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Rune Factory 3 Special – Bachelorette Guide

If you’re a fan of farming sims and RPGs then Rune Factory needs no introduction. XSEED Games have been making this series for more than a decade and it pretty much follows a very similar formula. A fantasy world where you can live your life and also engage in battles and potentially save it.

In Rune Factory 3 you’ll play as Micah who has fallen into this Kingdom with no memory. With the help of a kind girl, he’s able to recover and slowly put together pieces of his past. Rune Factory isn’t your typical RPG however because not only will you be able to pick up your weapons and head into dungeons. But you can also equally put down your weapons, pick up a watering can and grow some crops. Or fish in the river and most fun of all, make friends in the village and maybe even fall in love with one of the ladies of the town.

There are 11 potential bachelorettes in Rune Factory 3 for you to romance. Not all of them are completely human and each of them has their own likes and dislikes. In this guide, we’ll go through all of them!



Carmen is a very energetic and sometimes bossy girl. She lives and helps her older brother Carlos at their fishing resort. Just like her brother, Carmen loves fishing. She is an energetic girl and is excited about things, especially fishing. Go to Carmn to learn what fish is in the season as well as helpful pointers about fishing. She is often seen with Carlos by the Diamond General Store.

BirthdayWinter 22
ScheduleAt the Fishing Resort
Favorite GiftsSeafood Doria, Seafood Gratin, Seafood Pizza
Liked GiftsFish, Seafood
DislikesPumpkin and any dishes or items made with Pumpkin

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardGive Carmen a fish that can be caught in spring.Cheap Pole x1
Sardine x1
❤ 2Bulletin BoardGive Carmen 2 fish that can be caught in summer.Salted Salmon x1
❤ 3Bulletin BoardTake Carmen’s Sashimi Knife to Gaius for sharpening, then bring it back to her.Snapper Sashimi x1
❤ 4Bulletin BoardTalk to Carmen and answer a series of questions.Rewards are dependent on the answers given:

Positive Answers/ Neutral Answers – Fried Skipjack
Negative Answers – Flour
Mixed Answers – Salted Pike
❤ 5Bulletin BoardTalk to Carmen, then go together to Oddward Valley.None
❤ 6MailboxTalk to Carmen. Go to her house between 8 PM and 11 PM to have dinner with the siblings.None
❤ 7MailboxGo to Oddward: Archway together with Carmen.None
❤ 8MailboxTalk to Carmen.None
❤ 9MailboxTake Carmen to Privera: Flower FieldNone

Carmen Battle Stats

Weapon: Pole



Collette is a rambunctious girl who has a love for food. Collette swears that she can beat anyone in an eating competition and attributes her large appetite to her “lightning-fast metabolism”. She is an aspiring chef with great potential but feels insecure about her height, believing that it’s holding her back from becoming a good cook. As such, she is in a hurry to grow up so that she can reach her dreams.

BirthdayFall 21
ScheduleCollette wakes up at 6:50 AM
Blaise’s Diner or at the Apothecary
Favorite GiftsCurry Manju, Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Royal Curry, Ultimate Curry, Fried Rice, Omelet Rice, Rice Porridge, Tempura Bowl, Egg Bowl
Liked GiftsAll Rice Dishes – Baked Rice Ball, Rice Ball, Bamboo Rice, Rice
DislikesAll Milk and any dishes or items made with Milk

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardGive Collette Rice x3.Formula A x1
❤ 2MailboxGive Collette a Rice Ball.Strawberry Seed x2
❤ 3Bulletin BoardTake Collette to MarianPara-Gone x1
Roundoff x1
Cold Medicine x1
❤ 4Bulletin BoardTake Collette to Privera: Stoneway to pick some apples then return to Blaise’s Diner.Apple Juice
Baked Apple
Apple Pie
❤ 5MailboxSpeak to Marian, then find Collette at the Privera: Flower Field.None
❤ 6Bulletin BoardTalk to RuskStar Pendant x1
❤ 7MailboxGo to Blaise’s Diner.None
❤ 8MailboxVisit Privera: Flower FieldNone
❤ 9MailboxHead to Blaise’s DinerCurry Rice
Fried Squid
Pickle Mix


Daria is a lone elf who lives in Privera Forest, so she knows the place like the back of her hand, and she single-handedly rebuilds the broken bridges in the ruins. She is older than anyone can remember, but still young for her race. Daria loves her art and rainbows. She identifies as an artist who is skilled in multiple mediums. She loves to incorporate rainbows into her work and is always on the lookout for her next rainbow inspiration.

BirthdaySpring 24
Favorite GiftsDried Sardines, Flavored Radish, Miso Eggplant
Liked GiftsColored Grasses, Jam, Jam Bun, Poison Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Watering Can
DislikesAccessories, Lobster, Shrimp, Trash

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1MailboxBring Daria Wood x3Iron x1
❤ 2MailboxBring Daria Red Grass, Yellow Grass and Orange Grass.Bronze x1
Iron x1
❤ 3MailboxBring Daria Wood x1 and Iron x1.Bronze x2
Silver x1
❤ 4MailboxGo to Blaise and ask him to cook her Dried Sardines. Bring the dish back to Daria.Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold
❤ 5MailboxTalk to Raven and/or Sofia, then go to Oddward: Rainbow Falls and search near the rocks in front of the waterfall. Bring the Round Stone back to Daria.Bronze, Silver, Platinum
❤ 6MailboxBring Daria a Ruby Ring.Sapphire Ring x1
❤ 7MailboxGo around Privera ForestAmethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire
❤ 8MailboxBring Daria Wood x20Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Emerald Brooch
❤ 9MailboxTalk to DariaNone

Daria Battle Stats

Weapon: Hammer



Karina is indisputably the laziest girl in town. She is the daughter of the general store’s owner, Hazel and is the clerk there. But can’t stand her job and would rather spend most of the day sleeping. Due to her indolence, she genuinely lacks the energy to do much of anything and quickly gets fatigued. As such, she hates moving around any more than she needs to and is always sighing or yawning.

She likes gems and jewellery because they’re pretty, she finds how they shine and sparkle relaxing. That is all except for diamonds because they remind her of the general store, and they’re her mother’s favourite gem. For the most part, Karina doesn’t try to think too hard about things, since that costs her more effort than necessary. All of that being said, she can prove to be surprisingly clever and is plenty capable if she feels like putting her mind to it.

BirthdayWinter 4
ScheduleKarina wakes up at 6:50 AM
At the Farm around 5 PM to collect the shipment
Favorite GiftsAll jewellery made with gems (except for diamonds)
Liked GiftsGems (except for diamonds)
DislikesDiamonds and any item that uses diamonds

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardPick up a Strange Pendant from Sofia and bring it to Karina.10G
❤ 2MailboxFind Evelyn and escort her to Karina.None
❤ 3Bulletin Board Tell Karina about Privera Forest.Depending on what Karina asks of Micah, the rewards are as follows:

• Masu Trout – Charm
• Mushroom – Chocolate
• Orange/Grapes – Turnip Seed x9
• Nothing (neutral answers) – None
❤ 4MailboxEscort Karina to Privera: The Eye. On the way, show her how to mine ore and give her an Apple.100G
❤ 5MailboxGive Marian a Yellow Grass, Purple Grass, Grape, and Rice. Micah and Karina will both catch a cold.Leek Seed x9
Cold Medicine x1
❤ 6MailboxPick up a Spare Scrap Metal from Raven for Karina to sell. Greenifier x3
❤ 7MailboxTake Karina to the following locations within 1 in-game hour:
• Witch’s Cauldron – the apothecary
• Fantastic Flowers – the flower shop
• Blacksmith’s – the weapon store.
Brand Glasses x1
❤ 8MailboxTalk to Raven and Sofia, then go to Oddward Valley, let Karina stay at Micah’s place for the night, and take the rest of the day off.None
❤ 9MailboxGo to Privera Forest with KarinaNone

Karina Battle Stats

Weapon: Staff



Kuruna is the earnest, dignified leader of the Univir settlement and the last surviving member of her people. As the elder, she will go to any lengths to protect her settlement from danger. Her loyalty to the settlement is matched only by her hidden passion for sweets and, initially, her aversion to the human race. She is diligent in her duties, serious in character and formal in manner, but also very assertive and resolute in her opinions.

Kuruna is immensely proud of her lineage and heritage. Despite having lived for centuries, Kuruna’s outlook is surprisingly rather narrow—the desert is all she has ever known, and her experiences in the world are just as limited. Her settlement serves as a sanctuary for all monsters so that the evils of humans can’t reach them.

BirthdayWinter 17
Favorite GiftsChocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate
Liked GiftsSweets – Cake
DislikesMedicines, Medical Herbs, Trash, Failed Dishes

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1OwlCatch the following fish from each season and give them to Kuruna.
• Masu Trout from Spring (Privera Forest)
• Pike from Fall (Oddward Valley)
• Pond Smelt from Winter (Vale River)
Water Crystal x3
❤ 2OwlTalk to Kuruna.Secret Shoes x1
❤ 3OwlTravel to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes with Kuruna.Recovery Potion x1
❤ 4OwlCook Kuruna Roasted Yam.Cooking Bread+ x3
❤ 5MailboxTalk to Wells with Kuruna, then head back to the Univir Settlement.Silver Staff
❤ 6MailboxTake Kuruna to Privera: Flower Field.None
❤ 7MailboxMake Kuruna a Chocolate Cookie.Proof of Wisdom
❤ 8MailboxTalk to Kuruna, then speak to Ondorus and then talk to Kuruna again.None
❤ 9MailboxTalk to Kuruna and go to the entrance of the Sharance Tree. Then go to the town plaza.None


Both an apprentice witch and an apprentice doctor. Marian is researching how to combine the two disciplines, occasionally putting herself and others at risk in the process. She works in the town’s apothecary, but is an amateur in medicine and usually needs her grandmother’s help. She is friends with Collette and always tries her experiments on her, much to Collette’s dismay. 

Marian believes that she isn’t a very good witch because she always needs help from her grandmother. In reality, Marian is a very powerful witch, even stronger than Marjorie. The syringe she carries suppresses her true power so that it does not get out of control.

BirthdaySummer 17
ScheduleAt the Apothecary
Favorite GiftsGreen Vegetable Dishes
Liked GiftsGreen Vegetables
DislikesTomatoes and any dishes or items made with Tomatoes

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardGive the Special Medicine to Collette, then report back to Marian.Formuade x1
Failed Dish x1
❤ 2Bulletin BoardTalk to several of the townspeople and then speak to Marian.Piyo Sandals x1
❤ 3Bulletin BoardFind Collette hiding by the tree in the town plaza.Poison Powder x3
❤ 4MailboxTake Marian to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes.Antidote Potion x27
❤ 5MailboxDefeat all the monsters at Sol Terrano: Bone Bridge and talk to Marian.None
❤ 6Bulletin BoardMarian has created a new medicine and wants to test it. Talk to at least 5 different people, then head back to the apothecary.Magic Ring x1
❤ 7Bulletin BoardTake Marian to Sharance: Dragon Lake, then head to the town plaza.None
❤ 8MailboxTalk to Marian and go to Oddward: Bamboo Cliffs.Formula A x9
Formula B x9
Formula C x9
❤ 9MailboxGive Marian a Withered Grass.None

Marian Battle Stats

Weapon: Staff



A mermaid who runs the baths, she also sets up the punchlines for Sakuya’s jokes. Her legs turn into fins when she gets wet. Don’t even think about eating fish in front of her. She obsesses over cleaning the baths and always does everything she can think of to make them better. In general, whether it is out of love or hate, Pia is always deeply devoted.

BirthdaySummer 6
ScheduleMiyako Inn
Favorite GiftsAny dish made with Squid – Fried Squid, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Sunsquid Sashimi, Squid Sashimi
Liked GiftsFruit, Squid, Uncooked Fish, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Apple Jam, Marmalade, Grape Jam, Strawberry Jam, Squid, Lamp Squid, Sunsquid, Fish
DislikesFish Dishes, Fish Fossil

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardTalk to Pia and answer a series of questions.Grape Juice x1
❤ 2Bulletin BoardGive Pia a Squid.Large Egg x1
❤ 3MailboxTalk to Pia at the inn.Squid x3
❤ 4MailboxGive Pia a Strong String.Strong String x1
❤ 5Bulletin BoardTalk to Pia.Hachimaki x1
Squid x1
❤ 6Bulletin BoardCook a Fried Squid for Pia.Snow Shoes x1
❤ 7MailboxVisit Oddward: Cavern Pond with Pia.Snow Crown x1
❤ 8MailboxFind a Charm Blue for Pia.Lamp Squid x1
❤ 9MailboxMeet Pia in the inn at 7 PM.None

Pia Battle Stats

Weapon: Long Sword



Raven is a taciturn, blunt young woman who works at the blacksmith’s store with the owner, Gaius. Despite her strong work ethic, she lacks patience. Before getting to know her, she comes across as a harsh, unsympathetic, rather hostile person with a particularly stubborn streak, and she is outwardly mistrustful of Micah. However, although she purposely tries to distance herself from others, she actually gets lonely very easily. She gradually opens up as Micah grows closer to her, reconciling herself with the feeling of happiness, and she learns to be more honest with the people around her, as well as with herself.

Raven has a special affinity with monsters and deeply cares for them, becoming visibly upset at the thought of hurting them. This affinity is presumably founded on a secret side of herself. It is also why she absolutely refuses to forge weapons, even if she can sell them and understand the need for them.

BirthdaySpring 29
SpeciesHuman / Phoenix
Favorite GiftsSun Pendant, Tear Pendant
Liked GiftsCrystals, Crystal Pendants, Charm Blues, Moondrops, Pink Cats, Toyherbs
DislikesScrap Metal, Skull

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardHelp attend to Raven’s customers in the store.

• Broadsword: 630G
• Spear: 900G
• Cheap bracelet: 560G
• Focus earrings: 1400G
• Battle hammer: 1400G
• Claymore: 960G
All Correct Choices – Iron and Silver
Wrong Choice(s) – Iron
❤ 2MailboxTake Raven to Sofia to deliver an item.Iron x2
Bronze x2
❤ 3MailboxTake Raven to Vale: Icy Rosebush.None
❤ 4MailboxGive Raven a Skull.Wood x6
❤ 5MailboxTake Raven to Sol Terrano: The Fossil.Ruby Ring x1
❤ 6MailboxTake Raven to Oddward: Windy Hill.Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby
❤ 7MailboxTalk to Sofia, Karina and Raven at Vale: Icy Rosebush.Fire Crystal x3
Wind Crystal x3
❤ 8MailboxGive Sofia a Failed Dish; Karina an Amethyst Ring; and Gaius a piece of Gold.Handknit Hat x1
❤ 9MailboxTake Raven to Vale: Entrance.Heart Pendant x1

Raven Battle Stats

Weapon: Short Sword



The innkeeper’s travel-loving daughter, Sakuya delivers the punchlines for Pia’s setups. She also runs a shop where she sells items dropped by monsters. Sakuya moved to the town with her mother, Shino, from the East and took in Pia, who is like a sister to her.

She is afraid of monsters, but won’t let it deter her from getting what she wants. Sakuya is constantly trying to impress her mother so that Shino will trust her to take over the inn in the future.

BirthdaySummer 25
ScheduleAt the Town’s Inn
Favorite GiftsBoss Drops, Charms, Raccoon Leaf, Dragon Bones, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur, Ice Shard, Ammonite, Chest Hair, Ice Nose, Dragon Fin, Chimera Tail, Grimoire Scale
Liked GiftsMonster Drops, Sashimi, Lover Sashimi, Snapper Sashimi, Cherry Sashimi, Masu Trout Sashimi, Fire D. Scale, Earth D. Scale, Golem Slate, Song Bottle, Electric Crystal, Moving Branch, Legendary Scale, Cheap Bandage, Wooly Furball
DislikesEggs, Pudding, Trash

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1MailboxGive Sakuya a Bamboo ShootSakuya offers you three options:

• Sweet Smelling Box – Strawberry Jam
• Spicy Box – Curry Powder
• Good Smelling Box – Salmon Sashimi
❤ 2MailboxHelp Sakuya with her deliveries and then head back to the innSmall Fleece x1
❤ 3MailboxSecretly give Sakuya a Cheap ClothInsect Skin x3
❤ 4Bulletin BoardFollow Sakuya to MariansNone
❤ 5Bulletin BoardGo to Privera: Lightway
 with Sakuya
Silver Hairpin x1
❤ 6MailboxGo together to at least 2 “tourist spots” outside of town:
• Privera: Flower Field
• Sol Terrano: Star Dunes
• Oddward: Rainbow Falls
• Vale: Icy Rosebush
Earth Crystal, Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Water Crystal
❤ 7MailboxGo to Oddward: Bamboo CliffsField Pendant x1
❤ 8MailboxGive Sakuya a Large Egg.Love Crystal x1
Super Fail x1
❤ 9MailboxGive a Wooly Furball to Sakuya.None

Sakuya Battle Stats

Weapon: Long Sword



Shara discovers Micah in his golden woolly form when he is unconscious after he fell out of the sky, where she nursed him back to health. Shara is a gentle girl who loves flowers and is kind to everyone she meets. She has put herself in charge of caring for the flower field in Privera Forest.

BirthdaySpring 11
ScheduleWakes up at 6:22 AM.
At her house.
Favorite GiftsExpensive Flowers – Cherry Grass, Lamp Grass, Blue Crystal, Emery Flower, Ironleaf, 4-Leaf Clover, Fireflower, Green Crystal, Noel Grass, Autumn Grass, Pom-Pom Grass, Red Crystal, White Crystal
Rainbow Waterpot, Joy Waterpot
Liked GiftsFlowers – Toyherb, Moondrop, Pink Cat, Charm Blue
Vegetables, Waterpots, Weeds, Greenifier, Formula A-C
DislikesWithered Grass, Trash

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardIntroduce yourself to the townspeoplePink Turnip Seed x4
❤ 2MailboxBring Shara to Privera: Flower FieldNone
❤ 3Bulletin BoardTalk to Shara while in woolly form.Apple x1
Formula A x9
❤ 4Bulletin BoardHelp Shara get a new waterpot
• “I’ll get you a waterpot!” (Reward dependent on Waterpot given)
• “I’ll give you money!” (No reward)
• “I’ll be your waterpot!” (Shara gets mad)
• Old Waterpot: Rice Ball
• Tin Waterpot: Moondrop Seed, Toyherb Seed, Pink Cat Seed, Charm Blue Seed
• Lion Waterpot: Ironflower M.S.
• Rainbow Waterpot: Greenifier x9
• Joy Waterpot: Formula B x18 and Lamp Grass Seed
❤ 5Bulletin BoardTalk with Shara.None
❤ 6MailboxTalk with Shara, then with Monica.Cake x1
❤ 7MailboxBring Shara to Micah’s house.Formula C x27
❤ 8MailboxGo to Privera: Flower FieldShield Ring x1
❤ 9MailboxGo to Privera: Flower FieldCherry Grass, Emery Flower, Fireflower, Noel Grass

Shara Battle Stats

Weapon: Waterpot



Sofia is a girl who always says the opposite of what she means. Despite her wealthy upbringing, she has a pretty down-to-earth worldview.

BirthdayFall 7
SpeciesHalf-Human, Half-Monster
ScheduleIn her room until 10 AM.
At the Blacksmith or General Store
Favorite GiftsRare Can, Super Fail
Liked GiftsAll types of junk – Withered Grass, Weeds, Failed Dish, Can, Boot, Branch, Rock, Scrap Metal
DislikesCooking Powders – Sweet Powder, Heavy Spice, Mixed Herbs, Sour Drop, Flour, Curry Powder, Dumpking Powder

Relationship Requests

❤ LvlLocationRequestReward
❤ 1Bulletin BoardGive any cooked dish to Sofia2,000G
❤ 2MailboxWalk around Sharance village with Sofia.Small Egg x6
❤ 3MailboxGive Sofia a weed.Rice Ball x3
❤ 4Bulletin BoardBring Sofia an apple from Privera ForestAmethyst Ring x1
❤ 5Bulletin BoardCatch 3 birds in Sharance for Sofia by 6PM.Medium Yogurt x3
Medium Cheese x3
❤ 6Bulletin BoardTalk to Karina, then find Gaius at Sol Terrano: The Fossil.Monkey Toy x1
Platinum x3
❤ 7MailboxSpeak to all the Bachelorettes in town.Sapphire x2 
Aquamarine x2
Diamond x1
❤ 8MailboxFind Sofia and Gaius.

9:00 AM to 12:59 PM – Gaius will be in Oddward Valley: “Archway”
1:00 PM to 3:59 PM – Gaius will be in Sol Terrano Desert: “The Fossil”
4:00 PM Onwards – Gaius will be in Privera Forest: “The Pupil”
❤ 9MailboxWith Sofia, visit Vale River: Icy Rosebush. When she runs away, return to the Mansion to have an honest talk with her.None

Sofia Battle Stats

Weapon: Sword


Rune Factory 3 Special

Bridge the divide of an ancient schism between humans and monsters in Rune Factory 3 Special as half-human, half-wooly protagonist Micah. Farm, fight and fall in love as you revisit a classic in the series that perfected the blend of RPG & Life-sim genres.

Rune Factory 3 Special came out on September 5th 2023 on the Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.