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Starfield – Companion Recruitment Guide

Starfield is the space exploration game we’ve all been waiting for and if you’re a fan of Bethesda games then you’ll understand the depth of lore and details they put into their worlds. With Starfield being the studio’s biggest RPG we had a lot of hope for this one. And for the most part, it feels like a solid series of space exploration and adventure. But what gives games like Fallout and Skyrim heart is the people you meet along the way.

In Starfield you’ll meet plenty of interesting characters and some will join you as companions and crew members. They’ll help you out in combat, provide colourful speech and of course act like a mule for carrying all the extra stuff you’ll find while out in space. You’ll be able to meet these companions while out in your main story mission as well as in other side quests and in space. Some are mandatory while others are completely optional and missable. These characters won’t factor into your story and therefore their dialogue might not be as rich, but it’s always useful to have more crew members than not.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the companions that you can recruit in Starfield and how to get them to join you.

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“Andreja is a bit of a mystery to everyone. Nobody knows where she’s coming from, and where she’s going.”

Recruit“Into the Unknown” MissionLocationRandomised for each player

Andreja is a Constellation member and one of the main companions in Starfield. She is a mysterious character with a strong personality and an even stronger moral compass. She’s a great all-rounder both on the surface and in space.


Particle Beans★★★
Energy Weapons Systems★★

Andromeda Kepler

RecruitAt the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia for 15,000 CreditsLocationCydonia (Mars), Sol Star System
SpecialisationEngineering and Piloting

Andromeda Kepler is an aspiring writer and explorer. She has few skills to offer but would be best assigned as part of your ship crew. She would also be a decent asset to your outpost crew if needed, but her skills are definitely not suited for combat.


Outpost Engineering★★
Aneutronic Fusion


“His deep fascination with the universe has fueled his travels all over the galaxy and in pursuit of knowledge and new experiences.”

Recruit“Back to Veetera” MissionLocationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
AffiliationConstellationSpecialisationShip Crew
FactionUnited ColoniesRomanceableYes

Barrett is a Constellation member and one of the main companions in Starfield. A humorous fellow with a mysterious past, he’s well suited for a variety of support roles on your team. Use him in your Ship’s Crew for the Particle Beam Weapon Systems, as well as for his Starship Engineering Skills.


Starship Engineering★★★★
Particle Bean Weapon Systems★★★

Dani Garcia

RecruitAt Euphorika in NeonLocationNeon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)

Dani Garcia is a researcher looking for work on Neon. She is a hireable companion but you must accept her recreational activities before you can make an offer.


Energy Weapon Systems

Gideon Aker

RecruitAt The Viewport in New Atlantis for 12,000 CreditsLocationNew Atlantis
AffiliationTrade Authority (Former)SpecialisationShip’s Weapon Systems

Gideon once worked as a courier for the Trade Authority, knowingly smuggling contraband without asking too many details. During his last transport job, his shipment was stolen, and he was left stranded aboard his ship. The loss of the shipment put him in debt with the Trade Authority, who sold his ship as partial compensation, leaving Gideon with no livelihood and no way to pay for said debt.

In hopes of earning enough money for this debt and improving his family’s life, Gideon offers his services to ship captains at The Viewport. He’s a bit of an expensive hire but if your persuasion is high enough you can get him to drop his going rate by half. Use him in your ship’s crew.


Ballistic Weapon Systems★★
Missile Weapon Systems★★


Recruit“Back to Veetera” MissionLocationShipwrecked
FactionArgos ExtractorsSpecialisationOutpost Engineer

Heller is a fellow miner from Argos Extractors, the site where you used to work before being recruited to Constellation.


Outpost Engineering★★★

Jessamine Griffin

RecruitLocationLast Nova, The Key, (Kryx Star System)
AffiliationThe Crimson FleetSpecialisationStealth

Jessamine Griffin is a Crimson Fleet member looking for work in the Kryx Star System. She has a decent set of skills to offer, particularly when it comes to stealth-related things like stealing and sneaking around unnoticed.


Outpost Management★★


Recruit“Back to Veetera” MissionLocationVectera
AffiliationConstellationSpecialisationOutpost Management
FactionArgos Extractors

Lin is the Supervisor of the Argos Extractors mining operations on the moon Vectera in the Narion star system. Although the operation is focused on extracting mineral resources from the planet, she is running a secondary contract for Barrett of Constellation to locate and extract an anomaly within the planet itself.


Outpost Management★★

Marika Boros

RecruitAt The Viewport in New Atlantis for 16,500 CreditsLocationNew Atlantis
SpecialisationShotguns and Bullets


Shotgun Certification
Particle Beam Weapon Systems

Mickey Caviar

RecruitAt the Astral Lounge on Neon for 9,000 CreditsLocationNeon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)
SpecialisationFood and Health Skills

Mickey Caviar is a pompous washed-up cook looking for work on Neon. He has an odd mismatch of skills that can assist you with cooking and research, but he can also wield EM weapons and has a decent Wellness stat.



Moara Otero

RecruitAt the Broken Spear Bar in Cydonia. Ask him to join your crew.LocationCydonia (Mars), Sol Star System
SpecialisationShotguns and Bullets

Moara will offer his skills as a thank-you for saving him and his ship during the early main story missions.


EM Weapon Systems★★

Omari Hassan

RecruitAt The Hitching Post in Akila for 16,500 CreditsLocationAkila (Cheyenne System)
AffiliationFreestar CollectiveSpecialisationShip Engineering and Ship’s Shield System

Omari Hassan can make your ship’s shields stronger while also allowing your ship to mitigate damage. If you’re looking for a way to boost your defence without spending your life savings on bigger and better shield systems.


Shield Systems★★
Starship Engineering

Rafael Aguerro

Recruit“Entangled” Mission. Choose to side with him and ask him to join your crew.LocationNishina Research Lab, Freya III, (Freya Star System)

Rafael Aguerro is a brilliant outpost crew member as he’s the only companion who has both Outpost Management and Outpost Engineering skills. So if you’re looking for more crew members to run and manage successful outposts, Rafael is your guy.


Outpost Engineering
Starship Engineering★★
Outpost Management

Rosie Tannehill

RecruitAt The Hitching Post in Akila for 12,000 CreditsLocationAkila (Cheyenne System)
AffiliationFreestar CollectiveSpecialisationHealing and Health Skills

One of the more rare crew members that specialises in healing, she’ll be useful both in combat and at outposts.



Sam Coe

“Having a strong sense of frontier justice, Sam believes that if helping someone means breaking the rules, so be it.”

Recruit“Empty Nest” MissionLocationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
Freestar Rangers (Former)
FactionFreestar CollectiveRomanceableYes

Sam Coe is a Constellation member and one of the main companions in Starfield. He’s a great member to have in your combat team thanks to his Rifle Certification. But you can also trust him to Pilot and bolster your ship’s capabilities.


PilotingAdds 1 to your spaceship’s system power★★★★
Rifle CertificationMore proficient with rifles★★★
PayloadsIncreases your ship’s cargo capacity by %10★★
GeologyMore likely to gift raw materials or resources. Rarity increases with star level

Sarah Morgan

“Passionate about Constellation’s mission, leading through action, and earning the trust and respect of her peers.”

Recruit“One Small Step” MissionLocationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
UC Navigator Corps (Former)
SpecialisationLaser Weapons
FactionUnited ColoniesRomanceableYes

Sam Coe is the leader of the Constellation and one of the main companions in Starfield. Sarah is determined to find evidence of intelligent life somewhere in the stars. As a companion, Sarah boasts a good set of skills and is proficient in combat. She’s also equally skilled as part of your ship’s crew – using her skills to plot better courses to distant systems.



Simeon Bankowsk

RecruitAt The Viewport in New Atlantis for 15,000 CreditsLocationNew Atlantis

Simeon Bankowski is one of the best optional companions in Starfield so far. He’s a weapons specialist with skills that can drastically help you out in combat. Make sure to bring him with you in battle, as opposed to leaving him to work the ship.


Sniper Certification★★

Sophia Grace

RecruitAt Madame Sauvage’s Place in NeonLocationNeon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)
AffiliationThe DisciplesSpecialisationStealth

Sophia is a stealth-based combat specialist you can meet on Neon. She doesn’t have a huge amount of skills to offer, but her Stealth is Rank 3, which could make her worth her recruitment price.




“Constellation members are like a family to Vasco, and he does his best to bond with them and help in any way possible.”

Recruit“One Small Step” MissionLocationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
AffiliationConstellationSpecialisationShip Crew

Vasco is a modified expeditionary robot, that has been modified by the group Constellation to provide aid and support in their missions across the galaxy. He is one of the main companions of Starfield but unlike the rest is not romanceable… because he is a robot. Vasco’s design allows him to traverse rough terrain and can carry payloads much larger than a human. He’s also useful in combat.


Aneutronic Fusion
Shield Systems★★
EM Weapon Systems

Adoring Fan

RecruitSelect the “Hero Worshipped” Trait when making your character.LocationNew Atlantis, Jemison, (Alpha Centauri System)
SpecialisationStealth, Scavengning and Carrying Stuff

The Adoring Fan is a running gag from The Elder Scrolls days. If you can stand his constant banter and chatter, you can use him as a pack mule and meat shield in your adventures, thanks to his skills in Scavenging and Weight Lifting.


Weight Lifting★★

Additional Crew Members

Crew members unlike companions are hired more for their skill set than personality. You can spot a crew member from a companion by the fact that they won’t have a name and will offer you lower-ranking skills than a companion.

You’ll be able to hire crew members in Starfield‘s major hub cities. They’ll appear randomly so if you’re looking for someone with a specific set of skills just leave and come back later to see if they’re there.

  • Astral Lounge – Neon, Volii Alpha (Volii System)
  • The Viewport – New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)
  • The Hitching Post – Akila
  • Broken Spear – Cydonia (Sol System)

Here are some examples of crew members you can recruit in Starfield.

Defense System SpecialistShip Systems7,000 Credits
Propulsion SpecialistPiloting7,500 Credits
Missile Weapons Specialist Missile Weapon Systems6,000 Credits
Payload SpecialistPayloads6,500 Credits


In the year 2330, humanity has ventured beyond our solar system, settling new planets, and living as a spacefaring people. You will join Constellation – the last group of space explorers seeking rare artifacts throughout the galaxy – and navigate the vast expanse of space in Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest and most ambitious game.

Out now on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|Sm PC – Steam.