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Coral Island – What’s In The Winter and Official v1.0 Launch Update

Coral Island launched on Early Access a year and a month ago today on the 11th of October 2022. And since then we’ve been eagerly following their re-imagined farming sim journey. We’ve been getting regular updates to the game, complete with new characters, quests, festivals and more. Now comes their final update before the game officially launches on the 14th of November 2023!

This last Summer and Fall update was huge and welcomed to Coral Island, new fruit trees, ranch animals, ocean critters as well as the highly anticipated mermaid update and so much more! We’ve been updating all our guides periodically so they should be up to date but subject to change. And now with this Winter update expect even more changes! We’re getting all new cosy clothing as well as a Winter Fair for you to celebrate the end of the year.

The biggest update however will be coming with the v1.0 features that will finally introduce marriage, starting a family, being able to adopt a pet and so much more. One of the biggest things to note however will be the complete reset of your Early Access farms. It won’t be all a loss but we’ll go through everything you need to know here. As well as Stairway Games’ 2024 Roadmap for Coral Island.


Early Access Farm Resets

We’ll address the biggest issue for the current players of Coral Island first. All Early Access farm games will not be compatible with the official v1.0 game that will come out on the 14th of November 2023. This makes sense because of all the changes that Stairway Games has made it’s probably better to restart the game from the beginning to get the full experience anyway.

It won’t all be a loss however because the gold you’ve earned from your current farms will be carried over to a “New Game Plus” mode. As well as any cosmetic charity DLC packs you’ve bought.

For Steam players who’d like to check in on the farms they created during Early Access, a pre-v1.0 test branch of the game in its final Early Access state will be available on Steam until February 1st, 2024. You’ll be able to find it in the Beta version of the game on Steam.


Marriage And Children

Marriage and starting your own family is one of the main features of a life sim game. While we’ve been able to flirt with, date and even have little heart events with the potential bachelors and bachelorettes on the island. In version 1.0 you can reach the full eight hearts on the relationship meter and pop the question to seal the deal with your love!

We don’t yet know how marriage will work but we do know that interactions with the eligible candidates will get deeper and more complex in this next update. This will include more dialogue as well as heart events which are little cutscenes that will give you the opportunity to know more about your paramore as well as get closer to them.


The Complete Storyline For Coral Island

The storyline for your island revitalisation is now complete! In version 1.0 you’ll now have access to the complete Coral Island update, which includes the start and conclusion of the whole Pufferfish Drilling fiasco. No spoilers here if you haven’t started/completed but there will be the Giants and Goddess storylines as well as the journey and exploration of the Merfolk Kingdom. How the pollution and oil damage have affected all these mythical creatures above on land and under the sea.

This also means that you’ll eventually have access to all the secrets and depths of Coral Island as you go through the story. This will include all the Mining gates – Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. As well as all diving depths from 10m-50m.


Festivals Throughout The Year


There’s always something to see and do on Coral Island and the villagers enjoy spending each season celebrating a festival! In our festival guide, we’ve listed all eight of the festivals that take place throughout the year. Eight festivals in four seasons mean that there are two every season! That’s a lot to prepare and get excited for!

Most of these festivals celebrate the changing of the seasons such as the Cherry Blossom Festival or Winter Fair. But there are also others that involve partaking in environmental impact works such as Beach Cleanup Day or the Tree Planting Festival. All these festivals will involve unique interactions with all the people of the island. As well as a bunch of fun minigames and unique items/decorations to obtain.


Seasonal NPC Outfits

NPCs in Coral Island have slowly been getting new outfits over the course of the game updates. We’ve got shorts in Spring, bathing suits in Summer, scarves in Fall and now parkas in Winter! Not all NPCs will be getting everything of each but expect to see a change in everyone’s appearance over the course of the year! It won’t just be how everyone looks but their dialogue as well will reflect the changes of the season and be more in-depth and dynamic.


Decoration and Clothing Updates

Aesthetic pieces in Coral Island have gotten a huge upgrade since its Early Access launch. In the next update, you’ll have access to even more house and farm decorations, more than 200 to be exact. There are so many different themes to choose from such as rustic, modern, eastern, mermaid and more. Will you keep to one theme or mix and match? Decorations also include the outside of your house! Speak to Joko and Dinda to change your house style. With five different looks that range from a straw hut that fits in very well on the island to a modern-day or medieval brick masterpiece. There’s a huge variety of decorations to choose from!

Clothing as well is getting a serious variety upgrade. And just like the housing furniture, you’ll be getting more than 200 clothing options to choose from as well.


Mythical And Normal Pet Adoption

Pets were a big feature from the last Fall update and now the variety has just gone up. To begin with, we had 20 different types of pets to choose from, some of which were designed by backers of Coral Island. They ranged from cats and dogs to fennec foxes and bunnies. (Just look at that chonk in the corner!) But in the official update, the range of pets has moved to the mythical and we’ll be getting some dragons to join us on the island! Now you can officially be the mother/father of dragons.

There’s also some other mythical pet in the works that Stairway Games is hoping to surprise us with at the launch! What could it be?


Coral Island 2024 Road Map

It looks like November’s official launch won’t be the end of all the updates coming to Coral Island. It looks like the team has more content in store! Including multiplayer?! As we all as ocean farming?? That’s wild! We can’t wait to see what the team has in store moving forward. But in the meantime get hyped for version 1.0! Check out all the dev updates on the Stairway Games blog here.


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