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Moonstone Island – The Complete Farming Guide

Moonstone Island is a cozy alchemy and farming game with creature collecting. You’ll need all the materials at your disposal to brew the best potions and keep you alive as you traverse each island. The best way to do this is to collect and grow your own plants and crops. Plants will give you and your spirits certain buffs, heal them when they’re down and replenish that all-important stamina.

Farming in Moonstone Island works like most farming games where seeds are grown seasonally, the soil has to be tilled and crops need to be watered daily. We’ll get into all of that in our Moonstone Island – Complete Guide To Farming.


How To Start Farming

Farming on Moonstone Island is as easy as soil, seed and water! To get started you’re going to need to till your soil to prepare the Earth for seeds. You won’t be able to plant any seeds directly onto the ground without tilling. Then you’ll need to plant seeds of the appropriate season and then lastly you can water it.

  1. Select the Hoe in your Tool Wheel and use it to till the soil
  2. Equip your seeds from the inventory while standing near the tilled soil
  3. Plant your seeds individually in the tilled soil
  4. Optionally you can use Fertilizer to increase your crop’s stat value by 50% when it matures
  5. Select the Watering Can from your Tool Wheel and click to water the seeds
  6. Seeds take a various amount of time to grow and need to be watered every day until maturity
  7. Once grown you can harvest your crop or flower by being near them and selecting them

All Crops In Moonstone Island

Spring Crops

NameLocationSell PriceGrowth TimeReharvestEffects
BloodrootDark Island55 Gold7 DaysNoStamina +20, Vitality +5, Speed -5
BoltElectric Island55 Gold8 DaysNoStamina +20, Speed +5
Cat TailAquatic15 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Speed +3
Fire FlowerFire Island50 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Tame +30
Flax FlowerEarth Island20 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Tame +10
Hot PepperFire Island65 Gold10 DaysNoStamina +20, Vitality +3
LilypadAquatic15 Gold7 DaysNoStamina +20, HP +15
Magic MushroomPsychic Storm55 Gold7 DaysNoStamina +100
MandrakePosion Island50 Gold10 DaysNoStamina -10, Power -3
NightshadePoison Island40 Gold8 DaysNoStamina -10, Vitality -3
Nimbus PlantElectric Island60 Gold9 DaysNoStamina +20, Power +3
Spirit BaneDark Island90 Gold11 DaysNoStamina +20, Power +5, Speed -5
StonefruitEarth Island20 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +50
YarrowPsychic Storm82 Gold10 DaysNoStamina +20, HP +30

Summer Crops

NameLocationSell PriceGrowth TimeReharvestStat Changes
Beach PeachAquatic20 Gold4 DaysNoStamina +40
ErdenleafPoison Island40 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Armor -2
Eye BerryPsychic Storm93 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, XP +100
FlamerootFire Island56 Gold5 DaysNoStamina +20, Speed +4
Hot Air FruitFire Island46 Gold4 DaysNoStamina +20, HP +20, XP +50
MossballEarth Island20 Gold4 DaysNoStamina +20, HP +10, Power + 1, Speed +1
Pinwheel FlowerAquatic20 Gold4 DaysNoStamina +20, Power +2, Tame +20
PopsiplantEarth Island23 Gold5 DaysNoStamina +20, Vitality +1, Speed +2
Prickly PlantDark Island80 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Power -4, Speed +8
Stun FlowerElectric Island53 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Speed +2, Tame +30
Tiny FlowerPsychic Storm66 Gold4 DaysNoStamina +20, XP + 50, Tame +30
UmbrellashroomPoison Island26 Gold5 DaysNoStamina +20, Vitality -1, Power -2
WingfruitDark Island80 Gold6 DaysNoStamina +20, Vitality -8, Power +8
ZaplantElectric Island40 Gold5 DaysNoStamina +20, Power +3, Armor +1

Fall Crops

NameLocationSell PriceGrowth TimeReharvestStat Changes
ApplumEarth Island30 Gold9 DaysYesStamina +30, HP +20
ColberryFire Island90 Gold9 DaysYesStamina +30, HP +40
ElectriconeElectric Island60 Gold9 DaysYesStamina +30, Power +4
Flag FlowerAquatic24 Gold7 DaysYesStamina +30, Tame +40
FuzzballAquatic27 Gold8 DaysYesStamina +30, Vitality +1, Power +1, Speed +1
GhostshroomPsychic Storm100 Gold10 DaysYesStamina +30, HP +100
GrumpkinPoison Island35 Gold7 DaysYesStamina -10, Vitality -1, Power -1, Speed -1
Heat PlantFire Island90 Gold9 DaysYesStamina +30, Vitality +4
PlanternElectric Island65 Gold8 DaysYesStamina +30, Speed +4
SkeleplantDark Island70 Gold7 DaysYesStamina +30, Vitality -2, Armor +2
Spectre FlowerDark Island100 Gold10 DaysYesStamina +30, Speed -2, Tame +50
Spiky PlantPoison Island45 Gold9 DaysYesStamina -10, Speed -3
SquishEarth Island27 Gold8 DaysYesStamina +60
WillowispPsychic Storm70 Gold7 DaysYesStamina +30, XP +250

Winter Crops

NameLocationSell PriceGrowth TimeReharvestStat Changes
Black PearlDark Island166 Gold13 DaysNoStamina +40, Power +5, Armor -3
BulbshroomElectric Island106 Gold12 DaysNoStamina +40, Power +3, Speed +3
Chilly BerryAquatic53 Gold12 DaysNoStamina +40, Vitality +1, Armor +1
Cresent PlantEarth Island57 Gold13 DaysNoStamina +40, Vitality + 5
Flake FlowerPoison Island73 Gold11 DaysNoStamina -10, Vitality -2, Power -2, Speed -2, Tame +50
Gift PlantPsychic Storm186 Gold14 DaysNoStamina +40, XP +1000
Icicle RootDark Island173 Gold13 DaysNoStamina +40, Vitality -5, Power -5, Speed -5, Armor +5
Popcorn PlantElectric Island36 Gold12 DaysYesStamina +40, Armor -1
Ruby PlantFire Island153 Gold14 DaysNoStamina +40, Vitality +2, Power +2, Speed +2
SaplantPoison Island153 Gold13 DaysYesStamina -10, Speed -5
Snowdrop FlowerPsychic Storm180 Gold13 DaysNoStamina +40, XP +500, Tame +100
Snow FlobesAquatic53 Gold12 DaysNoStamina +80
Snowman PlantEarth Island53 Gold12 DaysYesStamina +40, HP +50, Vitality +1
Sweater PlantFire Island153 Gold14 DaysNoStamina +40, Armor +3

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.


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