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Coral Island – Combat and Weapons Guide

Coral Island takes everything you love from Stardew Valley and brings it to a Southeast Asian island paradise complete with mermaids. In this re-imagined farm sim, you’re on a mission to save the island from the evil corporate polluters! Make friends with the townsfolk, fall in love, take care of your animals and grow local crops and produce. There’s lots to see and do on this island and one of the places worth exploring are the mines.

The mines are somewhat of a mystical place on Coral Island. They are full of legend, precious ores, gemstones and of course some monsters. When you go down into the mines expect to encounter some of the region’s monsters and if you’re not prepared they’ll knock down your health and energy pretty quickly. In order to prepare for any visit to the mine you’re going to want to bring some health stocking items such as food as well as some weapons.

In Coral Island, there are four different weapon types for you to choose from. The Sword, Shield, Spear and Hammer, offer a variety of different attack types depending on your playstyle. The Shields aren’t hard-hitting weapons but will keep you safe with their high defence. While the Hammer does a lot of damage but with a fairly slow hit rate. The Sword is a great all-rounder and the Spear has a good range of attack.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the weapons in Coral Island. What their charge attacks are and how and where to buy them.


Band Of Smiles

Apart from the first weapon, you’ll receive when you first enter the mine – “The Blunt Sword”, the rest of the items can be bought from the BOS Hideout. The BOS of Band of Smiles is a newly developed shop in Coral Island that came in with their Summer update.

The Band of Smiles Hideout is locked at the beginning of the game and can only be accessed once the player has completed the trial Kira sets out for them. In order to be set for the trials you’ll need to reach level 10 of the Earth mine, and once you do Kira will send you a letter. The letter will ask you to slay 30 monsters as part of the guild’s entrance exam. Once you do that you’ll be a fully fledged member and will have access to the BOS Hideout.

The Band of Smiles Hideout is run by Kira and Jio Dan. You’ll be able to buy all your weapons here, participate in guild-specific Errands as well and meet travelling adventurers. The Errands will generally include fighting monsters or obtaining resources from the cavern.

The BOS Hideout is located in the Forest and is open from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.



There are a variety of weapons for you to choose from in Coral Island. Each of these weapons has a different set of stats, with different types of weapons being more effective in certain areas. Spears have a larger range of attack with a two-hit combo. While a sword has a shorter range but has the option of a three-hit combo. These are all the available types of weapons in the game so far:

  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Spear
  • Hammer

Each weapon has a normal hit as well as a charged hit. A charged attack is accumulated by striking enemies enough times to build up the charge metre. Kind of like a skill attack. Each weapon will have a different charge, which we’ll list further down the article.

DamageThe amount of damage the weapon deals before calculating the player’s stats or the enemy’s defence
DefenseThe amount of defence the weapon adds to the player’s stats
Crit. damageA multiplier that increases the damage of critical hits
Crit. chanceThe chance of the weapon dealing a critical hit before calculating the player’s stats
Combo lengthHow many times the weapon can be used in quick succession; the last hits of a combo may deal more or less damage than the other hits
ChargeThe number of hits it takes to charge a weapon’s special ability or the number of uses an ability has before it needs to recharge


Swords are well-balanced weapons that offer decent range, attack speed, and damage.

Charge Attack: A spinning attack. The spin deals .75x the sword’s normal damage but can hit any enemies around the player multiple times.
Combo: All swords have a 3-hit combo that deals 1.5x the normal damage on its final hit.

SwordDamageDefenceCrit. DamageCrit. ChanceHits to ChargeSourceCost
Blunt Sword600+100% 0%3 hitsReceived from Kira on your first visit to the cavern
Gold-Encrusted SwordBand of Smiles 
Feros Sword8020+100% 5%3 hitsBand of Smiles 2,800g
Keeper’s Greatsword1100+100% 5%3 hitsBand of Smiles 2,800g
Moonhaze Sword1000+100% 5%3 hitsBand of Smiles2,800g
Sus Sword700+100% 5%3 hitsBand of Smiles5,600g
Naganian Sword900+100% 5%3 hitsBand of Smiles25,200g
Doomshadow Sword800+100% 5%2 hitsBand of Smiles: 8,400g28,000g
Flameguard Greatsword1000+100% 5%3 hitsFire Mine: Lvl 20
Rhodonite Wings Sword900+100% 5%3 hits


Shields sacrifice some of their offensive ability for increased defence and are the only weapons to consistently grant a defence bonus when equipped.

Charge Attack: Completely block an enemy’s attack and retaliate with a powerful shield bash for 2.5x the shield’s normal damage.
Combo: All shields have a 2-hit combo with no change in damage.

ShieldDamageDefenceCrit. DamageCrit. ChanceCharge levelSourceCost
Keeper’s Barricade8010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles2,200g
Sus Shield4010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles4,400g
Gold-Encrusted Shield5010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles8,800g
Doomshadow Shield6010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles22,000g
Feros-Fin Shield6030+100% 5%1Band of Smiles13,200g
Naganian Shield6010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles19,800g
Moonhaze Shield7010+100% 5%1Band of Smiles35,200g
Rhodonite Wings Barricade7010+100% 5%1


Spears are situated between swords and shields in offensive ability but have the longest reach of the available weapons.

Charge Attack: Allows the player to throw the spear several meters ahead of them for 0.5x the spear’s normal damage. Unlike other weapons’ secondary abilities, the spear can be thrown without needing to be charged in any way but requires a one-second delay between throws.
Combo: All spears have a 2-hit combo that deals 0.5x damage on the second hit.

SpearDamageDefenceCrit. DamageCrit. ChanceSourceCost
Keeper’s Spear1000+100% 5%Band of Smiles3,000g
Feros-Tail Trident7010+100% 5%Band of Smiles3,000g
Sus Spear500+100% 5%Band of Smiles6,000g
Gold-Encrusted Spear600+100% 5%Band of Smiles24,000g
Naganian Harpoon800+100% 5%Band of Smiles27,000g
Doomshadow Spear700+100% 5%Band of Smiles30,000g
Moonhaze Spear800+100% 5%Band of Smiles14,400g
Flameguard Spear
Rhodonite Wings Wing Spear800+100% 5%


Hammers are the slowest and most damaging weapons available.

Charge Attack: Allows the player to hold down the secondary attack button to manually charge a heavy swing that will also stun enemies struck by it, preventing them from moving for a few seconds. The damage done by a charged swing depends on the level of charge that it’s able to build up on:

  • Charge lvl. 1: 1.5x
  • Charge lvl. 2: 2.0x
  • Charge lvl. 3: 3.0x

Combo: All hammers are unable to combo, and can only deal one hit at a time.

HammerDamageDefenceCrit. DamageCrit. ChanceCharge levelsSourceCost
Keeper’s Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles3,400g
Sus Hammer130Defence+100% 5%3Band of Smiles6,800g
Gold-Encrusted Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles6,800g
Doomshadow Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles17,000g
Feros Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles20,400g
Naganian Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles30,600g
Moonhaze Hammer1300+100% 5%3Band of Smiles54,400g
Rhodonite Wings Hammer1300+100% 5%3

Coral Island

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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