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Lies Of P – All Mask Locations

Lies of P is a gorgeous Soulsborne game with a dark gothic art style. It’s dark fantasy all the way through, which you’ll see from the world you’ll explore, the enemies you defeat and of course, the different outfits and costumes you can wear. In this game, Pinocchio is the Timothée Chalamet of puppets and will require outfit changes from time to time.

Lies of P lets you adjust your main characters’ costumes through purely cosmetic items that will not affect combat stats or abilities. This includes the outfits that you can wear in terms of clothes, as well as masks. Masks in this game identify the Stalkers of the world, which are a type of militia group that serves the city of Krat. These Masks iconically depict a type of animal and by defeating these Stalkers you’ll be able to don one as well.

Some of these Masks you’ll get just by progressing through the story, but most of these are obtained through optional bosses. In this guide, we’ll go through where and how to get all the masks in Lies of P.


How To Change Outfits & Accessories

Change your Outfits and Accessories in the Costume section of the Equipment menu. Simply select the Equipment menu first (Dual Swords Icon) and then select the last tab that says Costume. You can then proceed to change either your Accessory or Outfit.


Black Cat’s Mask

Location: Arche Abbey Outer Wall
Reward: After defeating the Black Cat.

You’ll first encounter Black Cat with his sister Red Fox at the Workshop Union Culvert. He’ll be an optional boss you can face once you progress to the game’s final chapter in Arche Abbey. Black Cat will request a Gold Coin Fruit from you. Refuse him to initiate a battle and defeat him to get his Black Cat Mask. He wields a City Longspear so make sure to watch out for that reach.


Mad Donkey’s Mask

Location: Alchemist Bridge in Elysion Boulevard on the way to Krat City Hall.
Reward: After defeating the Mad Donkey.

It’s impossible to miss this particular mask because Mad Donkey is a compulsory boss you’ll need to face to progress through the Lies of P storyline. Mad Donkey appears to hold a grudge against all puppets and their puppet maker. He only wants the truth and this thirst for it brings out his violent and stubborn nature.

You’ll encounter the Mad Donkey at the bridge before City Hall. They will be yelling into a carriage when you meet them. He wields a long Great Saw and after defeating him you’ll get not just the Mad Donkey’s Mask but his Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel, Krat City Hall Key and the Enigma Assembly Tool.


Owl Doctor’s Mask

Location: Barren Swamp
Reward: After defeating the Owl Doctor.

Owl Doctor is one of the Stalker mini-bosses with a mask of an Owl. The Alchemists’ merciless experiments pushed the Owl Doctor to his limit and in his pain, he denied reality and escaped into delusion. Help to relieve him of his misery by finding him in a Wooden Shack in the Barren Swamp. He’s located on the lower floor, so you’ll need to climb down a ladder to find him.


Red Fox’s Mask

Location: Arche Abbey Upper Area
Reward: After defeating the Red Fox.

You’ll first encounter Red Fox with her brother Black Cat at the Workshop Union Culvert. She’ll be an optional boss that you can face once you progress to the final chapter of the game in Arche Abbey.


Robber Weasel’s Mask


Location: Krat Central Station Platform.
Reward: After defeating Robber Weasel.

The Robber Weasel’s mask may look ridiculous and unimpressive, but its ability to instil fear in the dark is unmatched. Robber Weasel is an optional Mini-Boss that wields a small axe and wears a Weasel animal mask. They’ll jump you at Krat Central Station Platform attempting to rob you and when you defeat them they’ll drop their Mask as well as their Robber Weasel Hunting Apparel.


Survivor’s Mask

Location:  Workshop Union Culvert area, near the Venigni Works Control Room
Reward: After defeating Survivor.

The Survivor wears a mouse mask that reeks of sewage and fear. It is likely that they are a Rookie Stalker, as Rookies usually wear the animal masks decided by superiors.

You’ll find the Survivor at the Workshop Union Culvert as an optional boss. Head through a broken wall in the flaming boulder tunnel to find him. Much like the Mouse mask he wears, Survivor is quick and agile and will wield a long Saber blade. This combat encounter will consist of a lot of repositioning and parrying, but as you learn his movements and anticipate his strikes, you should be able to stagger him and deal him a number of fatal blows until he is cleared.

Upon defeating Survivor he will drop his Mask and Hunting Apparel. Additionally, you will learn a new gesture known as Stalker’s Promise.

Bonus: Wear the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat outfit to trigger additional dialogue that suggests Survivor is guilt-ridden for abandoning his friend, Leo.


The Atoned’s Mask

Location:  At the entrance of the Pilgrim’s Cable Railway in Moonlight Town.
Reward: After defeating The Atoned.

The Atoned is an optional mini-boss that wears an old dog mask. She stands in the way of the Pilgrim’s Cable Railway that takes you to the Path of Misery, which leads to the St. Frangelico Cathedral. It is said that The Atoned lives her life in repentance after guiding people who were seeking refuge to the land of the dead. Now she blocks the path to people travelling there.

Answer her incorrectly in order to get her to attack you and after defeating her you will obtain The Atoned’s Mask as well as Cable Railway Key.


The White Lady’s Mask

Location:  Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance.
Reward: After defeating The White Lady.

Before she was The White Lady she was an opera singer known as Patricia. Together with her sister, Adelina they performed their musical duos in town. That is until the puppets took her sister which caused Patricia to don the pigeon mask and become The White Lady.

The White Lady is a non-optional boss and you’ll need to face and defeat her in order to progress through the game. She wields a slender Rapier and uses it predominantly to deal a number of melee sword combat actions. Most of her attacks consist of a combination of thrusts, slashes, and swift sword-fighting techniques accompanied with some swift footwork allowing her to quickly switch stances and continuously advance with her rapier. A long-bladed weapon is recommended for this fight allowing you to keep a short distance between you as you continue to attack. 

After defeating The White Lady she’ll drop her Mask as well as her Locket that holds a picture of her lost sister.



Lies of P is a thrilling soulslike that takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it on its head, and sets it against the darkly elegant backdrop of the Belle Epoque era. It’s out now on the PlayStation 5|4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Steam.


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