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Lies of P – How To Get All Endings

Lies of P is the retelling of the classic tale of Pinocchio set in a Soulsbourne world. In the game, you play as the puppet Pinocchio who wants to become a real boy. But that’s where the Disney similarities of this story end, in fact, his creator Geppetto creates many puppets, not just Pinocchio to work in the city. These puppets do menial tasks in Krat which in turn is pretty a dark and miserable place full of monsters and disease.

If you haven’t completed Lies of P and don’t want to know any more about the story then you should stop here. Because this whole article will be rife with spoilers.

– – – Spoiler Warning – – –

In this story, Geppetto isn’t the loving puppet maker that we know from the Disney movie. Instead, he created Pinocchio to use his heart and Ergo to bring his deceased son back to life. So at the end of Lies of P, we get a choice that will culminate in one of three different endings.

In this guide, we’ll go through all three endings and how to achieve them. We’ll break down these outcomes into the – Bad Ending, Neutral Ending and Good Ending. As well as a little explanation for that mysterious post-credit scene.


All Endings


Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After

Conditions: Give your Heart to Geppetto


In the “Bad Ending” of Lies of P, Pinocchio is told by Geppetto that he can fulfil his wish and make him a ‘real boy’, all he needs is your heart. To be able to make this choice you’ll need to defeat Simon Manus and head down the elevator to find Geppetto. He will congratulate you on making it this far, and say that with the sheer amount of Ergo around and the Hand of God you received from Simon, he can finally make you a real boy.


If you choose to give him your heart he will embrace you, and then rip the heart from your chest, placing it in his box nearby. But as the scene fades in and out we come back to Hotel Krat where Geppetto, covered in blood and smiling, officially welcomes Carlo.

Not only has Geppetto betrayed you by using your heart to resurrect his son, but it looks like he had Carlo murder all the survivors in Hotel Krat. He and Carlo are then seen leaving the city which is a very dark interpretation of “They All Lived Happily Ever After”.

Note: This ending is not affected by the game’s lie meter or what you decide for Sophia. If you choose to give your heart to Geppetto you will get this ending.


Free From The Puppet Strings


  • Only tell the Truth throughout the game
  • Let Sophia “live”
  • Tell Simon Manus that you “liberated” Sophia
  • Refuse to give your heart to Geppetto
  • Defeat the Nameless Puppet

At the end of Lies of P, you’ll face off against the game’s main antagonist, Simon Manus, the leader of the Alchemists. But that won’t really be the true final boss as you’ll soon see if you defy Geppetto.

After defeating Simon Manus you can go down the elevator to meet Geppetto. He is full of praise for you and tells you that he can fulfil your wish to make you a real boy, all you’ll need to give him is your heart. The whole scenario feels a little sinister and if you choose not to give him your heart then Geppetto will get angry and summon the ‘Nameless Puppet’ to punish you.


As we found out from the previous ending, Geppetto is only interested in using Pinocchio for his heart to revive his son. So when you’re fighting the ‘Nameless Puppet’ and almost get your heart skewered, Geppetto leaps in from of you to protect the heart. It’s not quite the selfless act that it seems because he is still only interested in reviving his son.

Geppetto is still very angry at Pinocchio even in the throughs of death. He will eventually succumb to his wounds, leaving Pinocchio free from his control and able to make his own choices.


Rise of P

Free From The Puppet Strings


  • Only tell Lies throughout the game
  • Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • Find the “Portrait of a Boy” in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout (in the room on the left of the entrance)
  • Give the “Portrait of a Boy” to Gepetto in Hotel Krat
  • Give Sophia “peace”
  • Defeat Simon Manus
  • Refuse to give your heart to Geppetto
  • Defeat the Nameless Puppet

“Rise of P” is the Lies of P‘s true ending and will require the series of actions on your part listed above. Always lie, let Sophia die and get the “Portrait of a Boy” to give to Geppetto. Complete all these actions and by the time Geppetto summons the Nameless Puppet to kill you, he will have a change of heart.

This time when Geppetto saves Pinocchio he will be truly remorseful for everything that he has put you through and will apologise to you, rather than curse you. In this ending, however, we get an additional scene where Pinocchio attempts to revive the deceased Sophia. He sacrifices himself to revive her consciousness in a puppet and the final scene is a shot of Pinocchio slumped in Sophia’s arms.


Post Credit Scene

Holy multiverses Batman, it turns out this dark world of fantasy isn’t just one for Pinocchio. In the final post-credit scene in Lies of P, we get a hint of that ruby-slippered fairytale heroine – Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. It turns out Pinocchio’s arm holds one of the keys to eternal life and Dorothy holds another.

We don’t really know what that means yet but this post-credit scene is most likely a teaser for Neowiz’s next game in this series or an upcoming DLC.


Lies of P

Lies of P is a thrilling Soulslike that takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it on its head, and sets it against the darkly elegant backdrop of the Belle Epoque era. It’s out now on the PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Steam.

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