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Coral Island – The Complete Guide To Summer

Coral Island is a farming and life sim that has you improving and living your life on a gorgeous tropical island. Every day is a new adventure from looking after your plants and animals, building relationships, diving into the ocean and more. Seasons change in the year and with it brings a whole lot of new items and things to see and do. Here’s a guide to everything you’ll need for the Summer season.

Including all the fish and bugs available, what you’ll need to donate to the Lake Temple when to plant your crops, what to prepare for each festival and much more. We’ll be breaking this guide down by the day and then the individual lists for you to refer to later.


Summer Calendar

In the first week of the calendar season, it’ll be important for you to grow and expand your crops. After taking care of your farm you’ll be able to spend the rest of the day mining, fishing, diving, catching bugs etc. We’ve just put the notable things that you should start doing each day.

For birthdays we’ve left a ❤️emoji for potential bachelors and bachelorettes that you may wish to start dating. As well as a list of the person’s favourite gifts to further increase your relationship with them.

DayCrop GuideTown Activity
1Start planting profitable crops.
– Bell Pepper, Blackberry, Blueberry
Fish: Great White Shark is available to catch from today (Ocean Dock) and Raja Ampat Shark (Ocean Lookout).
3Fish: Gator Gar (River-Forest, Lake) is available to catch from today.

Valentina’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Starfruit, Basil Pesto Pasta, Fish Taco, Pumpkin Pie, Green Curry, Red Curry

Wataru’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Angelfish, Rainbow Fish, Catfish, Mandarin, Pufferfish, Black Phantom Ghost Fish
5Connor’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Bok Choy, Sake, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
8Sam’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Blueberry, Cactus, Fruit Tart, Jackfruit
12Animal Festival
In front of the Community Center from 09:00 – 14:00
Full details here.

Coral Tall Coconuts are available to harvest from Coconut Palms today.
13Emma’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Flame Scallop, Pumpkin, Murexm Purple cowry shell, Sunray venus shell, Clam Shell, Junonia shell, Cockle, Hot cocoa, Coffee, Fish Taco, Pineapple upside-down cake, Vegan Taco, Green Tea

Eva’s Birthday ❤️
Favourite Gifts: Red Velvet Cake, Orchid, Peony, Cookies, Diamond
Liked Gifts: Turnip, Flower Bouquet
14Fish: Last day to catch Great White Shark and Raja Ampat Shark.
15Last day to plant Corn, StarfruitFish: Yellow Moray Eel (Ocean – Beach) is available to catch from today.
16Last day to plant MelonFrank’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Bell Pepper, Hot Pepper, Avocado, Pancakes, Sunny-Side-Up Egg

Zarah’s Birthday ❤️
Favourite Gifts: Rambutan, Grilled Fish, Hummus, Azurite, Serpentine
17Last day to plant Blueberry, Blackberry, Coffee Bean, Lily
18Last day to plant Tomato, Iris
19Last day to plant Okra, Pineapple, Red CabbageLast day to harvest Coral Tall Coconuts from Coconut Palms.
20Last day to plant Sunflower, Bell Pepper
21Last day to plant Hot PepperDinda’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Melon, Fresh Salad
22Last day to plant Rose
23Last day to plant Gardenia, Wheat
24Anne’s Birthday
Favourite Gifts: Carrot, Sunflower, Fried Tempeh, Hummus, Green Tea, Artichoke Kimchi

Leah’s Birthday ❤️
Favourite Gifts: Hot Cocoa, Smoothie
Liked Gifts: Flower Bouquet, Pink Diamond
27Beach Cleanup Day
At the Beach from 09:00 – 14:00
Full details here.
28Last day of Summer.
Harvest your last crops and clear the ground.
Yuri’s Birthday ❤️
Favourite Gifts: Frogfish, Lobster, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Spicy Sauerkraut, Fish Sandwich, Green Curry, Red Curry

Fish: Last day to catch Yellow Moray Eel.

Summer In Coral Island

Best Crops to Plant

The best profit-yielding Spring Crops are Bell Pepper, Blackberry and Blueberry.

In the Summer of Year 1, you may or may not have reached Town Rank D. If you have done so then you’ll be able to plant Blackberry and Coffee Beans. If not you should focus on Blueberry, Corn and Hot Pepper. These plants are regrowing so make sure you’ve saved some money by the end of Spring to start planting them early.

For a full list of Summer Crops check out our list here.


Spring Bugs, Fish and Ocean Critters

Please find all the bugs, fish and ocean critters that you can catch in Summer in our other relevant guides. It will let you know what, where and how to catch everything you’ll need.


Summer Foragables

ForagablesLocationGiftArtisan ProductSell Price
Coral Tall CoconutPalm Trees
(Day 12-19)
Liked by most but disliked by Leah, Lily and Macy.35
CosmoEverywhereLiked by most but Hated by Charles and Yuri.Cosmo Honey20
HibiscusEverywhereLiked by most but Hated by Charles and Yuri.Hibiscus Honey25
LarkspurEverywhereLiked by most but Hated by Charles and Yuri.Larkspur Honey20
ShallotEverywhereLiked by most but disliked by Eva, Leah, Raj and Scott.Pickled Shallot30
WatercressEverywhereLiked by most but disliked by Eva, Leah, Raj and Scott.Pickled Watercress50
White HibiscusEverywhereLoved by Aaliyah

Liked by most but Hated by Charles and Yuri.
White Hibiscus Honey40

Lake Temple Altars For Summer

These are all the crops, bugs and fish that can be grown and caught during the Spring season that you’ll need to offer at the Lake Temple.


Summer Sesajen

OfferingsAcquire Item
BlueberrySummer Crop (Rank F)
Hot PepperSummer Crop (Rank F)
Sunflower (Bronze)Summer Flower Crop (Rank F)
ShallotForage in Summer
Hibiscus (Red)Forage in Summer – From Forest, Bath House

Fresh Water Fish

CatfishRice Field, Pond, River (Forest)Night – Rain, Storm
KoiRiver (Town), Cavern Entrance, LakeMorning – Any Weather

Salt Water Fish

LionfishBeach, ForestMorning, Afternoon, Evening – Any Weather
SardineLookout, BeachEvening, Night – Any Weather

Rare Fish

SturgeonAll SummerLakeEvening, Night
Yellow Moray EelSpring (15-28)BeachEvening, Night – Any Weather

Day Insect

Yucca MothBeach, Town, Hot SpringDay – Any Weather

Night Insect

FireflyForest, Garden Lane, Lake, WoodlandsNight – Sunny
Cecropia CaterpillarForest, Garden Lane, Lake, Lookout, VineyardNight – Sunny, Windy
CentipedeBeach, Forest, Garden Lane, Town, Vineyard, WoodlandsNight – Sunny, Windy

Ocean Critters

OfferingsAcquire Item
Cannonball JellyfishCatch while Diving 10-20m
Hermit CrabCatch while Diving 20-30m
ShrimpCatch while Diving 40-50m
Sunflower StarfishCatch while Diving 50-60m
Pom Pom CrabCatch while Diving 10-20m

Fruit Plant

RambutanSummer Fruit Tree (Rank E)
MangoSummer Fruit Tree
DragonfruitSummer Fruit Tree (Rank E)

Rare Crops

OfferingsAcquire Item
Coffee BeanSummer Crop (Rank D)

Coral Island

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and experience enchanting island living at your own pace—live off the land, nurture animals, build relationships with a diverse cast of townsfolk, and make the world around you a more vital and harmonious place.

Coral Island is currently out on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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