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Lies of P – Most Powerful Weapons List

Lies of P is a retelling of the classic Pinocchio story of a puppet who wants to become a real boy. But make it a Soulsbourne game. I’m not sure this is the mashup people were looking for but we’re definitely here for this one. If you’re unfamiliar with the genre term Soulsbourne, it comes from game developer FromSoftware’s masterpieces Dark Souls and Bloodborne. They are characterised by their dark elaborate worlds and unforgiving gameplay.

Lies of P follows this genre to a T but is unique in its own storytelling. As a puppet caught in a web of lies, you must figure out what has poisoned the land around you. Utilise a myriad of blades and hilts, to defeat the crushing monsters around you. Construct the most powerful swords by finding the blades and hilts that best suit your purpose and playstyle.

In this guide we’ll go through all the most powerful weapons of Lies of P to keep you alive in Krat and how to get them. Most of these weapons will depend on your specific style of gameplay, whether you go for speed over strength or are more focused on technique and motivity. And there’s an added choice of customising the blade and hilt which we’ll discuss later on as well.


Greatsword of Fate

Blade: Greatsword of Fate Blade | Hilt: Greatsword of Fate Handle

One of the starting weapons that you can get in Lies of P it is nonetheless one of the best weapons in the game. Actually, all of the starting weapons in the game are great and it’ll depend on your playstyle for which one you choose. The good thing is that you won’t be locked into this one starting weapon and you’ll be able to buy them all as you progress throughout the game.

Basically, it’s hard to go wrong with making any weapon out of this blade. Take advantage of the Greatsword of Fate’s high-attack blade with mix it up with other weapons to give it more speed or an elemental attack.


Recommended Combo:

BladeHiltWeapon Combo
Greatsword of Fate BladeKrat Police Baton Handle / Wintry Rapier HandleTake the Greatsword of Fate’s high damage output and combine it with a handle that will give it excellent speed.
Greatsword of Fate BladeElectric Coil Stick HandleIf reach is an issue you can use this handle to give your Greatsword more reach. Excellent for crowd control attacks.

Blade Fable Art: Link Slash – Slash an enemy in front of you. Uses an extra Fable slot to slash up to 3 more times.
Handle Fable Art: Absolute Defense – Perfectly block the enemy’s attack temporarily.

Blade TypeGreatswordDurability100/100
Physical ATK111Weight13.8
DMG Absorption68.74MotivityB

Acquire: Choose the Combat Memory: Path of the Sweeper (Strength) at the beginning of the game. Or buy it from the Wandering Merchant for 300 Ergo.


Acidic Crystal Spear


Blade: Acidic Crystal Spear Blade | Hilt: Acidic Crystal Spear Handle

The Acidic Crystal Spear falls under the Dagger blade type, which may not be the popular choice for everyone. It definitely prioritises attack movement over strength, but if you’re finding yourself getting overwhelmed by a lot of enemies then you may want to switch over to a smaller weapon like this. As an additional point, the Acidic Crystal Spear’s ability can also land hits from further away, making it a great short and long-range weapon.

As the name suggests the Acidic Crystal Spear deals Acid damage and it’s Blade Art Radiate increases it. You’ll find Decay useful later on in the game as it will increase destruction damage to enemies.

Recommended Combo:

BladeHiltWeapon Combo
Acidic Crystal Spear BladeBig Pipe Wrench Handle Heavy Acid attacks on targets in front of you. Good for acid-vulnerable bosses.
Wintry Rapier’s BladeAcidic Crystal Spear HandleHuge reach in front of the player, focusing on long-range jabs. Good for safe play, keeping a distance from enemies.

Blade Fable Art: Radiate – Greatly increases Acid ATK temporarily.
Handle Fable Art: Single Stab – Gather your strength for a big forward-piercing attack.

Blade TypeDaggerDurability100/100
Physical ATK49Weight9
DMG Absorption47.14MotivityD

Acquire: From the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, take a right turn at the fork in the road.


Electric Coil Stick

Blade: Electric Coil Stick Head | Hilt: Electric Coil Stick Handle

Electric attacks in Lies of P are especially useful for taking down puppets. So any weapon that has the Electric Coil Stick Head on it will make slicing up puppets a cakewalk.

Recommended Combo:

BladeHiltWeapon Combo
Electric Coil Stick HeadWintry Rapier’s HandleDeals a lot of shock damage quickly while staying agile. Good for shock-vulnerable bosses.

Blade Fable Art: Generate – Greatly increases Electric Blitz ATK temporarily.
Handle Fable Art: Rush Smash – Jump and powerfully strike downward at the enemy.

Blade TypeBluntDurability100/100
Physical ATK56Weight11.7
DMG Absorption54.88MotivityC

Acquire: Purchase from the Wandering Merchant in Elysion Boulevard – Enter the house with the Stargazer and buy it for 1200 Ergo.


Big Pipe Wrench

Lies of P, Soulsbourne, Best Weapons, Big Pipe Wrench

Blade: Big Pipe Wrench Head | Hilt: Big Pipe Wrench Handle

Sometimes the best weapon is just a big ole pipe that can give you that big ole bonk. This is not one for the uninitiated who have trouble blocking and timing their hits. Instead, this big slow boi is ready to smack down any enemy. It’s a great one to mix with an elemental hilt or blade such as acid or electric to give it that additional zap. You can also mix it up with a lighter handle that will reduce its slow-hitting style.

Recommended Combo:

BladeHiltWeapon Combo
Big Pipe Wrench HeadKrat Police Baton HandleQuicker than normal strikes for such a heavy weapon. Good all-rounder when you don’t know what else to pick.
Acidic Crystal Spear BladeBig Pipe Wrench HandleHeavy Acid attacks on targets in front of you. Good for acid-vulnerable bosses.
Lies of P, Soulsbourne, Best Weapons, Big Pipe Wrench, Weapon Mod

Blade Fable Art: Patient Smash – Gather your strength for a strong hit. Hold down the attack button to activate a stronger attack.
Handle Fable Art: Payback Swing – A strong forward slash. Use it immediately after guarding an attack for more power.

Blade TypeLarge BluntDurability117/117
Physical ATK156Weight23.8
DMG Absorption73.92MotivityB

Acquire: Can be found in a chest. From the Stargazer at the Center of Venigni Works, move forward and then down a long ladder. Keep moving along the path past some Enemies, barrels, and minecarts until you get to a large cavern. Cross the narrow makeshift bridge and then climb the ladder to the right to find the chest.


Salamander Dagger

Blade: Salamander Dagger Blade | Hilt: Salamander Dagger Handle

We’ve gone through the benefits of acid and electric attacks, but if you’re looking to head things up with some fire damage, then the Salamander Dagger is the only way to go. Fire damage works amazingly against infected non-puppet enemies and this weapon will unleash a considerable amount of fire damage.

The dagger itself is fast and short ranged but with the right handle can extend its reach and subsequent fire damage. You can even go the other way around and just improve on its already fast speed.

Recommended Combo:

BladeHiltWeapon Combo
Salamander Dagger BladeBooster Glaive HandleWield fire damage in wide swings and sudden leaps forward. Good for fire-vulnerable crowds.
Dancer’s Curved Sword BladeSalamander Dagger HandleFast-attacking weapon with long range, whose R2/RT special attack is even faster than some regular weapon’s standard attacks.

Blade Fable Art: Ignite – Greatly increases Fire ATK temporarily.
Handle Fable Art: Retreating Stab – Stab an enemy in front of you and quickly move backwards.

Blade TypeDaggerDurability100/100
Physical ATK45Weight7.9
DMG Absorption45.55MotivityD

Acquire: Found in the Workshop Union Entrance area. Go up the stairs from the stargazer, turn left and drop down a hole to fight two Blank Puppets and loot the weapon.


Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragon Sword is a Special Weapon that you can obtain in Lies of P, and unlike the other weapons on this list cannot be dissassembled. And can be obtained after killing a certain boss. In the case of this Katana, you’ll need to defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster in the Barren Swamp (Area 8) and trade its Ergo with Aldoro for this sword.

The Two Dragons Sword offers both decent attack speed and fluid motions when striking. But perhaps its best feature is its charge attack. You’ll need to time the swishing animation correctly so that the weapon flashes just as an enemy’s attack is about to land. Doing so will cause a riposte slash.

Blade Fable Art: Emergency Dodge – Dodge quickly forward. Uses an extra Fable slot to perform up to 2 attacks.
Handle Fable Art: Wind of Swords – Blow a wind of swords forward. Deals AoE damage to enemies in front of you.
Hidden Mechanic: When charging the Heavy Attack of the Two Dragons Sword, the sword will flash. This indicator is the timing for a perfect parry, which if properly executed will trigger a counterattack.

Blade TypeSwordDurability100/100
Physical ATK107Weight12.9
DMG Absorption47.16MotivityD

Acquire: Exchange it with the merchant Aldoro for 1x Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo.


Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity is akin to the Two Dragon Sword and is another of the Special Weapons that you can get in Lies of P. This time you’ll need to defeat the Nameless Weapon in Under the Abyss and exchange its Ergo with Explorer Hugo.

Proof of Humanity is a fast dance of slashes and cyclonic hits. You’ll spin around while striking foes and with that Grind skill the addition of critical hit chances will make you a whirling blade tornado.

Blade Fable Art: Link Slash – Slash an enemy in front of you. Uses an extra Fable slot to slash up to 3 more times.
Handle Fable Art: Grind – Increases Critical Hit Chance temporarily.

Blade TypeSwordDurability84/84
Physical ATK100Weight20.5
DMG Absorption64.15MotivityB

Acquire: Exchange it with the Explorer Hugo for 1x Nameless Puppet’s Ergo.


How To Assemble Weapons In Lies of P

The most powerful weapons in Lies of P are going to be made by you rather than being found in the game. You’ll only get access to this feature after you save Geppetto in the main story quest. Save him and when you return to Hotel Krat, you’ll be able to gain access to the Enigma Assembly Tool.

Weapon assembly in this game isn’t that complicated as your sword only consists of two parts – the Blade and the Hilt. One sword will utilise one blade and one hilt, which you’re able to mix and match. Meaning that if you find a weapon with a strong blade but don’t like its attack style then you’ll be able to change the hilt to amend it.

Basically what this means is that your Hilt choice will determine how your weapon actually swings and stabs, the attack patterns and motions, as well as what kind of build it’s best with. Meanwhile, most of the raw damage and bonuses come from the blade – meaning that if you find a weapon you like the feel of, you should change the blade to better deal with opponents, but keep the hilt.


Lies of P

Lies of P is a thrilling soulslike that takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it on its head, and sets it against the darkly elegant backdrop of the Belle Epoque era. It’s out now on the PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Steam.


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