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Cozy Grove – Fall Festival Event Guide

With the crisp wind, the browning of the leaves and the darkening of days, there’s no cozier season in the year than fall. And what better way to celebrate it than with a fall festival in Cozy Grove. This life and decoration sim is the perfect game to snuggle up to in this weather. Whether you’re going fishing, helping out your spirit bear friends or just catching some bugs. There’s no better way to spend a lazy day than in Cozy Grove.

Cozy Grove is a friendship-sim and decoration game like Animal Crossing or Disney Dreamlight Valley. There’s no combat here, instead, you’re helping out lost spirits find their path by helping them with little chores every day. The more you help them the more the island opens up and comes alive.

Time in Cozy Grove is synced to real-world time and it encourages you to check back in every day for new quests and events. Some of these new discoveries may take a new day or two to discover, while others require you to check in every season. We’re talking about the game’s four festival events that happen in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Cozy Grove’s Fall Festival Event.


Cozy Grove Festival Events

  • Spring Festival: 27 April – 25 May
  • Summer Festival: 2 July – 15 July
  • Fall Festival: 20 October – 31 October
  • Winter Festival: 20 December – 23 January

Fall Festival

Dates: 20 October – 31 October

Fall Festival Items

Trick or Treat
Ms Carouse’s Spring Festival Shop
Spooky Critter Scroll
Fall Festival Clothing
Witch Cats


Trick or Treat

One of the biggest holidays in the Fall is Halloween! In the grand tradition of the holiday, you can dress up and get candy. Specifically from Ms Carouse first and the other Spirit Bears later.

In order to go Trick or Treating you’ll need to wear at least two festive clothing pieces. These can be bought from Ms Carouse herself, Mr Kit or Wolf Apparel. Put them on and speak to her to be rewarded with a spirit imp essence and a pumpkin.

After that, you can then speak to the other bears on the island to get more rewards.

Possible Rewards for Trick or Treat:

  • 10, 30, or 50 Candy
  • 1-3 Spooky Rotten Egg
  • 1-3 Gala apple
  • 1-3 Ethereal Apple
  • 1 random wig (only from Darla O’Hare)
  • 1 random piece of clothing (only from Darla O’Hare)
  • 2 cocoa bean (only from Pandam)
  • 6 egg (only from Pandam)

The Candy collected from the bears can be used to purchase items at Ms Carouse’s shop or craft Fall exclusive decorations. Spooky eggs can also be used to lure witch cats.


Ms Carouse’s Fall Festival Shop

ItemPrice (Candy)
Pumpkin Plant50
2x Random Spooky DecorationsVaries
Young Witch Cat300


Every day while the festival event is active, Ms Carouse will offer the player to craft four random jack-o’-lantern lamps and a Spooky Critter Scroll.

ItemRarityCrafting RecipeSell
Cute Jack-o’-lanternCommon 1x Pumpkin
3x Fall Festival Critter
5x Tin of Flower Pigment
Cute Jack-o’-lanternUncommon 2x Pumpkin
5x Fall Festival Critter
8x Tin of Flower Pigment
Cute Jack-o’-lanternRare 3x Pumpkin
10x Fall Festival Critter
15x Tin of Flower Pigment
Happy Jack-o’-lanternCommon 1x Pumpkin
3x Fall Festival Critter
3x Happy Bird Essence
Happy Jack-o’-lanternUncommon 2x Pumpkin
5x Fall Festival Critter
5x Happy Bird Essence
Happy Jack-o’-lanternRare 3x Pumpkin
10x Fall Festival Critter
10x Happy Bird Essence
Spooky Jack-o’-lanternCommon 1x Pumpkin
3x Fall Festival Critter
5x Charred Fishbone
Spooky Jack-o’-lanternUncommon 2x Pumpkin
5x Fall Festival Critter
8x Charred Fishbone
Spooky Jack-o’-lanternRare 3x Pumpkin
10x Fall Festival Critter
15x Charred Fishbone

Spooky Critter Scroll

A Spooky Critter Scroll can be crafted by Ms Carouse for ten spooky rotten eggs. Use them to catch Fall Festival Critters which are necessary for crafting Jack-o’-lanterns. You can also donate one of each to Captain Billweather Snout.

Use your Spooky Critter Scroll to summon up to twenty Halloween critters. The critters will spawn across the island, behave as regular critters, and can be caught using a critter net. The critters will disappear over time, so it is advised to catch them as soon as they spawn.

NameTypeSell price
Headless beetleScuttle165
Imp parasiteFlying195
Medusa crawlerScuttle180
Night flapperFlying165
One-eyed leechGround120
Scroll mimicGround135
Trapped mothGround105

Fall Festival Clothing

Every day Ms Carouse and Mr Kit will have four random Fall Festival clothing items for sale.

Bat EarsHatCommonGoth600200
Clown CostumeShirtCommonParty600300
Clown HatHatCommonParty600200
Clown MakeupFace MaskCommonParty650300
Demon Cat CostumeShirtRareCute1000400
Demon Cat HoodHoodRareCute550300
Demon Cat NoseFace MaskRareCute1400700
Demon Goat MaskMaskRareMysterious21001000
Happy Ghost MaskMaskCommonParty1900800
Jack-o-lantern CostumeMaskRareParty21001000
Mummy CostumeShirtCommonMysterious600300
Mummy Head WrapMaskCommonMysterious1900800
Sad Cat CostumeShirtRareCute1000400
Sad Cat HoodHoodRareCute550300
Sad Cat NoseFace MaskRareCute1400700
Shark HoodHoodCommonParty550300
Skeleton CostumeShirtCommonGoth600300
Skeleton MaskMaskCommonGoth1900800
Spider Eye CostumeFace MaskCommonGoth650300
Spiny Cat CostumeShirtRareCute1000400
Spiny Cat HoodHoodRareCute550300
Spiny Cat NoseFace MaskRareCute1400700

Witch Cats

Witch Cats are special cats that can only be lured out during Cozy Grove’s Fall Festival. You can get a Witch Cat by using the Cat Beckoner inside your house. Or by buying one from Ms Carouse for 300 Candy everyday during the Fall Festival.

Cat Beckoner: 1x Spooky Rotten Egg and 2x Random Food Items (Since the food used doesn’t matter, it is advised to use raw ingredients because they are the cheapest and most readily available.)

Witch Cats will always like Spooky Decor and always dislike Rustic Decor.


Cozy Grove

Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you’ll bring colour and joy back to Cozy Grove!

Cozy Grove is out now for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS (Apple Arcade).


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