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Fae Farm – The Complete Festival Event and Rewards Guide

Fae Farm is a farming and life sim that takes place in the magical world of Azoria. In this ever-changing universe, the days and events are controlled by the season. There’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and each season brings about flora and fauna to the world. And the locals celebrate the changing of each of these seasons with a festival!

At the end of each season head into town to find it decked out in seasonal decorations. These festivals come with specific event quests both on the day as well as the time leading up to the event. The festival will also feature seasonal goods that you can purchase for a limited time. Such as outfits, colours, furniture and more. There are currently five festivals throughout the year in Fae Farm and in this guide, we’ll go through them all!


Spring – Petal Bloom Festival (Spring 28)

Petal Bloom Festival Quests

Before the actual Petal Bloom Festival quest, Mayor Merritt will come and visit you on Spring 23 to give you two quests. You don’t actually need to complete these quests to enjoy and participate in the festival. But you will need to complete it to collect the reward.

Quest #1Plant 15x Flower Seeds
(check out our How To Plant Flowers guide)
5x Yellow Lillies
5x Blue Hyacinth
Quest #2Craft three decorations with flowers10x Magenta Trillium Seeds

Petal Bloom Festival Shop

Event ItemMaterialsCost
Vibrant Green Palette30x Yellow Lilly, 30x Blue Hyacinth1,000
Sunflower Vase450
Flower Cart450
Spring Festival Rug200
Petal Print Flooring3x Cotton Fabric, 3x Ivory Lily1,000
Spring Braid3x Cotton Fabric, 3x Orange Lily200
Rose1x Red Rose100
Bunny Ears3x Cotton Fabric, 3x Pink Rose500

Summer – Hook and Line Festival (Summer 28)

Hook and Line Festival Quests

Speak to Eddy at Stay-a-While Bay before the Hook and Line Festival as early as Summer 23 to get your festival quest. Just like the Petal Bloom Festival, you won’t actually need to complete these quests to enjoy and participate in the festival.

Quest #1Catch any 12x Fish1x Small Zoom Potion
Quest #2Bring 5x Steamed Fish to Eddy1x Apple

Hook and Line Festival Shop

Event ItemMaterialsCost
Vibrant Teal Palette30x Teal Rose, 3x Spiny Puffer1,000
Bandana3x Silk, 1x Turbot200
Summer Outfit5x Cotton Fabric, 1x Black Carp1,000
Whiskers1x Herring100
Tide Pool Rug200
Fish Vase450
Fish Lamp450
Fishing Gear250
Beach Flooring1x Albacore, 20x Sand100
Beach Vibe Wallpaper100
Bear Ears3x Cotton Fabric, 1x Bullhead2,500

Autumn – Seed and Soil Festival (Autumn 28)

Seed and Soil Festival Quests

Just like the previous festivals, you’ll need to speak to someone before the start of the festival. For the Seed and Soil fest speak to Holly from Autumn 23 to get your festival quest. Just like the previous Festivals, you don’t need to complete these quests to enjoy and participate in the festival.

Quest #1Plant any 12x Crops
(check out our Farming guide)
12x Pumpkin Seeds
Quest #2Bring Holly 10x Hearty Salads12x Acorn Squash Seeds

Seed and Soil Festival Shop

Event ItemMaterialsCost
Vibrant Orange Palette30x Orange Zinnia, 30x Apricot1,000
Autumn Hat3x Wool Fabric, 1x Garlic200
Autumn Outfit5x Wool Fabric, 1x Pumpkin1,000
Snout1x Beet100
Seed and Soil Wallpaper250
Giant Pumpkin450
Harvest Wheel Barrow450
Leaf Pile Flooring1x Apple, 20x Mulch100
Autumn Festival Rug200
Fox Ears3x Wool Fabric, 1x Red Cabbage500

Winter – Fae Festival (Winter 14)

Fae Festival Quests

Winter is actually the only season in Fae Farm that has two festival events! The first is the Fae Festival which happens in the middle of the month. To participate in this festival you’ll need to already have access to the Fae Realm. And to complete the quest it’s highly recommended that you’ve cleared the miasma as well by completing the Floating Ruins.

If you have all of that done then go ahead and talk to Zido from Winter 9 to get your festival quests.

Quest #1Catch any 12x Fae Realm Critters1x Small Zoom Potion
Quest #2Bring 18x Flutter Dust to Zido12x Acorn Squash Seeds

Fae Festival Shop

Event ItemMaterialCost
Vibrant Violet Palette30x Violet Tulip, 3x Blob Gobs1,000
Unicorn Horn1x Polished Amethyst, 1x Amber500
Fancy Fae Fest Outfit5x Silk, 3x Fae Dust1,000
Leaf1x Nectar100
Faerie Rug200
Fae Bench450
Fae Pillar450
Fae Arch250
Faerie Flooring1x Stone Brick, 20x Stone Grain100
Fae Gates Wallpaper250
Elf Hat3x Silk, 1x Snowflake200

Winter – Warm Hearth Festival (Winter 14)

Warm Hearth Festival Quests

The second event of the Winter season is the Warm Hearth Festival and it’s all about cozy home-cooked food. To get these festival quests talk to Frida from Winter 23. Just like the previous Festivals, you don’t need to complete these quests to enjoy and participate in the festival.

For one of the quests, you’ll need access to Butter and Flour. If you don’t have the ability to craft them, you can go ahead and buy these ingredients at the Bakery.

Quest #1Bring 12x Grilled Fish and Veggies to Frida12x Butter
Quest #2Bring 5x Jumbleberry Pies to Frida12x Sugar

Warm Hearth Festival Shop

Event ItemMaterialsCost
Vibrant Emerald Palette30x White Rose, 3x Spaghetti Primavera1,000
Kitty Ears3x Wool Fabric, 1x Salmon in a Basket500
Winter Outfit5x Wool Fabric, 1x Baked Mac & Cheese1,000
Carrot Nose1x Tuber Salad100
Winter Festival Rug200
Snowflake Ice Sculpture450
Decorative Books250
Cherry Basketweave Flooring1x Ancient Lumber, 1x Country Bread100
Winter Wonderland Wallpaper250
Winter Hat3x Wool Fabric, 1x Deluxe Fruit Tart200

Fae Farm

Escape to the world of Fae Farm and create your own cozy home in the enchanted world of Azoria. As you nurture and grow your homestead, you’ll get to meet charming characters, foster deep relationships and discover ways to infuse magic into everything you do. Customize your character, master the arts of crafting, cooking, potion-making and discover so much more.

Fae Farm is out now on the Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.


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