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My Time At Sandrock – Farming Guide & Best Crops Guide (Updated)

My Time At Sandrock is officially out on Early Access on Steam and Epic Games! If you’ve played the first game of the series, My Time At Portia it’s likely you’ll be familiar with what this life sim has to offer. But there are still a couple of changes My Time At Sandrock brings to the game. One of the main features that have undergone a revamp is the farming mechanic.

Because Sandrock is a desert town farming is likely to be quite different. Water isn’t as plentiful as it was in Portia and you’ll need to prep to unlock all the features. Once that’s done there’s also a variety of crops that can be planted which this guide will help you to maximise as well.

Here’s our My Time At Sandrock farming guide!

Note: This article has been updated from May 2023.

Disclaimer: My Time At Sandrock was released on the 26th of May 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


How To Unlock Farming In My Time At Sandrock

You won’t have the ability to farm right out of the gate when you begin My Time At Sandrock. Instead, you’ll need to go through a series of missions to unlock the mechanic. These are:

  • The Old Man and the Tree
  • Moisture Farm Blues
  • The Grass Is Greener

Once these Missions are complete, you’ll be able to activate a Desert Planting  Toolkit which permanently grants you the ability to farm.

You’ll get these missions assigned to you by Zeke, the manager of the City’s Moisture Farm. Together you and the Civil Corps will defend his farm from Geeglers, as well as help him rebuild his Hydrogel.

At the end of this questline, you’ll receive the Desert Planting Toolkit!


The Desert Planting Toolkit

With the Desert Planting Toolkit, you can activate Planting Mode on your farm! Simply hold Tab and select the bottom-right icon while at home. Open it up in the location where you’ll like to set up your farm and then start creating Straw Grids.

Straw Grids are designated plots of land for farming. Some plants (such as trees) may require more than one Straw Grid. Once you’ve allocated your Straw Grid simply pick your seed to plant and water it. Then water and wait to harvest! Essentially the steps are:

  1. Create and place a Straw Grid
  2. Apply Biocrust
  3. Plant Seed
  4. Water
  5. Apply Fertilizer (optional)
  6. Harvest / Root Out Plant / Remove Soil

It’s worth noting that if you forget to water your crops they will die. You can also optionally choose to fertilise your crops to increase their yield.


The Most Profitable Crops

The most profitable crop is generally not always the best crop for your situation. You’ll likely also be growing other crops for cooking, requests etc. But in the broad sense for My Time At Sandrock if you want to focus on pure profit then you’ll want to focus on growing the Coffee Tea Tree and/or the Chestnut tree.

These trees take longer than average to grow, but they’ll continue to produce crops multiple times after they’ve grown.


My Time at Sandrock Crops List

You can find seeds by knocking them out in the wild or by purchasing them from the Farm Store or Water World for Data Discs. In Sandrock, plants can grow all season but some plants will grow faster in their more optimal months of growth.

CropGrowth RegrowthHarvestWater per dayFertilizerSeed PriceSeed Sell PriceFruit Sell Price
Broad Bean5 Days – Spring, Autumn, Winter

7.6 Days – Summer
• 6.5x Beans
• 2x Plant Fiber
• 1x Broad Bean Seed
Cactus6 Days• 3x Cactus Fruit
• 2x Cactus Leaf
• 5x Cactus Spine
• 1x Cactus Seed
122 Data Discs6g• 1g – Fruit
• 5g – Leaf
• 2g – Spine
Chestnut16 Days4 Days• 35x Chestnut
• 1x Chestnut Seed
Coffee Tea Tree23 Days – Spring, Autumn

25 Days – Summer

31 Days – Winter
5 Days – Spring, Autumn

5.6 Days – Summer

6.7 Days – Winter
• 18x Tea Leaves
• 12x Coffee Beans
225 Data Discs35g• 12g – Tea Leaves
• 14g – Coffee Beans
Desert Mushroom6 Days – Summer

9 Days – Spring, Autumn, Winter
• 7x Desert Mushroom
• 1x Desert Mushroom Strains
Jute Cantaloupe7 Days – Summer

9 Days – Spring, Autumn

10 Days – Winter
• 15x Jute
• 8x Cantaloupe
• 1x Jute Cantaloupe Seed
2.5268g24g• 4g – Jute
• 16g – Cantaloupe
Mountain Rose7 Days – Spring, Autumn, Winter

9 Days – Summer
• 15x Mountain Rose
• 1x Mountain Rose Seed
Pomato5 Days – Spring, Autumn

6.7 Days – Summer, Winter
• 5x Potato
• 5x Tomato
• 1x Pomato Seed
2.522 Data Discs7g• 5g – Potato
• 6g – Tomato
Raspberry6 Days• 5x Raspberry
• 1x Plant Fiber
• 1x Raspberry Seed
Rhino Horn Cactus12 Days• 7.7x Rhino Horn Cactus
• 1x Rhino Horn Seed
Rose Willow4 Days• 4x Wood
• 12x Plant Fiber
• 1x Rose Willow Seed
Sand Leek4 Days• 6.8x Sand Leek
• 1x Sand Leek Seed
221 Data Disc6g5g
Sandrice3 Days• 6.4x Sandrice
• 1x Sandrice Seed
121 Data Disc4g2g
Sweet Potato Pepper8 Days – Spring, Summer, Autumn

11 Days – Winter
• 9x Chilli
• 9x Sweet Potato
• 1x Sweet Potato Seed
2224g7g• 4g – Chili
• 4g – Sweet Potato
Wheat3 Days – Spring, Summer, Autumn

4.5 Days – Winter
• 12x Wheat
• 1x Plant Fiber
• 1x Wheat Seed
221 Data Disc3g2g

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