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Fae Farm – The Complete Farming Guide

Fae Farm is a cosy farming sim for all you Stardew Valley fans looking for something a little more magical. Being set in the fantasy world of Azoria and having access to magic makes being in this world a little different than your regular farming sims. Crops still grow from seeds in this game, but they’re able to transform each season. You can even assist their growth with some magical fertilizer and other fantasy things that will make farming in this game a little different from other sims.

In this guide, we’ll go through how farming works in Fae Farm, how seed varieties and fertilizers work, the different types of soil in this game and more!


How To Start Farming

Farming in Fae Farm works a little differently than other farming sims. First, you won’t need to till the soil but instead craft a Soil Bed for your crops. And secondly, there are only six types of seeds in the game, that can be transformed using magic. We’ll go through more of that later.

Here’s how to plant crops on your farm.

  1. Craft Soil Beds and place them on your Farm – These are able to be dismantled to move or destroy them later on.
    • Basic Soil Bed Recipe: 1x Silt, 1x Sand, 1x Beech Log
    • Fae Soil Bed Recipe: 1x Shade Jelly, 1x Flutterwood Log, 1x Spriggan Leaf
  2. Plant A Crop Seed in the Soil Bed
  3. Water the Crop
  4. Use Fertilizer on the Seed (optional but encouraged)
  5. Keep watering the crop until it is ready to be Harvested. Simply pick up a crop to Harvest it.

Note: All your crops will wither at the start of every season, even if they’re all-season crops.


All Crops List

As we mentioned earlier there are only six different types of seeds in Fae Farm. You’ll be able to buy them from Holly who’ll be selling them at the Town Center. She’ll only sell three types of seeds at the beginning but will offer more as your Farming level increases.

Farming LvlCropCostGrowthRe-Growth
1Turnip5 Florins4 Days
1Cauliflower6 Florins8 Days
1Beans12 Florins12 Days4 Days
10Potato10 Florins8 Days
15Corn15 Florins8 Days
20Pepper20 Florins12 Days4 Days

Seasonal Crop Seeds

To unlock the rest of the other Azorian crops, you’ll need Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer. This can be either purchased from Holly or crafted on a Garden Bench.

  • Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer Recipe: 1x Mulch, 1x Frog Sweat, 1x Ammonite

When use this fertilizer on any of your crops, you’ll stand a chance to grow a completely new crop than what you planted. These variations are affected by the season as well as from what base of the six seeds they had originally come from. Seasonal crops sell for more than their regular counterpart and you’re able to turn their crops into more seeds.

Note: You’ll need the Fae Soil Bed that we mentioned earlier in order to grow Fae Crops. Fae Crops are not affected by the season.

TurnipRadishCarrotBeetFennelFrost Beet
CauliflowerAsparagusArtichokeRed CabbageBroccoliFlame Heart
BeansSugar PeasEggplantPumpkinAcorn SquashMagic Beans
PotatoLeekOnionGarlicJewel YamAzure Spud
CornRiceWheatOatsRyeCandy Corn
PepperCucumberTomatoTomatilloChili PepperCrystal Pepper

Seasonal crops have the same growth time as the base crop from which it was produced. For example, Turnips grow for four days, and so do the Radishes, Carrots, and Beets they produce throughout the year. So it shouldn’t mess up your farming plans for each season.


Types of Fertilizer

One of the most important uses of fertilizers is to change your crop seed into a variety that is seasonal. But you’re also able to make fertilizer that is able to improve the crop yield or speed up your crop’s growth time. Purchase these Fertilizers from Holly or craft them on a Garden Bench.

  • Zippy Fertilizer: Immediately advances a crop’s growth by 1 day, then has a chance each night to advance again.
    • Cost: 35 Florins
    • Recipe: 1x Mulch, 1x Bug Juice, 1x Sand Dollar
  • Bounteous Fertilizer: Gives a chance every night to increase crop yields.
    • Cost: 35 Florins
    • Recipe: 1x Mulch, 1x Flutter Dust, 1x Coral
  • Magic Crop Fertilizer: Gives the chance to transform a crop into a seasonal or fae variety.
    • Cost: 50 Florins
    • Recipe: 1x Mulch, 1x Frog Sweat, 1x Ammonite

It’s going to get pretty pricey if you keep purchasing Magic Crop Fertilizer every season so it’s well worth the effort for you to craft some yourself!


How To Grow Flowers

Growing flowers work similarly to growing crops but with a few amendments. First, they grow in a different type of Soil Bed. Secondly, unlike crops, they are not seasonal and are able to regrow periodically. And lastly, you’re able to grow Hybrid versions of these Flowers on your farm.

Here’s how to plant flowers on your farm.

  1. Craft Flower Beds and place them on your Farm
    • Flower Bed Recipe: 1x Silt, 1x Mulch, 1x Oak Log
  2. Plant A Flower Seed in the Soil Bed
  3. Water the Flower
  4. Keep watering the Flower until it’s grown. Once grown, Flowers do not need to be watered again.

You can choose to leave Flowers on your farm to keep it pretty or keep picking them and let them generate for a small steady stream of income.


How To Grow Hybrid Flowers

If you’ve played Animal Crossing then you might understand how Hybrid flowers work. It involves cross polinating two different coloured flowers to create a new colour. You can then take these multi-colored Hybrid Flowers and combine them with default Flowers (or other Hybrid Flowers) to make other colored varieties.

There are right now six different base flower colours that you can purchase to start mixing hybrid flowers.

  • Rosalind (East Town) – Red Rose, White Lily, Yellow Tulip
  • Asphodel (Elven Village) – Blue Hyacinth, Green Zinna, Magenta Trillium

To grow a hybrid flower:

  1. Place three Flower Beds in a row.
  2. Plant the Flowers you wish to breed on the far sides, leaving the middle space open.
  3. Water the Flowers and wait for them to grow.
  4. Once both parent Flowers are grown, there is a chance every day for a Hybrid Flower to spawn in the open middle space.

Do note that the chances of the variety you want isn’t guaranteed. So you might need to grow these flowers a number of times to get the colours you want.

Right now these are the colour varities you can get by mixing hybrid flowers:

Hybrid FlowerParent Flower #1Parent Flower #2
Pink LilyRed RoseWhite Lily
Orange TulipRed RoseYellow Tulip
Black TrilliumGreen ZinniaMagenta Trillium
Ivory LilyWhite LilyYellow Tulip

Fruit trees

Aside from growing crops on your farm, you can also plant some Fruit Trees. You’ll be able to buy these at the market from Willow and harvest fruit from them seasonally. Plant Fruit Trees on your farm by going into the “build” menu and placing them. Rather than actually planting them like you would a crop or flower.

  • Spring – Peach
  • Summer – Pear
  • Autumn – Apple
  • Winter – Plum

How To Upgrade Farming Tools

As your farm starts to grow you’ll want to keep your tools at the ready to make your life easier and more efficient. Upgrading them will also allow you access to their magic tool abilities! You can upgrade your farming tools by visiting Cinder at the Docks and giving him the required materials to upgrade your tools.

Your most important tool for farming is going to be the Watering Can and by upgrading it you’ll be able to increase its water reserves as well as water a larger area all at once.

Watering CanAbilityMaterialsCost
BasicWaters a single tile
CopperIncreases water reserve1x Copper Ingot100 Florins
IronWaters 3×3 area by spending Mana2x Iron Ingots500 Florins
FeyriteIncreases water reserve3x Feyrite Ingot1500 Florins
SilverWater 5×5 area by spending Mana4x Silver Ingots2500 Florins
OrichalcumIncreases water reserve5x Orichalcum Ingot3500 Florins
GoldWaters 7×7 area by spending Mana5x Gold Ingot5000 Florins

Farming Skill Levels And Perks

Fae Farm incorporates a levelling system that can be improved the more that you do something. With regards to Farming, you can improve your XP by planting, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting crops. When you do so you’ll be able to improve your Farming Skill which will lead you to unlocking more seeds with Holly, as well as obtaining some Farming Skill Perks.

The perks of the Farming skill are:

  • Digging Power – Results in fewer uses of your shovel to excavate a digging spot.
  • Digging Efficiency – This may offer additional drops from digging spots.
Skill LevelPerk Unlocked
2+1 Digging Power
3+1 Digging Efficiency
4+1 Digging Power
5+1 Digging Efficiency
6+1 Digging Power
7+1 Digging Efficiency
8+1 Digging Power
9+1 Digging Efficiency
10+1 Digging Power
11+1 Digging Efficiency
12+1 Digging Power
13+1 Digging Efficiency
14+1 Digging Power
15+1 Digging Efficiency
16+1 Digging Power
17+1 Digging Efficiency
18+1 Digging Power
19+1 Digging Efficiency
20+1 Digging Power +1 Digging Efficiency

Fae Farm

Escape to the world of Fae Farm and create your own cozy home in the enchanted world of Azoria. As you nurture and grow your homestead, you’ll get to meet charming characters, foster deep relationships and discover ways to infuse magic into everything you do. Customize your character, master the arts of crafting, cooking, potion-making and discover so much more.

Fae Farm is out now on the Nintendo Switch and PC – Steam.


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