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Moonstone Island – Complete Spirits Guide

Moonstone Island is a cosy creature collecting life sim where you play as an alchemist who’s just completing his training. In order to do that you’ll need to explore the area’s islands, brew potions and most importantly make friends with spirits. Spirits are creatures that live in the wild around Moonstone Island and they essentially work like Pokemon and will help you in your journey, as well as defend you in battle.

Spirits come in eight different types of elements in the game: Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, Poison, Electric, Dark and Psychic. You’ll find them roaming wild around the islands and to get them to join you, you’ll have to tame them in battle. There are 66 different types of Spirits for you to tame and collect and in this guide, we’ll go through all the Spirits, how to tame and look after them.

Note: This article has been updated with new information from Moonstone Island’s multiple DLC releases.


How To Tame A Spirit

The taming of Spirits in Moonstone Island works fairly simply, you’ll need to encounter a Spirit in battle. Once in battle, you’ll need to feed them a Flax Flower. Much like Pokemon’s Pokeball system, this will give you a randomised chance to tame a Spirit to join you. And just like in Pokemon, a Spirit is more willing to be tamed once you’ve damaged them down a little. Be sure not to kill them outright though!

In order to know whether a Spirit is successfully tamed, look at the heart on the Spirit’s life bar. A wild Spirit will have a blue heart, while a tamed spirit will have a green. The taming can be semi-successful where the heart will only fill partially. In this case, you’ll have to try feeding the Spirit another Flax Flower.

Note: You won’t be able to ‘Feed’ a Spirit if it is Dizzy or Stunned.


How To Obtain Flax Flowers

You can find the pretty lilac Flax Flower all over the islands, just pick them up to collect them. Or if you’d like a steadier supply of the flower you can grow it yourself. Simply buy the seeds at the General Store for 10g.


How To Build A Spirit Barn

While out exploring Moonstone Island you’re able to capture and keep Spirits with you in your Moonstone Medallion. The space in that little Medallion however is limited and in order for you to keep catching more Spirits you’ll need to build a Spirit Barn at your home. This will increase the capacity of the number of Spirits (up to 40) that you can tame.

Before being able to build your Spirit Barn there are a couple of things that you’ll need to do, including having the Moonstone Enchanter to craft magical items. Here’s how to do all of that.

  • Spirit Barn Blueprint
    • Complete the ‘Furnace for a Friend Quest’
    • Complete ‘Spirit Research: Taming Spirits 101’ Quest (Tame a level 5 or higher Spirit)
  • Moonstone Enchanter Recipe
    • 1x Moonstone Ingot, x3 Copper ingot, x3 Iron Ingot
  • Spirit Barn Recipe
    • x100 Wood, x100 Stone, x1 Moonstone Ingot, x3 Iron Ingot

After you’ve placed the Spirit Barn, you can fill it with stalls and nests to house the creatures and hatch Eggs. Each creature will require a stall and you can place them in front of any circular patch of dirt. Then whenever you tame a Spirit in the wild, they will automatically come to any open stall in your Spirit Barn.

  • Spirit Stall Recipe: x30 Wood, x3 Cloth

Spirit Resources

You’ll be able to farm resources from your Spirits once they’re settled in a Spirit Barn. Each type of spirit will drop a specific type of resource that you’ll need for your crafting recipes. So it’s good to keep a wide variety of spirits around for you to collect resources from.

Water SpiritSea GlassWeathered glass, used to craft bottles and other items
Earth SpiritClayA special kind of dirt used to craft pots, and other items
Poison SpiritPoisonA harmful, but useful goo
Electric SpiritSparksTiny electric particles
Psychic SpiritDream DropCrystallized psychic energy
Fire SpiritFireballA spherical object made of fire
Ice SpiritSnowball
Dark SpiritDark Matter

How To Hatch Spirit Eggs

Now that you have a Spirit Barn you’ll be able to keep your Spirits cozy and happy. You can also use the Barn to hatch Spirit Eggs. You’ll probably have gotten some eggs throughout your journey by either finding them or through combat encounters.

Just like the Spirit elements you’ll be able to get eight different egg types that will hatch a corresponding Spirit. The eggs can come in: Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, Poison, Electric, Dark or Psychic egg types.

Once you have an egg you’ll need to build a Spirit Nest in your Spirit Barn in order to hatch them. One nest can hold one egg. Just pop the egg in the nest and come back after some time to find a newly hatched Spirit! This should take about 2-3 days for you to get a random spirit from that egg type. Its level will likely be the average of your existing Spirits.

  • Spirit Nest Recipe: x1 Wood, x1 Fiber

All Spirit Types

Earth Spirits

AnkyloBad TemperAnkylo automatically gains 1 Rage every 3 turns.Starter Spirit,
Earth Eggs
BrickhouseMad HouseIf a Tackle card is available, draw it from your draw pile at the beginning of each turn.
CoolslimeFree FoodOnce tamed, feeding this Spirit in battle costs 0 Energy.
DustyLil Guy EnergyWhenever one of your Attacks is completely blocked, you gain 1 Energy.
FlufffoxFriendly FluffIncreases chances of successfully chatting, flirting, and joking.
5% chance increase per Fluffox following
GemlinReliable TalentAt the start of each turn, draw an additional Attack card.Earth Island Mine,
Earth Eggs
HopstrawScary StrawIncreases chances of successfully fleeing from battle by 10%.
LonglogLog JogStamina reduced by 10% slower.Outside Spring Temple (Completed),
Earth Eggs
MumbleweedMumble TumbleWhenever Mumbleweed reduces an enemy to 0 Armor, draw a card.
OakenBark BashWhen Oaken makes an enemy Dizzy, its Power rises by 1 for the rest of combat.
PappusBreeze BenderReduces wind resistance while flying.
PunchypotPlentiful Punches Spawns one Uppercut in your hand at the start of each turn.Earth Island Mines,
Earth Eggs
WildwoodDarkwood DecoySpawns 2 Longlog that prevent Wildwood from taking damage when Longlogs are alive. Once Longlogs are banished, Wildwood uses it again in 2 turnsNot tameable (boss)
WomrLawn MowrWalking through grass cuts it down

Water Spirits

BaebaeuCool ShadesBeabeau earns 10% more XP on sunny days.
ClaudioRain RunWhen following you, increase your movement speed by 20% on rainy and snowy days.
DroppleSalt vs. SteelReduces an enemy’s Armor by 1 each round.Outside Summer Temple (Completed),
Water Eggs
FishboFish FoodWhen you feed a spirit in combat, Fishbo heals for 10 HP.
FloteSailor’s DelightOn Flote’s first turn, it heals up to half of its HP.
OctopupRegenereightHealing pools also heal the HP of Spirits equal to Stamina gain.
SandcrashleHidden Treasure25% chance that rocks on Water Islands drop coins while Sandcrachle follows you.
SnorckoSnorkle ScoutWhile following you, fish bite faster while fishing.
StarseeFriendly FaceEnemy Spirits are 20% easier to Tame.
TidanFlood HandCauses enemy to draw cards until 10 in their hand. Sets all cards to retain.Not tameable (boss)
TorbleTough TortoiseThe first time Torble’s health falls below 50%, automatically apply 5 regen.Water Island Mines,
Water Eggs

Poison Spirits

BirdbrainBird BaneApplies Poison equal to its Power to itself at the start of its first turn. On its third turn, applies all of its Poison to a random Enemy.
EmoshroomShroom ShrinkWhen 3 or less Poison is applied to Emoshroom, it reduces that Poison to 0.
MarshaBenevolent BaneWhenever you apply Poison, apply an additional 1 Poison to all enemies.
RadladRad DishConverts Stamina loss from eating crops into Stamina gain.
RibbiteBouncing BaneWhenever an enemy dies, transfer any Poison it has to a random enemy.
SnapdragonPoison AuraMakes enemy Spirits vulnerable to Poison.Not tameable (boss)
SnaplantPotent PoisonApply 1 Poison to a random enemy Spirit when at full health.Outside Fall Temple (Completed),
Poison Eggs
TaddleSwamp SkinTaddle applies 1 poison to all enemies each time its Armor is reduced.
TrunkleFungal Fumes At the start of this Spirit’s first turn, automatically apply 3 poison to all enemies.Poison Island Mines,
Poison Eggs

Electric Spirits

ArmbotLong ArmsIncreases item pickup range by 2 tiles.
BulbotTotally LitIlluminates dark rooms in dungeons.Electric Island Mines,
Electric Eggs
BurgloonSpirit SpoilsWhenever you win a battle, receive coins equal to the combined enemy level.
CapacibeeRechargeThe first time Capacibee falls to 0 HP, its HP is restored to 10.
CumuloBreakerAt the start of your first turn, remove 1 Armor from all enemies.
SparkingEnergy SurgeIncreases the cost of a random enemy card by 1 every 3 seconds.Not tameable (boss)
SparkyOverloadSets a random enemy’s card to Exhaust.Outside Winter Temple (Completed),
Electric Eggs

Fire Spirits

BonefireCombustion EngineIf an enemy is banished from Burn, start your next turn with 1 extra Energy.
CarkeyFire FootWhile following you, your walking speed increases by 1% every second up to 20%. Resets when you stop walking.
FlamaneLucky LightSometimes turns fire hazard damage into Stamina gain.
FlambitHot in HereAt the start of each of your turns apply 1 Burn to each enemy.
LucernaRekindleAt the end of combat, Lucerna restores 50% of Hp lost.Fire Island Mines,
Fire Eggs
PrikliNeedlerAt the start of combat Prikli applies Sharp equal to its Power to itself.Fire Eggs
SheempHot to TouchAny time Sheemp takes Fire damage, it applies Burn equal to its Power to a random enemy.
SinjinBurn BrightIncrease either Power or Speed by 1 and lose 3 HP each turn.

Ice Spirits

BandicleIce GoldEarn more coins from battles.
BonquinFrost LayerIf Bonquin isn’t Dizzy, its Armor increases by 1 up to its maximum every turn.
EyeseeDouble ScoopDraw two additonal cards from this Sprit’s deck at the beginning of combat.
HonkshooCatchin Z’sWhen this spirit is following you, it has a chance to gain a level when you go to bed before midnight.
HyggeGift GiverWhen this Spirit is in your party, Spirits that are banished in battle still gain XP.
SorbatonShaved IceAt the start of combat apply 1 Freeze to all enemies.
WhistlerFresh PowOn snowy days Spirits gain 20% more XP from battles.
YeetiSnowballAny Sharp applied to this Spirit is doubled.

Psychic Spirits

BeardiniDisappearing ActWhen its Armor is reduced to 0, it automatically applies 1 Intangible to itself.
LookachooSneezy BreezyWhenever an enemy is banished, draw 1 card and gain 1 Energy.
LoonylidKindred SpiritsReduce Magic Man’s shop prices (by 20%).
MagicatMagic WandUpgrades one random card in your hand every time.
MinootShuffle TimeEvery time you shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile, gain 1 Energy.Psychic Eggs
MystislimeSlime SkillAny time you play 5 skills in one turn, gain 1 Energy.
PoshoBecome EtherealEvery 3 turns Posho applies 1 intangible to itself.
RablitLamp LightMoonstones glow brighter.
TaroTranquil TrotWhile following you, wild Spirits are 50% less likely to detect you.

Dark Spirits

ArkeyaEldritch TollSubtract 10% of HP from all enemies at the start of Arkeya’s first turn.
CatsketRaise DeadWhen you banish a spirit, Catsket steals up to 10 HP from each enemy.
DarkoffeeCaffeine KickAt the end of combat gain 30 Stamina.
EvileyeUnwelcome PresenceSpirits spawn more frequently.
KaryoteDark BlessingAt the start of your first turn, draw 1 additional card.
MissingnoDark RitualNot tameable (boss)
PuppoxEerie JigCompletely removes one random condition at the start of its turn.Only spawns after the rift is sealed,
Dark Eggs
WolfbaneDeath GripRetain any of Wolfbane’s cards drawn at the start of battle

Moonstone Island Guides

Moonstone Island is a creature-collecting life-sim set in an open world with 100 islands to explore. Make friends, brew potions, collect Spirits, and test your strength in card-based encounters to complete your Alchemy training! Following your village’s tradition, you must move to an island in the sky to complete your Alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, magical potions, and the support of your new friends, you’ll explore ancient temples, dangerous dungeons, and hostile biomes to uncover the dark secret of Moonstone Island.

Moonstone Island is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and Mac.