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Moonstone Island – The Complete Crafting And Recipes Guide

Moonstone Island is an alchemy life sim game with creature collecting. On your journey in the sky islands, you will need to go through various dangerous biomes with creatures you can defeat or befriend. At the same time, you’ll be collecting materials and unlocking recipes to become a fully-fledged alchemist! There are plenty of things you can create as an alchemist. From potions and charms to protect yourself on the islands. To more practical things such as sprinklers, a furnace or a storage chest.

In this Moonstone Island guide, we’ll go through all the basics of crafting, how to get recipes and of course, all the crafting recipes you might need.


How To Craft In Moonstone Island

As an alchemist, you can basically craft anything everywhere. Just open up your Crafting Menu by hitting “C” on the keyboard or “Y” on your controller. From there you’ll be able to see a list of everything you can craft at the moment. Provided you have the required materials on hand to craft the item, you can simply select it and craft it on the spot. Behold the wonders of alchemy!

Do note that if you don’t have any space in your inventory to craft something you won’t be able to do so. There are limitations of alchemy after all. And you’ll need to note that some items can’t be crafted with alchemy alone. For example, if you want to brew a potion you’ll need to materialise a Cauldron, and then use that to brew a potion.


How To Get Crafting Recipes

Each item you can craft in Moonstone Island requires a crafting recipe. Crafting recipes are often hidden in treasure chests, which you’ll find along your journey. You’ll be able to find them in mines, dungeons as well as temples. Every dungeon has one secret chest, which will contain a rare crafting recipe, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Other ways to get recipes are to complete quests for NPCs and they’ll reward you sometimes with a crafting recipe. Or you can even purchase crafting recipes for 1000 gold coins from Paolo. However, you’ll probably encounter most of them on your adventures so unless you’ve got gold to spare it’s not a great use of your money.


Crafting Recipes


ItemMaterialsDescriptionSell Price
Bridge1x Wood
1x Stone
Place to cross water, holes in dungeons, and gaps between islands.10
Wooden Path1x WoodPlace on the ground to create a wooden path10
Stone Path1x StonePlace on the ground to create a stone path10
Wood Fence1x WoodWild spirits don’t spawn in areas enclosed by a fence.5
Stone Fence1x StoneWild spirits don’t spawn in areas enclosed by a fence.5
Gate3x Stone
3x Wood
Allows entry/exit to areas enclosed by a fence.30
Chest10x Wood
1x Iron Ingot
Store items.50
Mailbox5x Wood
1x Iron Ingot
2x Flax Flower
Conveniently receives mail wherever you place it!50
Calendar3x ClothDays. Weeks. Months. Birthdays. Its got it all.50
Torch1x Wood
1x Coal
Provides light.10
Sprinkler1x Copper Ingot
1x Iron Ingot
Waters the 8 adjacent tiles every morning.600
Glass Bottle1x Sea GlassUsed to contain a variety of liquids.50
Spirit Brush3x Wood
3x Fibre
Used to brush Spirits and make them happy and fluffy. Buffs one random stat and increases the chance to drop Spirit resources.
Cloth3x FibreA soft material made from plant fibre.6
Balloon3x ClothUsed to travel between islands and over gasps in dungeons. Travels in the direction you’re facing during take off. Not the fastest (or safest) way to fly, but it gets the job done.
Sell Crate30x Wood
5x Stone
Place anywhere! Sell anything!10


Workbenches are items that you create that you need to use to make other items. For example, you’ll use a furnace to make ingots and an Anvil to make Charms.

ItemMaterialsDescriptionSell Price
Furnace10x Wood
10x Stone
Used to smelt ore into ingots and to make ash.10
Upgraded Furnace20x Wood
20x Stone
Used to smelt ore into ingots and to make ash.25
Decoration Station20x Wood
1x Iron Ingot
Used to brew concoctions.10
Alchemy Lab1x Wood
3x Copper Ingot
3x Iron Ingot
1x Clay
Used to brew concotions.50
Moonstone Enchanter1x Moonstone Ingot
3x Copper Ingot
3x Iron Ingot
Used to craft mythical items.50
Anvil3x Iron IngotUsed to craft Charms.50
Cauldron1x Moonstone Ingot
2x Iron Ingot
1x Poison
Used to brew potions.25
Compost Bin10x Wood
4x Ash
Used to prepare fertilizers.25

Moonstone Island Guides

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.