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Moonstone Island – Skill Trees Explained

Moonstone Island is a mashup between Stardew Valley and Pokemon. It is a creature collecting game with farming and life sim elements. We’ve already gone into all the romance, farming and creature-collecting parts of the game. Now let’s get into the actual skill trees that you’ll need to improve to get through the game.

Much like most RPG games with a combat element (and even some without), Moonstone Island has a level progression system. By working on different skills in the game, you’ll be able to earn experience points and use them to unlock more skills in the game. These skills make your existing skills better or unlock completely new features. They’re broken down into six different categories with each category having two or more sub-categories. Choosing to focus on some skills can also lock you out of other skill choices. For example with the Archeology skill you can choose to focus into becoming more adept in Dungeons or in the Mines.

In this Moonstone Island guide, we’ll go through all the different skill trees – Spirits, Combat, Archeology, Agriculture, Foraging and Social.


Spirits Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By taming, feeding and hatching spirits.
Sub-Categories: Spiritmancy and Spirit Keeping



Improving your Spiritmancy level will increase the level of spirits you can tame.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Tame AdeptFurther, improves the chance of successfully taming spirits.
Beginner SpiritmancerCan tame spirits up to level 10.Tame Adept
Novice SpiritmancerCan tame spirits up to level 20.Beginner Spiritmancer
Tame ProFurther, improves the chance of successfully taming spirits.Novice Spiritmancer
Intermediate SpiritmancerCan tame spirits up to level 30.Tame Pro
Expert SpiritmancerCan tame spirits up to level 40.Intermediate Spiritmancer
Master SpiritmancerCan tame spirits of any level.Expert Spiritmancer
Tame WizardGreatly improves the chance of successfully taming spirits.Expert SpiritmancerSpirit Walker

Spirit Keeping

This skill tree is focused on improving your ability to hatch and acquire Spirit Eggs. This tree will increase the Spirit Egg drop reward when you defeat spirits.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Spirit FarmerIncrease the chance that Spirits drop eggs after combat.
Spirit BondSpirits will stay one day longer in Spirit Barn before running away if not fed.Spirit Farmer
Spirit NesterSpirits in Spirit Barn sometimes drop eggs.Spirit Bond
Spirit EggsIncrease chance that Spirits drop eggs after combat.Spirit Nester
Spirit HatcherSpirit eggs hatch 1 day earlier.Spirit Nester
Spirit WalkerSpirits gain XP while following you.Spirit NesterTame Wizard

Combat Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By feeding Talismans to your Spirits and by banishing wild Spirits.
Sub-Categories: Cartomancy and Banishment



Cartomancy will affect how likely you are to see higher rarity cards and whether or not they will come upgraded on level-ups.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Beginner CartomancerIncrease the chance of Uncommon cards appearing during level-up
Intermediate CartomancerIncrease the chance of Rare cards appearing during level up.Beginner Cartomancer
Expert Cartomancer**Increase the chance of Secret cards appearing during level-up.Intermediate CartomancerClose Call
Trader10% Chance to upgrade cards when adding them to a Spirit’s deck.
Transformer20% Chance to upgrade cards when adding them to a Spirit’s deck.Trader
Transmogrifier30% Chance to upgrade cards when adding them to a Spirit’s deck.TransformerCritical Hits


Banishment skills are all about direct buffs to your abilities in combat. Banishment skills can range from increasing your starting energy to potentially avoiding attacks completely.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Close Call5% chance incoming attacks do 0 damage.Expert Cartomancer
Peaceful Presence50% more likely to succeed when fleeing from combat.
Fleet Foot100% likely to succeed when fleeing from battle.Peaceful Presence
Critical Hits5% chance your Spirit’s attacks deal double damage.Fleet FootTransmogrifier
One Step AheadDraw an additional card at the start of combat.
Energy BoostStart combat with 1 extra Energy.One Step Ahead

Archeology Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By looting mines and dungeons, defeating dungeon Guardians, and activating Ando Trees.
Sub-Categories: Dungeons and Mines



Skills that will improve how you perform in dungeons and increase your movement speed.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Dungeon DasherMove faster in dungeons.
Dungeon MasterSpirits gain 10% more XP in Dungeons.Dungeon Dasher
Powerful PresenceDungeon Bosses start combat with 20% less health.Dungeon MasterRock Smash
Weak LinkDungeon Bosses start combat with 2 less Armor.
Ando AcolyteActivating Ando Trees grants more Stamina.Weak Link
Artful ArcheologistIn dungeons, start combat with 1 extra Energy.Ando AcolyteTreasure Trove


These skills are focused on increasing the benefits of ore mining.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Rock Smack10% chance to destroy adjacent rocks in mines.15% chance of destroying adjacent rocks in mines.
Rock Smash**15% chance of destroying adjacent rocks in mines.Rock SmackPowerful Presence
Extra ShinyOre sells for 10% more.
Ideal IngotsIngots sell for 10% more.Extra Shiny
Treasure TroveAdditional treasure chests appear in mines.Ideal IngotsArtful Archeologist
Ore GaloreRocks drop 10% more ore in mines.Extra Shiny

Agriculture Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By selling crops. Check out our Farming guide here.
Sub-Categories: Herbology and Farming

Note: There are no mutually exclusive skills in Agriculture.



Skills in the Herbology section are centred around being able to craft Fertilizer.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Hearty HerbologistUnlock Stamina Fertilizer crafting recipe.
Healthy HerbologistUnlock Healing Fertilizer crafting recipe.
Hefty HerbologistUnlock Power Fertilizer crafting recipe.
Hospitable HerbologistUnlock Tame Fertilizer crafting recipe.
Hurried HerbologistUnlock Speed Fertilizer crafting recipe.
Historic HerbologistUnlock Experience Fertilizer crafting recipe.


Skills in the Farming section are more about growth speeds of crops, sell prices of crops, and crops dropping seeds when harvested.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Fine ProduceCrops sell for 10% more.
Quality ProduceCrops sell for 20% more.Fine Produce
Best ProduceCrops sell for 30% more.Quality Produce
PropogatorCrops have a 25% chance to drop 3 seeds when cut down with scythe.
Green ThumbCrops grow 1 day faster.Propogator
Lucky LandscaperCrops have a 50% chance to drop seeds when harvested.Propogator

Foraging Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By chopping down trees, smashing rocks, and catching fish.
Sub-Categories: Fishing and Scavenging



Improving the fishing skill tree will give you a better chance of catching higher-quality fish. As well as improve your chances of catching treasure chests.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Scallywag5% chance to catch a treasure chest.
Plunderer10% chance to catch a treasure chest.Scallywag
Pirate15% chance to catch a treasure chest.PlundererWood Thumb
Beginner AnglerMore likely to catch Silver quality fish.
Intermediate AnglerMore likely to catch Gold quality fish.Beginner Angler
Expert AnglerMore likely to catch Moonstone quality fish.Intermediate AnglerStone Thumb


Skills in the Scavenging section do a number of things, from increasing the amount of wood and stone gained from cutting down trees and breaking rocks to increasing the radius of your light during night time.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Intimidating PresenceSpirits that are lower than your average Spirit level run away from you.
LuminousIncrease light radius by 50%.
Link to the Grass50% chance that crops drop coins when cut down.
Wood ThumbTrees drop 20% more wood.Link to the GrassPirate
Stone ThumbRocks drop 20% more stone.Link to the GrassExpert Angler
Moonstone-mindedChests have a +5% chance of dropping Moonstone.Link to the Grass
MoonstonemancerChests have a +10% chance of dropping Moonstone.Moonstone-minded

Social Skill Tree

Earn EXP: By talking, giving gifts, and going on dates. Check out our relationship romance guide here.
Sub-Categories: Home and Relationships



Skills in the Home category will either increase the chances of waking up an hour early or increase the chances of waking up with bonus stamina.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Morning Person10% chance of waking up one hour early.
Bright and Early20% chance of waking up one hour early.Morning Person
Early Riser30% chance of waking up one hour early.Bright and Early
Rise and Shine10% chance to wake up with extra Stamina.
Good Night’s Sleep20% chance to wake up with extra Stamina.Rise and Shine
Smell the Coffee30% chance to wake up with extra Stamina.Good Night’s Sleep


Skills in the Relationships section will do things like increase the likelihood of successfully chatting/joking/flirting with NPCs, increase the number of gifts you can give NPCs each week, or increase the number of times you can speak with villagers.

SkillDescriptionPrerequisiteMutually Exclusive with
Great ListenerGain Relationship points 5% faster.
Caring PersonGain Relationship points 10% faster.Great Listener
Nice PersonGain Relationship points 15% faster.Caring Person
More than a CrushUnlock Moonstone Bracelet crafting recipe.Nice Person
ChattyIncreases chances of successfully chatting by 10%.Fast Talker
Fast TalkerCan talk to villagers one extra time per day.Chatty
FunnyIncreases chances of successfully joking by 10%.Generous
GenerousCan give 1 additional gift per week.Funny
FlirtyIncreases chances of successfully flirting by 10%.Forgivable
ForgivableMissing dates doesn’t reduce Friendship.Flirty

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.


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