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Coral Island – Bachelor Romance Guide (Updated)

Coral Island is a vibrant, colourful life and farming sim that fans of Stardew ValleyStory of Seasons or Harvest Moon are going to love. It’s a re-imagined farm sim that has a few differences – one is that you’re on a tropical island and two is that you’ll not just take care of the town but the coral reefs as well. Right now in Coral Island are 70 islanders that call this place home. People from all walks of life with lots of interesting stories, backgrounds and life goals. Some will eventually be your lifelong friends, while others may be something more.

And of these 70 islanders 28 of them are single and eligible for you to date, get married to and maybe even start a family with! In this guide, we’ll go through all the eligible bachelors on Coral Island. Where they live, their favourite items and things that they hate.

Disclaimer: This article has been updated and re-released since its last post on the 22nd of November 2022. Coral Island came out officially from Early Access on November 14th 2023.


How To Romance Characters

Just like most life sim games, you’ll be able to romance your characters after first being good friends with them. To do this you’ll need to increase their heart meter, which will start off from zero hearts and be able to go up to eight for friends. Do this by simply greeting them every day and giving them gifts of their favourite items. Other specific events such as seasonal, town etc. will also contribute to improving your relationship level with them.

Once your heart levels have gone up with these characters you’ll be able to unlock Heart Events. Heart events are cutscenes and interactions that occur at different points in your relationship level. For example, reaching 4 hearts or 8 hearts will trigger a Heart Event. These events will occur at various intervals per character.


How To Get Married

The maximum number of hearts you can reach with a friend is eight hearts, once you’ve reached that point you can then consider confessing to start dating them. This will unlock two more hearts on the relationship meter for you to gain.

At this point, you’re able to date and continue increasing the relationship affection of all the eligible marriage candidates. However, once you confess and agree to marry someone you can only marry one at a time. To marry a character, you’ll have to have reached ten hearts with them. And after witnessing all of their heart events, you’ll be able to propose to them and get married.


Gift Giving

There are a couple of shared things that the townspeople of Coral Island universally dislike and hate. Most of it being building materials, for some reason Canola Oil and Wheat Flour? Also Bombs everyone hates bombs. Here’s what you probably just shouldn’t give to anyone, unless stated otherwise in the lists below.

Universal LovesPink Diamond, Golden Pearl, Rainbow Wool
Universal DislikesArtefacts, Beach Scavengeables, Building Materials, Fertilizer, Fish, Geodes, Grass, Grains, Insects, Kelp, Metal Bars, Ores, Canola Oil, Cotton, Grass, Wheat Flour
Universal HatesBombs, Dinosaur Bones, Farming Equipment, Fodder, Garbage, Ore, Seeds

Of course, along with universal item dislikes are universal likes. You normally can’t go wrong with flowers (sans Charles and Scott), gems or artisanal products. Unless stated otherwise. The items will be more specific in the list below.


Coral Island Bachelors



Ben is a nomad who lives in a caravan stationed in the forest. If you knock on his window on the weekend, he might have some random things to sell — be it items he finds scavenging around the island or things that he doesn’t want anymore. Ben spends his money attending the Fall music festivals and on green tea. Ben dislikes all animal products so stick to mushrooms and flowers to get on his good side.

On the days that he isn’t in the forest, he’ll be on the other side of the island camping and diving. Ben has an extensive collection of healing crystals and loves road trips and daydreaming.

BirthdaySpring 22
LovesBanana, Green Tea, All Mushrooms
LikesVegan Taco
DislikesAll Animal Products, All Honey, All Non-Vegetarian Meals, Eggplant Lasagne
HatesAll Metal Ores


TimeMon, FriTueWedThursSat, SunRain
06:00Outside CaravanCaravan
08:00General Store
10:00Lookout BeachGeneral Store
15:00Outside General StoreOutside General StoreCommunity Centre
20:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
21:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Charles is one of the town doctors, the other being Yuri. Charles uses his free time catching up with the islanders at the Tavern and going around spitting out medical advice.

Bad luck seems to have its way with Charles. In his youth, he was disowned by his parents, worked his way through medical school, and when he finally thought he caught a break by almost marrying the love of his life, sorrow came running through the door — he caught them cheating, called the wedding off, and has been heartbroken since… He now lives with an overgrown frat boy, Scott, as a housemate.

BirthdayWinter 4
Residence1 Main Ave
OccupationDoctor at the Clinic
LovesStrawberry, Diamond, Cookies, Blueberry, Burrito, Falafel
HatesAll Flowers, All Milk


TimeMon, FriTue-SatSunRain
07:00Outside LaboratoryOutside Laboratory
08:00Outside House (Summer)Around Town
11:30Hair Salon
16:30Around Town
17:00TavernHome (Summer)
18:00Outside House
21:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Kenny is a part-time rancher and a full-time bachelor. He grew up in Coral Island and has fostered close relationships with other islanders–be it people, animals, trees, spirits from the beyond–all of them. Besides making friends, he loves having lunch outdoors, vegan tacos, and cold kombucha. He looks to be a vegan so be sure not to give him any animal products, especially fish.

BirthdaySpring 9
ResidenceHuntress Cabin
LovesGreen Tea, Hash Browns, Kombucha, Lychee, Roasted Almonds, Soybean, Vegan Taco
LikesAll Mushrooms
DislikesClam Chowder, Fish Taco, Sashimi, Seafood Ramen, Sushi
HatesCheese, Eggplant Lasagna, Omurice, Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, All Eggs, All Milk


TimeMon-WedThurs, FriSatSunRain
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Coming from old money, Luke lives with his parents, Bree and Walter, and dog, Taco, in the manor behind the vineyard; a family business that he feels pressured to take over. Not a fan of the silver spoon, Luke runs Socket Electronics in his spare time in an attempt to create a name for himself, separate from his family legacy.

BirthdayFall 16
ResidenceHillside Brewery and Vineyard
OccupationOwner of Socket Electronics
LovesButter Croissant, Eggplant Lasagna, Ratatouille, Stew, Tomato Soup, All Wine
HatesFried Rice, Hash Browns, All Minerals, All Beach Scavangeables


TimeMonTue-ThursFri, SunSatRain
08:00Socket ElectronicsVineyardVineyardHome
21:00Goes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Mark is often cold when interacting with others. He shows a soft spot for animals, sometimes talking about how he wishes he could set them free from their pens, acknowledging that it isn’t the smartest idea at the same time.

BirthdaySpring 18
ResidenceWildlife Enthusiasts
LovesShiitake, Tomato Soup, Hot Cocoa, Egg Custard
LikesSardine, Morel, Sweet Potato, Donut, Smoked Salmon, Beer, All Honey
HatesHot Pepper, Goat Cheese


TimeMon, WedTue-FriSunRain
06:00Coffee ShopCommunity Center
11:00Town SquareCommunity Center
14:00Coffee Shop
16:00Community Center
21:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed
22:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


An obvious fan of consistency, Noah was born, raised, and settled in Coral Island — with a brief departure to Pokyo for his university years. Now back in Coral Island, he spends his days running the Tavern.

Though he would rather spend his days taking care of his mom, Betty, he does have other hobbies. On rare occasions that he is free, he enjoys long walks, discussing theories of unexplainable phenomena with Alice, and watching a gourmet gelato-making show, Games of Cones. He comes from a big family with 3 siblings.

BirthdayWinter 10
ResidenceLocal Tavern
LovesClam Chowder, Durian, Sunny Side-Up Eggs, Gnocchi, Roasted Mushroom, Sushi
DislikesOkra, All Mushrooms
HatesYoghurt, Black Rose, All Metal Bars


TimeMonTue, Thurs, SunWedFriSatRain
06:00Town Square
07:00BeachGarden Lane
08:30General StoreHome
10:00Socket ElectronicsGeneral StoreCommunity Center
12:00TavernCoral Inn (Fall)
13:00Coral InnLighthouse
20:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Pablo and his brother, Rafael, are both blacksmiths and bachelors. Never been caught without a smile on his face, Pablo is a natural attraction for the locals — singles or not. According to his brother, despite Pablo’s casanova persona, he is a romantic at heart and is ready to settle down when the right person comes along.

When Pablo isn’t smelting ores, he can be found around town, lending a hand to the townfolk, cleaning up the graveyard, or tossing anecdotes at the Tavern. He hates the beach because he dislikes sand in his shoes.

BirthdaySpring 27
ResidenceSanchez Brothers Blacksmith
LovesCauliflower Casserole, Fried Rice, Pizza, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Poutine, All Pickles
DislikesAll Mushrooms
HatesDurian, Kombucha


07:00Cavern (Fall)HomeCavernHome
09:00BlacksmithCoral Inn (Sun)
11:30General Store
14:00Taco Truck
Coffee Shop (Winter)
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Rafael lives in and runs the local blacksmith shop with his brother, Pablo. He is a reserved man and prefers silence, something that he considers a luxury in his line of work. As a reserved fellow, Rafael is rarely seen out in the town, but on the rare days that he does, he can be found at Socket Electronics or Coral Inn, visiting his cousins and niece, Valentina.

Rafael and his brother are complete personality opposites. He rarely ever leaves Garden Lane, usually either staying inside his home or cleaning the graveyard that is located directly next to the blacksmith shop.

BirthdayFall 4
ResidenceSanchez Brothers Blacksmith
LovesFruit Juice, Onyx, Sashimi
DislikesAll Mushrooms
HatesFresh Salad, All Eggs


Taco Truck (Spring, Fall)
10:30Coral Inn
11:00Socket Electronics (Fall)Coral Inn (Sun)
16:00Beach (Fall)
21:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed (Sun)
22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


BirthdayWinter 2
ResidenceCoral Inn
LovesTea Leaf, Coffee Bean, Coffee, Gesha Coffee Bean, Gesha Coffee, Green Tea, Apple Pie, Donut
DislikesAll Vegetables


TimeMon, Wed, Sat-SunTue, Thurs, FriRain
06:00Coral Inn (Winter)Coffee ShopCoral Inn
07:00Garden Lane
11:00Community Center
13:00Coffee Shop
17:30Coral InnCoral InnCoral Inn
22:00Goes to Bed
23:30Goes to BedGoes to Bed


Scott is a city boy at heart. Always up for fun and is never a bore. He found his passion for artefacts and has dedicated his life to them. After many heartbreaks and not wanting to be known as the town’s infamous playboy, Scott moved to Coral Island to start a new life. Unlike others on the list he like Geodes.

He is currently renting a room from Charles at 1 Main Ave in Starlet Town. Aside from getting into relationships, Scott enjoys strong coffee, rainy days, and vintage jazz. He frequents the Local Tavern on the weekends.

BirthdaySpring 12
Residence1 Main Ave
OccupationArchaeologist in Museum
LovesAll Geodes, Egg Custard, Falafel, Giant Stingray, Mayonnaise, Red King Arowana, Yellow Moray Eel
LikesAmaranth, Okra, Tea Leaf, Turnip
DislikesAll Other Vegetables
HatesAll Flowers


08:00Beach (Summer)Beach (Summer)
15:00Pier (Summer)Home (Summer)Tavern
17:00General Store
20:00Goes to Bed
21:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed


Semeru is all about keeping the Kingdom safe, and he takes his duty very seriously. As expected from a Guard Lead, Semeru is extremely cautious and distrusting of land-dwellers. He is not open to friendship upon introduction.

OccupationGuard Leader of Merfolk Kingdom


06:00In front of Merfolk Inn
08:00Oracle Chamber
12:00General Shop
13:00In front of Agung House
15:30Tattoo Shop
17:00BarracksBehind Cooking Staff House


Surya is a fresh marine biologist graduate who is currently doing a fellowship on Coral Island. Like you, he is also new to the island. Shortly after he submitted his dissertation, he realized that a fancy degree didn’t guarantee a job. So when he was given the opportunity to join Ling’s research project, he was ecstatic. He packed his bags and moved in with his uncle and aunt, Joko and Dinda in the Hillside.

Surya works at the Lab on the weekdays and spends his free time hanging out with Luke in the vineyard and relaxing at the beach.

BirthdayFall 25
ResidenceCarpenter Store
OccupationMarine Biologist at the Laboratory
LovesMelon, Herbed Tempeh, Wild Mushroom Polenta, Pufferfish, Lodeh
LikesAll Bottled Kelp
HatesAll Milk


22:00Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed
23:00Goes to Bed


Theo has taken over the family business from his Dad who was a fisherman. But on the weekends, he makes a quick buck performing live at the tavern. He doesn’t have what people call a “decent voice,” but he does have “soul” when he performs. Apparently, according to him, that’s what’s important.

Theo doesn’t drink. He loves outdoor cookouts, festivals, and camping and hates travelling.

BirthdayFall 11
Residence2 Main Ave
LovesGiant Stingray, Green Sawfish, Monkfish, Octopus, Red King Arowana, Yellow Moray Eel, Fish Taco, Coconut Drink, Snow Drop, All Juice
DislikesGoat Cheese
HatesAll Wine, All Milk, Beer, Sake, Peony, Almond, Black Truffle, White Truffle


TimeMon, WedTueThurs-FriSat-SunRain
10:00BoatTavernCommunity Center
16:00Community Center
19:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed
21:00Goes to Bed
22:00Goes to Bed
23:30Goes to Bed


BirthdayWinter 8
ResidenceObservatory and Lighthouse
LovesCenil, Chocolate Chip Muffins, Mango, Salmon, Vegan Taco
LikesCorn On The Cob, Cookies
HatesGreen Smoothie, Slimy Okra, Starfruit


TimeMon, TueWedThurs-FriSat-SunRain
08:00Coffee ShopLighthouse (Sat, Sun)
11:00Beach Shack
17:00Outside ObservatoryObservatory
23:00Goes to BedGoes to Bed
23:30Goes to BedGoes to BedGoes to Bed

Coral Island

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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