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Lies of P – All Truth And Lie Scenarios and Consequences

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In the classic Disney tale of Pinocchio, Pinocchio is a puppet who wants to become a real boy. But if he lies his nose will grow longer. In Lies of P, only half of this story is true as puppets cannot lie. But this puppet Pinocchio can lie.

In your journey, you’ll be presented with opportunities where you can choose to lie or tell the truth, with the consequences coming later on. (Be sure to read out Lies of P – All Endings Guide here). But it’s not always so obvious what is a truth and what is a lie. In this guide, we’ll go through all the truth and lie scenarios that you’ll encounter in Lies of P. Be warned that spoilers will lie ahead.


Entering Hotel Krat

Location: Hotel Krat Entrance

ConsequenceUnable to enter Hotel KratConsequenceEnter Hotel Krat

When you reach Hotel Krat for the first time you’re asked the question by a machine whether you are a human or a puppet. Puppets cannot lie and only humans are allowed into Hotel Krat.

Sophia will tell you to lie to enter the hotel. If you choose to tell the truth and say “Puppet“, the doors will remain closed and you will not be able to enter Hotel Krat. In this case, you have to lie in order to progress the story.

Try again and choose “Human to enter Hotel Krat and be welcomed by Sophia.


The Weeping Woman

Location: Petrification Disease Quarantine Zone at Elysion Boulevard

TruthThat’s a PuppetLieShe’s a cute baby
ConsequenceShe will be happyConsequenceShe will weep but accept the truth
RewardVivid Ergo FragmentRewardVivid Ergo Fragment and Feel Record

From inside a house on Elysion Boulevard, you’ll find a weeping woman looking for her child. Speak to her and she’ll set you on a quest to find her child somewhere in Krat City Hall. (You’ll need to defeat the Mad Donkey to get there).

Go down the stairs to the left when entering Krat City Hall to find a large puppet on the right. The Puppet is smashing an item on the floor which is the weeping woman’s Broken Baby Puppet. Attack or simply grab the puppet doll item and return it to the woman. This baby puppet is the woman’s “child” and when you return the puppet to her you’ll have the option to tell her the truth or lie.

Lie to the weeping woman and you’ll tell her “She’s a cute baby” to make her happy and obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment and the Feel Record which you can play and listen to in Hotel Krat. If you tell her the truth the woman will weep and eventually accept the truth. In this scenario, you’ll get the Vivid Ergo Fragment only.


The Atoned

Location: At the entrance of the Pilgrim’s Cable Railway in Moonlight Town.

TruthDo NothingLieGive the Stalker’s Greeting
ConsequenceFight The AtonedConsequenceProceed through without incident
RewardCable Railway Key and The Atoned’s MarkRewardCable Railway Key

As you arrive at the Train Station, a Stalker called The Atoned will ask you if you are trying to go up. She will warn you that the cathedral is off-limits and that only Stalkers can pass. She asks you to prove that you are a Stalker and you can do this by showing her the Stalker’s Greeting.

If you choose to lie to The Atoned by doing the Stalker’s Greeting she will let you go up without incident. She will wish you safe passage and will hand over the Cable Railway Key. However, if you Do Nothing she will tell you that only the worthy may pass and you’ll need to fight her in order to get through. Kill her to obtain the Cable Railway Key as well as The Atoned’s Mask.


First Encounter With Alidoro

Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

TruthHotel KratLieVenigni Works
ConsequenceAlidoro will start trading his wares at Hotel KratConsequenceYou’ll run into Alidoro in Venigni Works AFTER you defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
RewardFire Abrasive and access to trade with him in Hotel KratRewardFire Abrasive

Alidoro is a Merchant who is seeking refuge in Krat. You can choose to tell him that what he seeks is at Hotel Krat, or you can lie and send him to Venigni Works. If you tell the truth you’ll be rewarded with a Fire Abrasive and will be able to trade items with him and at Hotel Krat.

Alidoro is one of the more useful merchants in Lies of P and will trade special boss weapons and amulets for Rare Ergo.

However, if you decide to lie to him you’ll still get the Fire Abrasive but will not be able to trade items. Don’t worry though if you chose this option because you’ll meet him later on in the game.


Second Encounter With Alidoro

Location: Workshop Union Entrance leading to Venigni Works

TruthHotel KratLieElysion Boulevard
ConsequenceAlidoro will start trading his wares at Hotel KratConsequenceAlidoro will start trading his wares at Hotel Krat BUT you’ll be locked out from trading with him for a while

If you choose to lie to Alidoro in the previous scenario, you’ll find him at the entrance of the Vegini Works. He knows now that you’ve lied to him and will ask you one more time if you know of a safe place. This time telling the truth or lying will have the same ending of him going to Hotel Krat. But if you do lie to him again and tell him Elysion Boulevard he’ll be upset the next time he sees you. Causing him to lock you out from trading with him for some time.


Julian The Gentleman

Location: Rosa Isabelle Street

TruthI’ve never seen that happen beforeLieI saw the message she left, saying she loves you
ConsequenceJulian will be dismissiveConsequenceJulian will grieve the loss of his wife
RewardRadiant Ergo FragmentRewardWedding Ring and Sad Gesture

After defeating the White Lady you’ll find a gentleman by the name of Julian. He is standing next to the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer and will ask for your assistance in retrieving his late wife’s belongings.

Cross the bridge and walk down the stairs to find the corpse of a puppet lady leaning against the wall. That’s Julian’s wife and you’ll be able to collect her belongings to return to Julian. When return to him he’ll ask you “Who ever heard of a human and a puppet in love?”. You can make him feel better by lying to him and letting him believe in his love, or you can tell him the truth.


Antonia and Polendina

Location: Hotel Krat (after defeating the King of Puppets)

Antonia TruthThere’s nothing leftAntonia LieOf course
Poledina TruthShow the wedding ring (only available if you lied to Julian)Poledina LieThere’s no such puppet
ConsequenceHe will thank you for the clarity but still believes his love is realConsequenceHe believes that love exists but he will not tell the lady his true feelings
RewardGemini Iron ProtectionRewardGemini Iron Protection

Antonia is the owner of Hotel Krat and just like most of the city’s residents, she’s dealing with the Petrification disease. Find her in Hotel Krat’s Westwing after defeating the King of Puppets, tp find Antonia looking up at a painting of her young self. She will then ask you, “Do I still have a flicker of the beauty captured in that portrait?”. Whether you choose to lie or tell the truth doesn’t matter too much to this story.

Next, go to look for Polendina at the counter. He isn’t there but there is a letter that you can pick up. Head out to the garden where Polendina will ask you “Can a puppet and a human fall in love?”

The answer you give him will depend on your previous answer with Julian the Gentleman. If you show him Julian’s Wedding Ring he will say that an unbelievable love exists. But he still won’t tell her. He’ll give you 1x Gemini Iron Protection for your trouble.

If you choose to tell him the truth, he will say that he already knows it. He will thank you for the clarity but still believes that the love he feels for Lady Antonia is real. Either way, he will still reward you with 1x Gemini Iron Protection.


Simon Manus At The Grand Exhibition Gallery

Location: Grand Exhibition Gallery

TruthMonstersLieHope of a cure
ConsequenceSimon will be angry at PConsequenceSimon will praise P for being open-minded
RewardSaintess of Mercy Statue Gallery KeyRewardSaintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key

After defeating Victor, you will meet Simon Manus who will commend you for defeating such a creation. He will then ask your opinion now that you have seen the place with your own eyes. “What do you suppose our cure has created here?”

Whichever you choose to tell Simon, he’ll still give you the Saintness of Mercy Statue Gallery Key. But lying to him and telling him that his cure has created hope will cause him to praise Pinocchio. That P is very rational and open-minded. However, if you tell the truth he will berate P and tell him that e’s just like everyone else, telling the truth.


Eugenie’s Gloves

Location: Hotel Krat

TruthHe was angry. He said the gloves were rubbishLieHe was happy
ConsequenceEugenie will be happyConsequenceEugenie will be confused that the gloves didn’t work
RewardElectric Blitz AbrasiveRewardFire Abrasive

Eugenie is a weaponry expert who has travelled to Krat from a different country. After finding Alidoro near the bridges within Barren Swamp, teleport back to Hotel Krat and speak with Eugenie who’ll give you a set of gloves to deliver to Alidoro. Deliver the gloves and report back to Eugenie on how he felt about them.

Eugenie made four-fingered gloves for Alidoro because he had supposedly lost a finger when protecting her when the Workshop Tower collapsed. But it seems that it might not be the case. If you tell her the truth she’ll warn you against Alidoro and ask you to keep surveillance. If you lie she’ll be happy.


Relic of Trismegistus Telephone Call

Location: In Area X before heading to the boss’s room, answer the telephone

RewardThe Chosen One’s Trinity Key and King of Riddles’ Supply BoxRewardThe Chosen One’s Trinity Key and King of Riddles’ Supply Box

Throughout Lies of P, you’ll get calls from Arlecchino aka the King of Riddles. Answer his riddles and be rewarded. However at some point, Arlecchino doesn’t give you a riddle to solve, instead he asks you a question. “This one is black and white, a no or a yes; is Geppetto’s creation a killer? Confess!”

There aren’t any consequences to lying or telling the truth for this one. Regardless of what you say you’ll get the The Chosen One’s Trinity Key and King of Riddles’ Supply Box.



Location: Hotel Krat

TruthGeppetto caused the Puppet FrenzyLieI couldn’t hear
ConsequenceVenigni will accept the truthConsequenceVenigni will urge you to save Geppetto so you they can find the truth

Once you’ve defeated the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for the second time within the Relic of Trismegistus, head back to Venigni and he’ll give you a transmission to listen to. The voice reveals that all puppets are bound to follow their Creator. Vengini can’t hear the name but P is able to hear that the creator’s name is Giuseppe Geppetto.

There’s no real consequence to lying or telling the truth in this case.



Location: Hotel Krat

TruthHe’s become a monsterLieHe was killed in battle
Reward Electric Blitz CanisterReward Electric Blitz Canister and Why Record

Belle is a soldier from the outside trapped inside the Grand Exhibition Gallery. Find her on the 3rd floor to recruit her to Hotel Krat. She’ll move to the Hotel after you defeat Victor.

Once Belle is safely installed in Hotel Krat, speak to her and she’ll ask you to look for her friend, Atkinson. Her friend was last seen at Grand Central Station. Head on over there and you’ll find Atkinson in an open train car. He’s been infected by the disease but wants you to give Belle a letter and not tell her what happened.

Return to Belle and choose to either lie or tell her the truth. The reward and consequence for this scenario stay relatively the same whatever you decide.


Sophia’s Choice

Location: Arche Abbey

TruthGive her peaceLieLet her live
ConsequenceRequirement for “Rise of P” EndingConsequenceRequirement for “Free From Puppet Strings” Ending
RewardShadow FlowerReward

Sophia is one of your companions throughout the game, but you have yet to see her in real life. Eventually, you’ll encounter her true rotting body at the Arche Abbey. She calls out to you that she’s hurting and wants to be free from it.

If you choose to give her peace, Sophia will thank you and she will ask you to take her Ergo. She will continue to tell you that she will be with you to the very end and you will receive the Shadow Flower.


Reunite With Geppetto

Location: Arche Abbey – Internal Bridge Prison


Once you reunite with Geppetto he will tell you that Simon has gone completely mad. He says that Simon plans on becoming a god by using a tremendous amount of Ergo that he has collected. He would want you to stop Simon from achieving this and before doing so, he will ask you if he was a trustworthy father to you.

If you choose to tell him Yes, then he will respond by saying that he now has the courage to carry on because of you. He will ask you to end it all and come back to his side.


Simon Asks About Sophia

Location: Arche Abbey – Cradle of God

Truth (Dependent)I gave her peaceLie (Dependent)I liberated her from Arche Abbey
RewardShadow FlowerReward

Note: What is a truth or a lie here will depend on what you choose to do with Sophia’s body at the Arche Abbey.

After defeating Simon in battle, he asks what have you done to Sophia. If you choose to tell him the truth, he will tell you that, he supposed that it was what she wanted. He claims that her pure heart was a tonic for his pain and he tried to use the power to hold her, even though in the end, he couldn’t.


Should You Give Your Heart To Geppetto

One of the final choices of the game is to give your heart to Geppetto or refuse him. By choosing to give your heart to Geppetto you’ll unlock the Real Boy: They Lived Happily Ever After Ending. To check out more details on that and the other possible endings be sure to check out our Lies of P – All Endings Guide here.



Lies of P is a thrilling Soulslike that takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it on its head, and sets it against the darkly elegant backdrop of the Belle Epoque era. It’s out now on the PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Steam.


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