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I Am Future – Complete Farming And Gardening Guide

I Am Future is set in an intense post-apocalyptic future where the world has flooded and all that remains is overgrown buildings. It may be scary, but that’s all just dependent on your attitude to it! Take everything about survival sims but make it cozy in I Am Future.

All that’s left of the world after society’s collapse is what lies above the water. Which is right now you, on a rooftop. You’re alive, right? So you might as well enjoy yourself! Explore ruins for tools, gadgets and resources that will have you thriving as the last of civilization in this world. Dissamble old microwaves for parts and create your own futuristic gadgets. Create your own oasis in the sky but make sure to protect your base from those pesky mutated life forms!

In this guide, we’ll go through all the basics of farming, how to get started, what crops to plant and everything else you might need!

Disclaimer: I Am Future was released on the 8th of August 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


How To Start Farming

In I Am Future you won’t have access to wide acres of farmland like most farming sims. You’re stuck up on a building so you’re going to have to make do with what you have. Scope out an area where you’ll want to create your farm/gardening centre and then start making some Garden Beds.

  • Garden Bed Blueprint: You can find the blueprint for this on a pair of wrecked Garden Beds near the staircase leading to the Smart Tower.
    • Recipe: 1x Plank and 1x Fertilizer

Once you have a Garden Bed all ready you’ll be able to plant seeds in it. You’ll be able to find seeds by scavenging them from wild plants. Then just like any normal plant, it will require some Fresh Water every day until it’s grown.

You’ll be able to make Fresh Water by desalinating all that Saltwater around you. Which is great because that’s one resource you have plenty of. Collect Saltwater with:

  • Bucket Tool – Equip it and collect saltwater from the docks
  • Empty Bottle – Craft it on the Workbench from 3x Plastic and use it to store water
  • Hand Pump – Build a Water Pump that will pump saltwater to your rooftop directly
    • Recipe: 1x Pump Mechanism, 1x Sheet Metal, 2x Planks, 6x Metal Pipe

Desalinate Saltwater by cooking it in the Fire to produce Fresh Water.


Gardening Pests

Now that you’ve got your Garden Beds down with some seeds and water in it you can leave your plant to grow. But don’t leave it alone for too long because your yummy crops will start attracting pests. Namely Leeches and Infected Weeds.

Leeches spawn at night and will go after your crops in the garden bed if they can get them. Be sure to defend your gardening area with these structures:

TorchA light source that lures Leeches away from crops1x Plank
2x Coal
UV TowerDestroys infected weeds and slows down Leeches2x Plexiglass
1x Transformer
2x Lightbulb
2x Sheet Metal
Wooden BarricadeA defensive wall that deals a little bit of damage and will slow down enemies• HP 10
• ATK 5
2x Planks
2x Nails
Iron BarricadeA defensive wall that deals better damage and could defeat enemies• HP 20
• ATK 15
1x Metal Frame
2x Sheet Metal

Or use a StopWeed Spray or the stronger Anti-Parasite Spray that will destroy Infected Weeds and kill Leeches. Simply Spray your target to damage and/or kill it.

  • StopWeed Spray Recipe: 2x Corrosive Slime, 5x Scrap Metal
  • Anti-Parasite Spray Recipe: 1x Solvent, 1x Empty Bottle, 2x Scrap Metal

Other Farming Tools


Once you’ve gone through all the nitty gritty process of setting up your farm you can feel free to automate it! Build a sprinkler to automatically water your plants.

  • Sprinkler Recipe: 1x Empty Bottle, 4x Metal Pipe, 1x Plexiglass and 2x Electric cable
  • Electricity: 1 unit an hour

The Sprinkler will cost 1 unit of electricity an hour to run but it will not need to be connected to the electricity in order to function. What it will need however is water. It can hold up to 6x water units at a time before needing to be refilled so be sure to check on your supply every 2 days!


Electrified Garden Bed

Unlike your ordinary Garden Bed, this Electrified version can be used for both day and night growing plants. This will allow your plants to grow faster and larger than ever before!

  • Electrified Garden Bed Recipe: 4x Foam Panel, 1x Lightbulb, 1x Microchip
  • Electricity: 2 units an hour
  • Requires: Electrified Workbench – 3x Paper, 5x Ink Pigment

All Crops List

PlantEffectWaterGrowth TimeGrowth CycleRecipes
Almond+4 Hunger2x21hDay• Almond Milk
• Energy Bar
Blueberry+4 Hunger1x14hDay• Energy Bar
• Blueberry Jam
Bright Flower+4 Hunger1x10hDay• Bright Soup
• Nutritious Salad
Coffee Beans+3 Hunger
-1/2 HP
2x20hDay• Energizing Coffee
• Energy Bar
Hot Pepper+4 Hunger
-1/2/3 HP
1x14hDay• Hot Sauce
• Tom Yum
Lettuce Leaf+4 Hunger1x12hDay• Nutritious Salad
• Burger
• Fish Steak
Lunar Tuber+5 Hunger1x5hNight• Bread
Nightshroom+5 Hunger
-2/4 HP
1x4hNight• Baked Mushrooms
• Hearty Mushroom Stew

Buy Seeds

Auntie Agatha’s Superstore

Almond Seeds120
Lunar Tuber Seeds120


I Am Future

I Am Future is a relaxing survival game about building a cozy rooftop camp amid a flooded post-apocalyptic city. Set up a farm, cook delicious food, dismantle tools for crafting resources, automate chores by recruiting cute robots, and uncover the mystery behind the catastrophe.