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Coral Island – How To Unlock All Heart Events (Bachelor)

Coral Island is a re-imagined farming and life-sim set on a gorgeous tropical island. You’ve moved in, set up your farm and are admiring the local sites. Now you’re thinking would this island adventure be a little more fun with someone you love? Some would think so! This is why the game offers you an optional romance game mechanic where you’ll be able to date, marry and even have children with any one of the 28 eligible NPCs on Coral Island.

We’ve gone through all the bachelors on Coral Island in our Bachelor guide here. In that guide, you’ll find the best way to advance your friendship and hopefully move into a romantic situation. But after unlocking a closer relationship with someone you’ll also be able to experience their unique Heart Events. Heart Events are special cutscenes and interactions that you’ll unlock with each single based on your relationship level. For example, reaching 4-Hearts on the relationship meter will trigger a Heart Event, and then 6-Hearts and 8-Hearts etc.

In this guide, we’ll go through how to trigger each of your romantic interest’s Heart Events.



2Sunny or Windy08:00 – 17:00Ben’s CaravanBree and Luke invite Ben to dinner.
3Sunny or Windy08:00 – 17:00Ben’s CaravanBen’s pet duck is sick.
4Sunny or Windy08:00 – 17:00Ben’s CaravanBen’s pet duck is still sick.
5Sunny or Windy08:00 – 17:00Outside MineBen takes his pet duck for a walk.
6Sunny or Windy08:00 – 17:00Ben’s CaravanBen is discussing his duck’s sickness with Archie.
7Sunny or Windy10:00 – 17:00ClinicBen has Charles take a look at his pet duck.
8Sunny or Windy17:00 – 19:00LakeBen shares a sombre moment with his duck.
10Sunny or Windy18:00 – 00:00Forest near his CaravanBen confesses his feelings for you.
103 Days After Proposal06:00 – 07:00FarmBen and you exchange vows.

Ben’s Heart Events can’t occur between Fall 15 to Fall 28.



1Any10:00 – 17:00ClinicSunny visits the clinic for his annual checkup.
2Sunny06:00 – 00:00FarmCharles visits the farm to ask for a raw fish.
3Sunny09:00 – 14:00Centre of TownMillie discards a fish.
3Sunny08:00 – 14:00Town ParkYou learn what the fish from the previous event was for.
❤ 5Sunday12:00 – 17:00Hair SalonCharles is getting his hair done by Erika.
6Any09:00 – 17:00Charles’ House at 1 Main AveScott is trying to get Charles out of the house.
7Monday, Wednesday–Sunday

Not between Winter 17-21.
09:00 – 17:00Beach Shack
❤ 8Any09:00 – 17:00Charles’ House at 1 Main Ave
❤ 8Any09:00 – 17:00Charles’ House at 1 Main Ave
❤ 1009:00 – 16:00School
❤ 1009:00 – 17:00Outside Emma and Dippa’s House


2Rain08:00 – 16:00Outside RanchKenny and the player have a chat in the rain.
3Sunny, Windy or Snowy09:00 – 10:00Outside Kenny’s House – Huntress CabinKenny and Kira have a conversation about an old scroll.
5Sunny or Windy09:00 – 16:00Forest RuinsKenny is trying to solve the puzzle in the scroll.
6Rain or Storm06:00 – 18:00 / 18:00 – 23:59Outside FishensipsKenny is following the instructions in the scroll.
7Sunny08:00 – 16:00Lake
8Any18:00 – 00:00Forest Ruins
8Any09:00 – 16:00Forest Ruins
❤ 10Sunny06:00 – 00:00Farm
❤ 10Sunny06:00 – 00:00Farm


2Any06:00 – 00:00FarmLuke comes to the player’s farm in search of Taco.
2Sunny06:00 – 17:00Hillside Brewery and VineyardLuke still looking for Taco at the vineyard.

Not between Winter 17-21.
06:00 – 23:00BeachYou find Taco on the beach.
3Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and PanWalter pays Luke’s store a visit.
3Sunny09:00 – 17:00Socket and PanLuke and you discuss the previous event.
4Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and PanWalter is working at Luke’s store.
6Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
6Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
7Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
7Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
7Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
8Any09:00 – 17:00Socket and Pan
❤ 10Sunny

Not in Winter.
18:00 – 21:00Lake


3Any18:00 – 00:00Outside CavernMark rescues a stray dog.
4Any09:00 – 15:00Community Center – Animal ShelterMark socializes strays to prepare them for adoption, but the stray has an accident!
6Any12:00 – 17:00FishensipsAs Mark drinks out of guilt, he reveals a secret.
6Any09:00 – 15:00Outside Huntress CabinOh No! Mark’s beloved stray has run away!
7Any18:00 – 00:00Outside CavernWhere is Mark’s stray?
8Sunny08:00 – 16:00LakeMark is reunited with his stray at last. Promises are made.

Not in Winter.
12:00 – 16:00Beach


1Sunny10:00 – 13:00LakeNoah and his mother take a walk near the lake.
3Any10:00 – 13:00FishensipsNoah sends you a letter asking them to bring two flowers to the tavern. Enter the tavern with two flowers in your inventory.
4Wednesday10:00 – 15:00Community Center – LibraryNoah is looking for any information about the Giggling Fairy in the library.
5Any14:00 – 23:00FishensipsAfter the previous event, Noah is talking about the Giggling Fairy with Betty and invites the player to join in.
6Sunny10:00 – 13:00Garden LaneNoah sends you a letter asking them to come to Garden Lane the next morning to chop some wood. Go to Garden Lane with four wood in your inventory and Noah will offer you lunch.
7Any10:00 – 18:00Fishensips
8Sunny06:00 – 11:00Outside Fishensips
9Sunny06:00 – 00:00Farm
1019:00 – 22:00Fishensips


2Sunny10:00 – 13:00Town CenterTownspeople thank Pablo for his contributions to the town.
4Any14:00 – 18:00BlacksmithPablo invites Rafael and you to play pool at Fishensips.
6Any14:00 – 18:00Blacksmith
7Any16:00 – 18:00Blacksmith
7Sunny06:00 – 15:00Outside Blacksmith
8Any16:00 – 18:00Blacksmith

Not between Winter 17-21.
19:00 – 21:00Beach Pier


2Saturday or Sunday09:00 – 17:00Coral InnRafael wants to take Valentina to get some cake at the tavern.
3Any09:00 – 20:00BlacksmithRafael tells you about the explorer who promised to get him some rare ore.
5Sunny10:00 – 17:00Outside BlacksmithRafael finally got the rare ore he paid for.
6Any09:00 – 20:00BlacksmithRafael decides to try forging the legendary hammer.
7Any09:00 – 20:00Blacksmith
8Any09:00 – 20:00Blacksmith

Not in Winter.
06:00 – 11:00Farm


2Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee CornerRaj gives the farmer a drink on the house.
4Any18:00 – 22:00Community CenterRaj attends their first Chamber of Commerce meeting.
5Any06:00 – 00:00FarmThe player gets a flyer for Raja’s coffee shop.
5Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee CornerAfter getting the flyer, the player visits Raj’s coffee shop which is now full of customers.
6Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee Corner
7Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee Corner
8Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee Corner
8Sunny or Windy08:00 – 18:00Raja’s Coffee Corner
1006:00 – 00:00Farm
1018:00 – 00:00Fishensips


2Any10:00 – 13:00Community Center – LibraryScott has crashed Millie’s computer.
3Sunny10:00 – 14:00Pier by Zarah’s BoatScott is looking for Lily to ask her for help with the computer at the library.
5Sunny08:00 – 13:00Outside LaboratoryScott talks about the island’s history.
712:00 – 00:00Fishensips
8Sunny or Windy08:00 – 15:00Lake
819:00 – 00:00Scott’s House at 1 Main Ave
1019:00 – 03:00Museum

Semeru (WIP)



2Saturday or Sunday09:00 – 14:00CarpenterDinda asks Surya to fix their broken TV.
3Any09:00 – 14:00CarpenterSurya is unusually happy this morning.
4Any12:00 – 00:00FishensipsAfter the previous event, Surya asks for your advice.
6Any08:00 – 17:00RanchSurya considers moving to an empty space at the Ranch.
7Any09:00 – 14:00Carpenter
7Any09:00 – 14:00Carpenter
8Any09:00 – 14:00Carpenter

Not in Winter.
20:00 – 00:00Beach


2Any15:00 – 19:00Community CenterTheo is playing his guitar in the Community Center.
3Sunny12:00 – 17:00Community CenterTheo is looking for the old piano in the Community Center.
4Sunny10:00 – 14:00Recycling CenterTheo comes to the Recycling Center in search of the same piano.
5Sunny08:00 – 12:00Theo’s House at 2 Main AveTheo finds the old piano and asks the player for help in fixing it up. Bring him 3 Wood.
6Sunny08:00 – 12:00Theo’s House at 2 Main Ave
7Sunny08:00 – 12:00Theo’s House at 2 Main Ave

Not between Fall 15-28.
08:00 – 12:00Theo’s House at 2 Main Ave
818:00 – 21:00Community Center
1006:00 – 00:00Farm
1018:00 – 00:00Theo’s House at 2 Main Ave


2Monday, Wednesday-Sunday

Not between Winter 17-21.
09:00 – 17:00Beach ShackWakuu is having lunch with Wataru. Suki stops by to chat.
3Sunny or Windy08:00 – 15:00Outside FishensipsWakuu talks to the player about his relationship with his father.
3Sunny or Windy18:00 – 22:00ObservatoryWakuu drinks wine with Chaem and talks about his relationship with his father.
4Sunny or Windy18:00 – 22:00Outside the HotspringWakuu helps Takeba and Mark who seems confused about his son.
5Sunny or Windy

Not between Winter 17-21.
11:00 – 17:00Beach PierWakuu and Wataru go fishing together.
6Sunny or Windy
09:00 – 17:00Outside Lighthouse
7Sunny or Windy19:00 – 00:00Outside Observatory
8Sunny or Windy

Not between Winter 17-21.
16:00 – 19:00Beach Pier
1018:00 – 00:00Observatory

Coral Island

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.