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My Time At Sandrock – Festival Guide

My Time At Sandrock is a crafting and life sim where you play as a Builder in the wild and rugged city-state of Sandrock. The town is centred in an Oasis in the desert, life is a little hard out here with the lack of water and sandstorms but the people of the city make it worth all the work! With your trusty tools, you’ll need to gather materials and construct buildings and anything else the town might need to save the place from economic ruin!

Living life in Sandrock can be a little hard and the sandfish can be a little grainy but the townspeople more than make up for it. There’s something new to do every day and throughout the year there are plenty of Festivals that get the whole town involved! In this guide we’ll go through all the different festivals that you can participate in throughout the year, how all the minigames work, what prizes you can win and more.

Disclaimer: My Time At Sandrock was released on the 26th of May 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!







Festival Store

The Festival Store is a unique limited-time store that will only be open during specific festivals. These stores are generally located next to the registration stores on festival days and will sell festival-themed furniture and clothing. You won’t be able to buy these specific items however with Gol but instead will need to use the specific Festival’s Badges in order to redeem them. We’ll list all the specific rewards for each festival below.



19th: Day of The Bright Sun

Register: Before Spring 18 give Matilda a Gift (anything will do)
Location: In front of City Hall
Start Time: 08:00
End Time: 3:00 (Next Day)

Day of the Bright Sun is basically a gift-giving event so to take part, you must hand over a gift to Matilda before Spring 18. On the Festival day, Spring 19 bright and early at 08:00 you’ll get to watch Matilda give a speech about the Festival. A plane will then drop gifts all over Main Street from the sky.

In order to make sure you get gifts make sure to follow where the villagers have run to.



11th – 12th: Dance Off

This is a special dance competition in which you will face other residents in a rhythm mini-game. The rules are very simple – start by choosing a difficulty level. The Dance Off has three levels of difficulty, the rewards remain the same regardless of the level chosen.

Once the mini-game starts, you need to press the buttons appearing on the screen. The icons appear at the bottom of the screen. If a line appears between two buttons, it means that you have to press and hold the button until the end of the line.

For participating in the Dance Off, you will receive Competition Medals to use at the Festival Store.  You may compete more than once to collect more medals. And because the competition lasts two days you can participate in both days to maximise your medal rewards.

  • First Place – 90 Medals
  • Second Place – 65 Medals

Dance Off Festival Store

ItemStockEffectPrice (Medals)
Rustic Armchair1HP +143100
Rustic Lounging Chair1HP +114100
Rustic Tea Table1DEF +19100
Boom Box1Luck +9113
Dancer’s Jacket1DEF +44-47
Ability +6
Dancer’s Pants1HP +332-367
Ability +6
Dancer’s Headband1Toughness +3
Stamina +6
Dancer’s Shoes1Stamina +6
END +10
Dancer’s Scarf1DEF +6-8125

27th – 28th: Day of Memories

The Day of Memories is a festival where people of the Free Cities commemorate the people who aren’t around anymore. In Sandrock, people play a game to represent chasing away troublemaker spirits to make sure their ancestors rest in peace.

The Day of Memories Festival can be broken down into two parts: the Chase of Memories and the Wishing Festival.


Chase of Memories

Register: Register for the event at City Hall before 18:00 on Autumn 27
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 3:00 (Next Day)

The Chase of Memories celebration consists of several rounds of a game known as Ghosthunting. In it, two teams, the Ghosts and the Hunters play a complex game of hide-and-seek.

At the beginning of each round, all players will be able to run up and down Main Street for a brief period of time to get the lay of the land. Then once this pre-game period is over, the two teams will be separated into Ghosts and Hunters. You’ll play two rounds as a member of each team, for a total of four rounds.


Ghosts will remain on Main Street to look for a place to hide. You’re able to disguise yourself as a prop on the street (barrel or scarecrow). While you’re hiding as a Ghost, Badges will appear around the area. You can surreptitiously make your way to grab them for points. Make sure there aren’t any Ghost Hunters around when you do though!


Hunters in the meantime will need to play a mini-game that will involve rotating the bubbles on the screen to try group bubbles of the same colour so that they pop. This will give you some Ghost Detectors that you’ll need to catch the townspeople hiding as Ghosts. When you see a suspicious prop be sure to use your Ghost Detector on them to reveal the Ghost. No other way to catch them will work!


Wishing Festival

Start Time: 00:00 (Right after the Chase of Memories celebration)
End Time: 3:00 (Next Day)

With the Chase of Memories over, join everyone at the entrance to town to release lanterns into the sky.


Day Of Memories Festival Store

ItemStockEffectPrice (Badges)
Data Disc25
Sticker of Memories1Luck +340
Cowboy Scarecrow1Luck +880
Cact-o’-Lantern Scarecrow1Luck +1480
Madame Scarecrow1Luck +1480
Cact-O-Lantern1Luck +1480
Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern1Luck +1480
Suit of Memories (Top)1DEF +43-47
Stamina +6
Suit of Memories (Bottom)1HP +332-367
Stamina +6
Hat of Memories1Toughness +3
Stamina +6
Shoes of Memories1Ability +6
END +10


28th: Running of the Yakmel

Location: Wandering Y Ranch Shop
Start Time: 11:00
End Time: 18:00

Sign up for the Running of the Yakmel event and you’ll be assigned to a particular Yakmel. Go to the Post Number assigned to you to get on your mount. Once you do the event will start and you’ll be able to enter the Running of the Yakmel minigame.

You’ll want to avoid the other Yakmels while collecting all the ingredients around the arena before the timer runs out.  Every item you collect will grant you points, and a complete recipe will ensure your victory! Note that you can hit and be hit by charging Yakmels. If you’re able to hit someone’s Yakmel head they’ll drop all their collected items and you can pick them up. But the same will happen if they manage to hit you.

The game will last for two rounds, then you’ll have to return to your designated shed. Rack up the most points to win!



28th: Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice actually spans three different events and is celebrated to welcome in the new year. It’s broken up into a minigame which is the Barbeque, a social activity where you can earn Friendship Points and the last one the Fireworks is just a cutscene.

The Barbecue minigame will have you cooking and preparing brochettes for the villagers of Sandrock. Depending on what each villager asks for you’ll be able to prepare it to their wishes. Such as Fish, Mushroom, Potato, Meat or Egg. And whether they’d like a Salty, Spicy or Unseasoned dish.

EventBarbequeBonfire DanceFireworks
DetailsA mini-game where you’ll cook skewers for the townspeople.+2FP with whoever villager you’ve chosen to dance with.Celebrate the dawn of the New Year with Fireworks!

Note: Get home before 2:00am after the Fireworks or you’ll end up fainting!


My Time At Sandrock

Travel to the desert community of Sandrock and take on the role of a fledgling Builder. Use your trusty toolset to gather resources, construct machines, and turn your run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility to save the town from the jaws of economic ruin!

My Time At Sandrock is out now on Early Access on Steam and Epic Games.