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Moonstone Island – All Moonstone Enchanter Recipes

Moonstone Island is a cosy crafting game where you play as a budding alchemist who lives on an island in the sky. Your journey will have you visiting over a hundred sky islands, each with its own unique biomes creatures and materials that you’ll need. You can use these materials to create many things as an alchemist. From potions and charms to protect yourself on the islands. To more practical things such as sprinklers, a furnace or a storage chest. But the one thing that you’ll need to make mystical objects in the game is a Moonstone Enchanter.

This particular workbench has been used by alchemists to create all sorts of magical equipment. You can create a Spirit Barn that will lead you into a pocket dimension for your Spirits to live in. Or you can even create a mirror that will help you manage your skill points. In this guide we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Moonstone Enchanter, how to create it and all the recipes you might need.


How To Make A Moonstone Enchanter

To create a Moonstone Enchanter you’ll need to craft it out of thin air. Good thing you can do that because you’re an alchemist. Simply open up your Crafting Menu by hitting “C” on the keyboard or “Y” on your controller. You’ll then be able to select the Moonstone Enchanter Recipe. In order to craft the item successfully you’ll need the right materials as well as free space in your pockets.

  • Moonstone Enchanter Recipe – 1x Moonstone Ingot, 3x Copper Ingots and 3x Iron Ingots

In order to craft Ingots you’ll need a Furnace and the raw ore. To get Copper and Iron you’ll simply need to collect it in the Mines. Moonstones however are a little trickier.

You can find Moonstones randomly while exploring the various Sky Islands. They are rare however and most islands will only have one Moonstone hidden on them. They will usually be located in a patch of long grass. If you’re having trouble looking for them wait until it’s night. A Moonstone will glow in the dark, making them much easier to spot.


Moonstone Enchanter Recipes

NameDescriptionMaterials NeededSale Price
BroomGreat for hopping between islands. Kinda slow.5 Wood, 2 MoonstonesN/A
GliderThe main mode of transportation for any certified Alchemist. Way faster than a broom.50 Wood, 3 Iron Ingots, 3 Moonstone IngotsN/A
BeaconUsed to mark locations.10 Stone, 1 Moonstone550
Spirit StallA stall that can house one spirit. Food should be placed in the stall once per day. Can be placed in the Spirit Barn.30 Wood, 3 Cloth170
Spirit NestUsed to hatch an egg. Place in an empty stall.1 Wood, 1 Fibre20
Moongrass Spirit StallMoongrass grows without needing to be watered. Any Spirit assigned to this stall is fed automatically each day. Can be placed in the Spirit Barn.1 Spirit Stall, 3 Cloth, 1 Moonstone770
Spirit BarnA pocket dimension that’s used to store Spirits.100 Wood, 100 Stone, 3 Iron Ingots, 1 Moonstone Ingot4000
Alchemist TentA tent containing a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.50 Wood, 50 Stone, 1 Moonstone Ingot2400
Alchemist CabinA cosy cabin containing a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.100 Wood, 100 Stone, 2 Moonstone Ingots3500
Fancy Alchemist House [DLC]A fancy house containing a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.150 Wood, 150 Stone, 3 Moonstone Ingot5000
Science Center HomeA house modelled after Zed‘s place, it contains a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.100 Wood, 200 Stone, 3 Moonstone Ingot5000
Tree FortA home in a tree that contains a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.200 Wood, 100 Stone, 3 Moonstone Ingot5000
Alchemist TowerA towering abode for a budding alchemist containing a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.100 Wood, 300 Stone, 3 Moonstone Ingots5000
LighthouseA nautical dwelling containing a pocket dimension that can be turned into a home.50 Wood, 250 Stone, 3 Moonstone Ingots5000
GreenhouseA pocket dimension in which crops and flowers from any season can be grown.100 Wood, 3 Iron Ingots, 3 Moonstone Ingots, 10 Sea Glass5000
Sigil ChalkUsed to mark sigils onto the ground.1 Clay, 1 Moonstone55
Moonstone BraceletA traditional bracelet that’s given to symbolize commitment to someone.3 Moonstone, 1 Iron Ingot1000
Grass BraceletA traditional bracelet that’s given to symbolize the end of a commitment to someone.1 Moonstone, 1 Fibre100
LoomUsed to craft custom floor tiles and wallpaper.1 Moonstone, 10 Wood, 3 Cloth10
Mirror of IntrospectionUsed to view the Skill Tree.1 Moonstone, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Copper Ingot500
Moonstone MachineA machine that produces one Moonstone per day.3 Moonstone1000

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.


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