and interrogation), Hanya is charged with the last task. She specializes in reading the karma and sins of criminals and records their crimes and punishments with the Oracle Brush.

Hanya is a very interesting unit in Honkai Star Rail. She is the only unit in the game as of now that can recover the skill points of the party members. Additionally, she can increase the SPD and ATK of allies as well.

Hanya’s Skills

Basic Attack – Oracle BrushDeals Physical DMG equal to 50% of Hanya’s ATK to a single enemy.
Skill – Samsara, LockedDeals Physical DMG equal to 120% of Hanya’s ATK to a single enemy, then applies Burden to them. For every 2 Basic ATKs, Skills, or Ultimates allies use on an enemy with Burden, allies will immediately recover 1 Skill Point. Burden is only active on the latest target it is applied to, and will be dispelled automatically after the Skill Point recovery effect has been triggered 2 times.
Ultimate – Ten-Lords’ Decree All Shall ObeyIncreases the SPD of a target ally by 15.0% of Hanya’s SPD and increases the same target ally’s ATK by 36%, lasting for 2 turn(s).
Talent  SanctionWhen an ally uses a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate on an enemy inflicted with Burden, the DMG dealt increases by 15% for 2 turn(s).
Technique Netherworld JudgmentImmediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, applies Burden equivalent to that applied by the Skill to a random enemy.

Release Date: Hanya will be released in the second phase of Version 1.5, alongside Argenti. Which will start on December 6, 2023, and end on December 27, 2023.


Event – A Foxian Tale of the Haunted

A Foxian Tale of the Haunted is a ‘Ghost Hunting Event’ in version 1.5 of Honkai Star Rail. In this limited-time event Trailblazer, Huohuo, Guinaifen, and Sushang are using Guinaifen’s streaming channel to document the Ghost or Helobi extermination.

This will have you heading to a new area called Fyxestroll Garden where you must exterminate ghosts while livestreaming your progress. Other than livestreaming, you must also manage social media and use specific hashtags to interact with your fans. Do this and you’ll get more fans and unlock more mission challenges and rewards.

The event will begin on November 15th 2023 and will end on December 25th 2023. You’ll be able to earn a number of event rewards from Stellar Jade, Tracks of Destiny Relic Remains etc. As well as the 4-Star Light Cone – Hey, Over Here!


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