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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock Belle and Beast

The Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Enchanted Adventure update is here! And with it introduces two new characters to the Valley. The long-awaited Belle and Beast from Disney’s iconic Beauty and the Beast.

The folks over at DDV headquarters have kept us coming back to the game with their consistent live updates that introduce new items, Star Paths, Quest Lines and most importantly new characters. Each character that returns to your Valley brings a little something special with them and we can’t wait to get started with Belle and Beast.

The Enchanted Adventure update goes live on September 13th 2023 and brings with it new characters, and items, as well as a new Haunted Holiday Star Path and quests. Here’s how to unlock Belle and Beast in your Dreamlight Valley today!


Unlock Beauty And The Beast Realm

Requirements: 12,500 Dreamlight

Beauty and Beast are located in their own realm in the Dream Castle. So in order for you to invite them to your Valley you’re going to have to remove the thorns from their Realm. This can be found on the middle door of the third floor of the Castle. It’ll cost you 12,500 Dreamlight and once you do that their quest will start.


How To Unlock Belle

QuestInto The West Wing

Head into the West Wing of Beast’s Castle to follow an Enchanted Book that will lead you straight to Belle. Just like the other characters in the Valley she won’t remember you but will require your help to speak to Beast.

In the Library first, you’ll need to help Belle by catching the 5x Flying Books and zooming around the room. This is pretty simple, just run up towards and book and use the action key to pick it up. Next, she’ll let you know that she and the Beast as having an argument because she snuck into the West Wing. So you’ll need to help smooth things over to talk to him. Unfortunately, he’s in hiding but you can reach him through a Secret Passage behind the Rolling Ladder.


Find The Secret Passage

In order to get through to the passage you’ll need to fix the ladder. It’s not too hard as all the pieces are glittering and scattered around the room.

  1. Left of the door when you walk into the library.
  2. Left of the sofa by the fire.
  3. Two are near the Mrs. Potts Tea Set.
  4. On the table to the far right as you walk into the library.
  5. By the logs near the fire.

Disguise Yourself As Lumiere

Once you’ve fixed the ladder it’ll roll to the side, revealing the Secret Passage. Head in and speak to Belle who will tell you that the Beast will only speak to someone from the Castle. Her idea? Dress up as Lumiere to speak to him. In order to do this you’ll need to find pieces of the Candlestick Disguise around the Castle.

  1. Castle Candle #1 – Courtyard against the wall
  2. Castle Candle #2 – Near the piano in the main lobby
  3. Castle Candle #3 – On a barrel in the secret passage
  4. Castle Candle #4 – On the table left of the fire in the library
  5. Castle Candle Holder – On a chair by the Lion Statues in the Hallway
  6. Golden Curtain = On the table with the record player in the library

Once you have your disguise you can wear it and go to speak to Beast through the Secret Passage.


Belle Commissions A Painting

In order to show Beast that she doesn’t care about how he looks, Belle has commissioned a painting from you using Dreamlight Magic. And as with anything involving Magic, you’re going to have to talk to Merlin about it. So leave the realm to speak to him and he’ll ask you to craft an Enchanted Canvas.

  • Enchanted Canvas Recipe: 12x Softwood, 8x Fiber, 4x Dream Shard, 3x White Daisy, 2x Garnet

Once you’ve done that head back into the Realm and give it to Belle. You’ve convinced her but now it’s time to get Beast on your side, so you’ll need one more quest coming up to do that!


How To Unlock Beast

Quest – A Prince In Disguise

Find The Enchanted Mirror

Once you’ve completed the “Into The West Wing” Quest, Beast will speak to you about apologising to Belle for his behaviour. He wants to give her the Enchanted Mirror, which you’ll need a key for. So you’ll need to go around the Castle and use the clues to find where the key is.

  1. First Clue – In the Fireplace in the Library (use your watering can)
  2. Second Clue – On the statue of the lion (use your pickaxe)
  3. Third Clue – In the middle of the maze garden (dig it up with your shovel)

Once you’ve fixed the key go ahead and give it to Beast to collect the Enchanted Mirror and give to Beast.


Craft A Book Kit

Beast has a great idea for a present for Belle, he wants to make her a Book Kit. Which means you’ll be making her a Book Kit. You’ll need to exit the realm in order to craft it and once you do head back inside to speak to Beast.

  • Book Kit Recipe: 20x Fiber, 3x Purple Falling Penstemon, 1x Empty Vial, 1 Feather from a Villager (Scrooge)

Find Beast’s Grooming Kit

We’ve got the gifts but now Beast wants to look good for Belle when he gives her the gifts so you’ll need to locate his grooming kit. They’re all in his room though so they’re not too hard to find.

  1. Beast’s Brush – By the main door of the Room
  2. Princely Shampoo – By the Bath
  3. Princely Cologne – Next to the pile of books

Finally with all this in hand Beast is able to make his apology to Belle. You’ll then be able to place Beast’s Castle in the Valley and have Belle and Beast join you!


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