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Paleo Pines – Complete Farming Guide

Paleo Pines is an adorable new cosy farming game that brings you back to the wonderful world of dinosaurs. These wholesome little beasts are ready to become your friends and will help you set up your farm, and explore to solve mysteries in the land!

But because this is a farming sim we’ve set up a guide that’s going to get you through all the basics. Such as how to farm and care for crops, the different types of crops in Paleo Pines, what dinosaurs can help you and more!


How To Start Farming

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There are a wide variety of crops for you to plant in Paleo Pines and you’ll need them to start cooking, feeding your dinosaurs, making money, completing quests and more. The game will start you off with all the necessary tools that you’re going to need to begin farming. You’ll get these from Marlo who will give you the – Hoe, Watering Can and Shovel.

Farming works similarly to most other games and is fairly simple.

  1. Acquire some seeds (discover or buy at Pebble Plaza)
  2. Till the soil with your Hoe
  3. Plant the seeds in the correct soil
  4. Water the plants with your Watering Can
  5. Use the right fertilizer (optional)
  6. Water them every day and remove weeds
  7. Continue until the crop is ready to harvest

The Best Farming Conditions

Just like in most farming games crops grow their best seasonally. If you have all the right conditions you’re more likely to get a Bumper Crop. This means that you’ll be able to harvest extra crops or more seeds of that crop. To get this make sure that you remember to water and weed your plants every day, as well as check that the conditions are ideal for planting.

This will require you to open up your journal and check that you’re planting the crop during the right season as well as the correct soil.



There are three seasons in Paleo Pines that last 21 days each, they are – TriasseaJurassos, and Cretumnus. Think of these seasons as our corresponding Spring, Summer and Autumn.



What makes Paleo Pines farming a little more different is the types of soil needed for each plant. There are four types of soil – Normal, Soft, Sticky and Firm. Newly tilled soil always starts out as Normal and will change depending on the crop that you plant in it.

After a crop has been harvested, the soil type will change to the soil type shown as depletion soil in the journal. For example: a carrot grows best in Sticky soil, and it will leave Soft soil behind after harvesting. This mechanic will require you to rotate your crops seasonally in order to obtain the best crop yield.


Dinosaurs For Farming

Dinosaurs that you invite to live on your farm can be used to help you with farming. Each dinosaur has a specific set of skills. Such as one that can help you find wild plants to harvest, others can break logs and more. The dinosaurs that you’ll want for farming are ones with these skills:

Ground HarvesterThe Ground Harvester Skill allows a Dinosaur to harvest a wide area of Crops.Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Wuerhosaurus
TillerThe Tiller Skill allows a Dinosaur to till Farming Plots as long as you hold down left-click. Tilling consumes Stamina.Centrosaurus, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus
WatererThe Waterer Skill allows a Dinosaur to suck up water from a Pond and spray it on your Farming Plots. Dinosaurs walk slower when carrying water in their mouth, even if they have the Sprinter Skill.Gallimimus, Ankylosaurus, Postosuchus, Pachycephalosaurus, Carnotaurus, Baryonyx

All Farming Crops


CropFlavourPreferred SoilDepletion SoilGrowthSell PriceMultiple Harvests
CauliflowerCrunchy, EarthyFirmSoft9 Days400No
LettuceJuicy, CrunchyFirmSticky8 Days400No
RhubarbJuicy, CrunchyFirmSticky4 Days25No
Spring OnionEarthy, SpicySoftSticky5 Days11No
StrawberryJuicy, EarthySoftSticky10 Days7Yes x6


CropFlavourPreferred SoilDepletion SoilGrowthSell PriceMultiple Harvests
CarrotJuicy, CrunchyStickySoft3 Days4No
ChiliSpicy, JuicySoftFirm12 Days8Yes x6
GarlicCrunchy, SpicyStickyFirm4 Days18No
PineappleFragrant, JuicyStickyFirm18 Days500No
WatermelonFragrant, JuicyStickyFirm12 Days800No
WheatEarthy, FragrantFirmSoft20 Days25No


CropFlavourPreferred SoilDepletion SoilGrowthSell PriceMultiple Harvests
BeetrootJuicy, EarthyStickySoft6 Days32No
Bell PepperJuicy, CrunchySoftSticky10 Days10Yes x4
CornJuicy, CrunchySoftFirm16 Days120Yes x3
PotatoCrunchy, EarthyFirmSoft9 Days5No
PumpkinJuicy, EarthyStickyFirm14 Days200No
TomatoJuicy, EarthySoftSticky12 Days8Yes x4
TurnipEarthy, CrunchyFirmSoft7 Days120No

Bushes & Fruit Trees

Bushes and Fruit Trees are far easier to plant and leave on your farm. All you need to do for them is simply dig a hole in the ground with your Shovel and plant your Fruit Tree or Bush in there. It’s useful to have these around your farm to produce the favourite food snacks that your dinosaurs love.



Bushes can be planted any time of the year but will only fruit in their specific seasons. All Bushes take 9 days to grow.

BushFlavourGrowthFruit SeasonSell PriceIn The Wild
BlackberryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysCretumnus3Forest
BlueberryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysJurassos3Forest
CranberryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysTriassea2Valley
Goji BerryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysCretumnus5Desert
GooseberryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysTriassea3Forest
RaspberryFragrant, Juicy9 DaysJurassos2Valley

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees can be planted any time of the year but will only fruit in their specific seasons. All trees take 42 days to grow.

FruitFlavourGrowthFruit SeasonSell PriceIn The Wild
AppleJuicy, Crunchy42 DaysCretumnus20Forest
BananaFragrant, Earthy42 DaysJurassos15Desert
CherryFragrant, Juicy42 DaysCretumnus10Valley
CoconutJuicy, Crunchy42 DaysJurassos15Desert
LemonFragrant, Juicy42 DaysTriassea15Desert
MangoJuicy, Crunchy42 DaysJurassos15Desert
OrangeFragrant, Juicy42 DaysTriassea15Desert
PeachFragrant, Juicy42 DaysCretumnus12Forest
PearJuicy, Fragrant42 DaysTriassea10Valley

Paleo Pines

Welcome to Paleo Pines, a charming island known for its friendly dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk, and mysterious past. Befriend dinos and enlist their help to fix up your ranch and farm crops to create your cozy dino sanctuary! Then set out with your companion, Lucky, to uncover the island’s secrets.

Paleo Pines is out now on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC – Steam.


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