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Coral Island – Bachelorette Romance Guide (Updated)

The brightly lit and vibrant farming and life sim Coral Island is finally out of Early Access and in the wild as version 1.0! If you’ve played Stardew ValleyStory of Seasons or Harvest Moon you’re going to feel completely familiar with the mechanics of the game. To grow crops, raise livestock, make friends and revitalize a town. This time though we’re on a gorgeous tropical island and you’ll not just take care of the town but the coral reefs as well.

Being on a tropical island gives the whole game a different feel than that of Stardew Valley. There are tons of different types of crops and animals as well as people that call the island home. Right now living on Coral Island 70 islanders call this place home and are relying on you to help save the environment.

And of those 70 islanders are 28 gorgeous eligible bachelorettes and bachelors for you to befriend, fall in love with and maybe even start a family with! In this guide, we’ll go through all the eligible bachelorettes on Coral Island. Where they live, their favourite items and things that they hate.

Disclaimer: This article has been updated and re-released since its last post on the 21st of November 2022. Coral Island came out officially from Early Access on November 14th 2023.


How To Romance Characters

Just like most life sim games, you’ll be able to romance your characters after first being good friends with them. To do this you’ll need to increase their heart meter, which will start off from zero hearts and be able to go up to eight for friends. Do this by simply greeting them every day and giving them gifts of their favourite items. Other specific events such as seasonal, town etc. will also contribute to improving your relationship level with them.

Once your heart levels have gone up with these characters you’ll be able to unlock Heart Events. Heart events are cutscenes and interactions that occur at different points in your relationship level. For example, reaching 4 hearts or 8 hearts will trigger a Heart Event. These occur at various intervals per character, though usually about every two hearts.


How To Get Married

The maximum number of hearts you can reach with a friend is eight hearts, once you’ve reached that point you can then consider confessing to start dating them. This will unlock two more hearts on the relationship meter for you to gain.

At this point, you’re able to date and continue increasing the relationship affection of all the eligible marriage candidates. However, once you confess and agree to marry someone you can only marry one at a time. To marry a character, you’ll have to have reached ten hearts with them. And after witnessing all of their heart events, you’ll be able to propose to them and get married.


Gift Giving

There are a couple of shared things that the townspeople of Coral Island universally dislike and hate. Most of it being building materials, for some reason Canola Oil and Wheat Flour? Also Bombs everyone hates bombs. Here’s what you probably just shouldn’t give to anyone, unless stated otherwise in the lists below.

Universal LovesPink Diamond, Golden Pearl, Rainbow Wool
Universal DislikesArtefacts, Beach Scavengeables, Building Materials, Fertilizer, Fish, Geodes, Grass, Grains, Insects, Kelp, Metal Bars, Ores, Canola Oil, Cotton, Grass, Wheat Flour
Universal HatesBombs, Dinosaur Bones, Farming Equipment, Fodder, Garbage, Ore, Seeds

Of course, along with universal item dislikes are universal likes. You normally can’t go wrong with flowers (sans Charles), gems or artisanal products. Unless stated otherwise. The items will be more specific in the list below.

Universal Likes: Artisan Goods, Cooked Dishes, Flowers, Fruit, Gems, Vegetables


Coral Island Bachelorettes



Aaliyah is an active chick who enjoys the great outdoors. You can often find her doing food tasting and helping with cleaning at Fishenships. Aaliyah has a past in the air force and seems to be antsy to return to flying but worries about her mother’s opinion. She also seems to have a good relationship with her younger brothers.

BirthdaySpring 22
OccupationEx-Military Pilot
LovesChocolate Chip Muffins, Eggplant Lasagna, Hummus, Gesha Coffee, Large, Gesha Coffee, Strawberry, White Hibiscus
LikesCoffee, Aged Coffee, Hibiscus, Bamboo Shoot, Plum
HatesBrussel Sprouts, Artichoke Kimchi, Scrambled Eggs


You’ll be able to find Aaliyah mostly working out at the Beach or Lake during the week. In the evenings come rain or shine she’ll always be at the Fishenships Tavern.

TimeMon, Thurs, FriTueWedSat, SunRain
07:00Coffee ShopHome
10:00Town Square
Beach (Summer)
14:00Coffee ShopCoffee Shop
Home (Summer)
21:00Goes to Bed
22:00Goes to Bed (Summer)Goes to Bed
23:30Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Alice is the twin sister of Suki, who owns and runs the Coral Inn. Running a business is hard, and running it with your sister is harder. Alice spends her days working at the inn and her free time hanging out with friends in town or reading a good book.

She is good friends with Noah, and they are often spotted together grabbing morning coffee—or having an in-depth discussion about unexplainable phenomena.

BirthdayWinter 27
ResidenceCoral Inn
OccupationInnkeeper of the Coral Inn
LovesMinced Jackfruit Pie, Green Smoothie,  Almond Oil, All Dye Colours, Olive Oil, White Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Oil
HatesPizza, Violet, All Fish, All Bottled Kelp, All Metal Bars


Alice loves going to the beach in the morning. After that, she’ll mostly be working or relaxing at Coral Inn.

06:00Community Center
Beach (Wed)
07:00BeachGarden Lane
Beach (Winter)
Coral Inn
12:00Coral Inn
16:00Outside the Inn
19:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed (Winter)
20:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to Bed


Chaem is a blunt and straightforward person who is a hard-working and focused athlete dedicated to her volleyball career. Chaem is very active and spends most of her days outside exercising or practising with her team or friends, before serving as the beach’s lifeguard most afternoons. With her competitive nature, she hopes to see her team make it to the Pokyo Volleyball Tournament.

BirthdayFall 6
OccupationLifeguard, Athelete
LovesBasil Pesto Pasta, Gnocchi, Pizza, Seafood Ramen, Veggie Ramen
HatesAll Fish


You’ll be able to find Chaem mostly working out outside the Observatory or playing volleyball on the Beach. In the evenings on Saturday or when it rains she’ll be at the Fishensips Tavern.

TimeMon-WedThurs, Fri, SunSatRain
07:00Outside ObservatoryBeachObservatory
23:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Denali is a mermaid from the Merfolk Kingdom that is located near Coral Island. She and the other Merfolk have their own language called “Merakih” which will need to be deciphered in order for you to communicate and grow relationships with her.

ResidenceMerfolk Kingdom


Eva is a happy-go-lucky baker who works at the general store. She enjoys talking to the islanders, be they local, new, or visitors and is good friends with a lot of them. Currently, Eva doesn’t have a lot of savings but when she does, she has dreams of travelling the world.

According to the islanders, Eva is always a delight to talk to– a positive ray of sunshine.

BirthdaySummer 13
ResidenceCoral Inn
OccupationBaker at Sam’s General Store
LovesRed Velvet Cake, Cookies, Orchid, Diamond, Peony
LikesTurnip, Cucumber, Artichoke, Hot Pepper, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Pumpkin
DislikesAll Mushrooms, All Other Vegetables
HatesGarlic, Potato, Sweet Potato, Taro Root


Eva works as a Baker at the General Store so when it’s open you’ll find her there during the day. In the evenings she can mostly be found at Coral Inn or at the Tavern on the weekends.

TimeMon, WedTue, ThursFri, SatSunRain
07:30Town Square
08:00General StoreGeneral StoreBeach
09:00Coral Inn
11:00General StoreBeach Shack
Lake (Winter)
17:00Coral InnTavernCoral Inn
17:30Coral Inn
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Leah lives with her father and stepmom in an old massive house that the locals call “The Mansion.” She is a self-hired, yoga instructor at the community centre and takes her online presence seriously.

Leah’s mother is an art dealer who travels the world constantly. So when her parents divorced, they decided that it would be best for Leah to stay with her dad on Coral Island. She loves to be surrounded by nature, fine arts and a closet full of designer collections.

BirthdaySummer 24
ResidenceVictorian Mansion
OccupationYoga Instructor at Community Center
LovesHot Cocoa, Pearl, Smoothie, Silver Bar, Osmium Bar
LikesBeets, Lettuce, Tomato
DislikesAll Mushrooms, All Fruits, All Eggs, All Milk, All Other Vegetables
HatesBronze Bar, Coffee, Gold Bar, Taro Root, All Fish, All Bottled Kelps


TimeMon-ThursFriSat, SunRain
07:00Town Square
08:00Lake (Summer)Community Center
Coral Inn (Fall, Winter)
Outside Coral Inn
13:00Coffee Shop
16:30Victorian MansionVictorian Mansion
17:00Victorian Mansion
18:00Victorian Mansion
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Despite having a well-paid remote job, Lily still lives at home with her dad and brother, Theo. Usually, she spends her days working at home and visits the lake or library on the weekends. Once a week, usually on a Monday, Lily will stay at the Abandoned Villa, as a favour to her good friend, Nina. She watches the Villa while Nina’s away and uses that time to recuperate.

BirthdayFall 19
Residence2 Main Ave
OccupationWorks Remotely
LovesAll Kimchi, Onigiri, Omurice, Pancakes, Spring Frittata, Taro Root
LikesAlmond, Banana, Coconut, Mango
DislikesAll Fruit, All Eggs
HatesDiamond, Gold Bar, Osmium Bar, Silver Bar, Pearl


You’ll be able to find Lily mostly at her house working or outside it tending her bonsais.

07:00Home (Winter)Home
08:00HomeGeneral Store
10:00Outside Home (Fall)Outside Home
12:00Abandoned VillaLake (Fall)
14:00Outside HomeLakeHome
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Macy grew up on a neighbouring island and now lives full-time at the Coral Inn. She makes a living by selling images to a visual media company.

Before embarking on a life as an artist, she moved back home, catching up with her family while preparing for her island-hopping career. Though she didn’t say how long she would stay on Coral Island, she mentioned that she would eventually move on to another island, unless she has a good reason not to.

An only child. She loves simple nights, taking pictures and playing video games with Stephen, her rescued lobster.

BirthdaySpring 25
ResidenceCoral Inn
LovesPizza, Blue Quartz, Fruit Tart, Guacamole, Rose Quartz, All Wine
DislikesAll Fruits
HatesAll Pickels, All Metal Bars, All Bottled Kelps


TimeMon, Fri, Sat, SunTueWedRain
Town (Summer)
Community Center
11:00Abandoned Villa
Graveyard (Fall)
16:00Coral Inn (Winter)Coral Inn
17:00TavernCoral Inn
18:00Coral Inn
20:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to Bed
22:00Goes to Bed (Winter)Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Millie owns the house in Garden Lane and rents one of the rooms out to Yuri. She works at the Library and likes to spend her free time bird-watching. Not only does she take good care of the books at the Library, but her responsibilities include helping the Mayor with arranging festivals, donations, etc.

BirthdayWinter 3
ResidenceGarden Lane
OccupationLibrarian at Community Centre
LovesAssorted Grilled Platter, Melon, Olive, Seafood Ramen, Stew, Sugarcane, Veggie Ramen
HatesAll Fish


TimeMon-SatThursFri, SunRain
07:00Outside Home
08:00Community CenterHomeHome
09:00Beach Shack (Winter)
11:00Beach (Winter)
13:00Around Town
19:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to Bed
22:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed

Princess Miranjani

ResidenceMerfolk Kingdom
OccupationMerfolk Royal Family



Nina technically doesn’t live in Coral Island anymore, but still visits her vacation home at the beach, from time to time. Nina has never talked about her abrupt departure, so it has remained a mystery until now. Nina is well-educated and enjoys lavish vacations. She is close friends with Suki as well as friends with Alice and Lily.

BirthdayWinter 24
ResidenceAbandoned Villa
LovesBanana Fritter, Flower Bouquet, Yogurt, All Juice
HatesBananas, Tomato Soup, Tomato


Year 1
TimeMon, Tue, Thurs, FriWedSat, SunRain
08:00With Lily In GardenPier
12:00Beach Shack
16:00Coral Inn
17:00Coral Inn
20:00Goes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
Year 2
08:00Vineyard (Winter)Beach (Winter)Home
10:00Home (Winter)
12:00Coral Inn (Winter)
15:00Tavern (Winter)
17:00Home (Winter)Tavern (Winter)Tavern
21:00Goes to Bed (Winter)
22:00Goes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Coral Island, Romance Guide, Bachelorettes, Friendship, Marriage, Suki

Suki runs the Coral Inn with her twin sister, Alice. She is recently divorced and, according to her nightstand, is currently “finding love from within,” and learning “how to expand love.” Focusing on herself, she drowns herself in work, exercise, and building a healthy co-parenting relationship with her ex. Though she is no longer a Sanchez, she still keeps a close relationship with the whole family.

BirthdayWinter 27
ResidenceCoral Inn
OccupationInnkeeper of the Coral Inn
LovesGreen Smoothie, Diamond, Minced Jackfruit Pie, Pearl
DislikesAll Mushrooms
HatesPizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Violets, Red Velvet Cake, All Fish, All Bottled Kelps, All Metal Bars


TimeMonTue-FriSat, SunRain
07:00Ben’s CaravanWoodlands
Coral Inn (Summer)
Coral Inn (Winter)
Coral Inn
08:00Coral Inn
10:00Community Center (Winter)
13:00Outside Coral Inn
16:00Coral InnCoral Inn
18:00Coral Inn
22:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


When Yuri is not busy keeping the islanders healthy, she can be spotted hanging out or playing chess at the beach shack. Yuri is not your usual MD—she spent her 20s as a doctor who crossed many borders, frequently dispatched to remote areas to practice for little to no pay. Presumably that’s why she has no decent savings and decided to settle in Starlet Town, a boat ride away from her hometown, Tosaka.

She is close with her roommate, Millie, and fellow MD, Charles.

BirthdaySummer 28
ResidenceGarden Lane
LovesChocolate Chip Muffins, Fish Sandwich, Frogfish, Green Curry, Lobster, Red Curry, Spicy Sauerkraut, Red Curry
HatesAll Flowers, Flower Bouquet, Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, All Bottled Kelps, All Metal Bars


Yuri works as a Doctor at the Coral Island clinic so when it’s open you’ll find her there. Her other favourite places to hang out are the Coffee Shop and the Tavern in the evenings.

07:00Coffee ShopGraveyardHome
Beach Shack (Spring)
Beach Shack
13:00Coffee Shop (Spring)Coffee Shop
15:00Coffee ShopHome
16:30Tavern (Spring)Tavern
19:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to Bed
22:30Goes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to Bed


An eligible bachelorette who is an adventurer at heart. Zarah lives on a boat. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artefacts, or a buried history.

Zarah was born and raised on the other side of Coral Island. When her boat is not docked at its usual place, she is presumed to visit her family. But what really is going on in her life, nobody really knows. She can be a bit mysterious at times.

BirthdaySummer 16
ResidenceZarah’s Boat
OccupationTreasure Hunter
LovesHummus, Rambutan, Azurite, Serpentine, Grilled Fish
DislikesRoasted Chestnuts, Roasted Almonds


You’ll be able to find Zarah mostly outside her house boat fishing.

TimeMon, TueWed, ThursFri-SunRain
06:00Beach (Winter)LakeOutside her Boat
16:00Outside her Boat
17:00Outside her Boat
19:00Outside her Boat
20:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed

Coral Island

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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