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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Haunted Holiday Star Path Duties Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s September 2023 update is here! And with it comes the introduction of Belle and Beast as well as a brand new Star Path. A Star Path is a limited-time event in DDV that will allow you to unlock unique themed Clothing, Furniture, Motifs, Companions and more. These items can only be earned through doing the Star Path’s unique Duties that will reward you in its particular currency.

This September the Star Path has been themed for Halloween and features, candy, costumes and lots of trick-or-treat fun! In celebration of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas‘ 30th Anniversary. Disney Dreamlight Valley is bringing a little bit of Halloween Town to your Valley! And will be live from the 13th of September 2023 – the 1st of November 2023.

As we mentioned before you can only earn rewards on a Star Path by completing specific Duties. These are similar to your everyday Dreamlight Duties but are unique to this Star Path. Some of the language can get a bit confusing such as “Catch a fish popular in Arendelle”. If you’re a fan then you’ll know it’s a Herring, but if you haven’t watched Frozen you may be a little puzzled by this task.

In this guide we’ll go through all the duties on the Haunted Holiday Star Path, what they mean and how to complete them!


Haunted Holiday Star PathDuties

The quantity of the duty can differ along the Star Path, but they essentially mean the same thing. For example “Uprooting the Forgetting” will still mean clearing the Night Thorns, just the amount will change.

Your rewards for this Star Path will be given in The Nightmare Before Christmas Lollipop Tokens.

Uproot the ForgettingClear Night Thorns around the Valley
Break some rocks!Mine rock nodes throughout the Valley. Doesn’t work on stones on the ground.
Complete Dreamlight DutiesComplete daily tasks – found in the main menu.
Spend time with some classic friendsHangout with – Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald or Scrooge McDuck.
It’s better to give a favorite gift than to receiveGive any character their favourite gift
Build stuffCraft anything on your Workbench
Do Goofy’s favorite pastimeCatch fish with your Pole anywhere in the Valley
Pick the fruits that put Snow White to sleepPick Apples
Cook meals that would never make the cut at Chez RemyCook 1-Star Meals
Make small talkHave daily conversations with anyone
Stuff your face with second-class mealsEat 2-Star Meals
Get some very valuable rocksMine Gems from rock nodes
Spend time with the Sorcerer’s ApprenticeHangout with Mickey Mouse
Impress a wizard with something he lovesGive Merlin his favourite gifts
Work a shift at the restaurantServe meals at Chez Remy
Catch a rainbow-y fishFish Rainbow Trout – Peaceful Meadow and Forest of Valor (White Ripple)
Pick red flowers that grow only in the Peaceful MeadowPick Red Daisy in the Peaceful Meadow
Bond with your Animal CompanionsPet your Animal Companion
Make conversation with a very speedy princessSpeak to Vanellope
Engage in Scrooge McDuck’s favorite hobbyEarn Star Coins by selling items – Cooked Meals, Vegetables, Gems etc.
Mine for a lime-green gemMine Peridot from rock nodes in – Peaceful Meadow and Dazzle Beach.
Spend time with a legendary Villager of the wind and seaHangout with Maui
Give an exceptionally unexceptional Villager a favorite giftGive Mirabel her favourite gifts
Catch a fish popular in ArendelleFish Herring – Glade of Trust and Dazzle Beach (White Ripple)
Give different Villagers a sugar rushGive Villagers Candy
Take a picture of a Sea Witch’s HouseTake a picture of Ursula’s Lair
Chat with the Village’s best dealmakerHave daily conversations with Ursula
Get some especially shiny rocksMine Shiny Gems from rock nodes
Hang out with a Villager who says “WAKKK!”Hangout with Donald Duck
Give the Valley’s finest lute player his favorite giftGive Kristoff his favourite gift
Catch some fish whose name rhymes with “dream”Fish Bream – Peaceful Meadow (Blue Ripple)
Harvest Olaf’s noseGrow and harvest Carrots
Make perfectly mediocre mealsCook 3-Star Meals
Make small talk with an ice queenHave daily conversations with Elsa
Eat an ALMOST-perfect mealEat 4-Star Meals
Mine blue stones with a watery nameMine Aquamarine Gems from rock nodes – Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor
Spend some time with someone on the villainous sideHangout with – Scar, Ursula or Mother Gothel
Give a Sea Witch her favorite thingGive Ursula her favourite gift
Catch a fish whose name rhymes with “harp”Fish Carp – Forest of Valor and Sunlit Plateau (Blue Ripple)
Collect some shoreline shellfishPick up shellfish on the beach – Clam, Oyster or Scallop
Harvest this iron-rich leafy greenPlant and harvest Spinach
Chat with the woman from the willowHave daily conversations with Mother Gothel
Increase your coin “collection”Earn Star Coins by selling items – Cooked Meals, Vegetables, Gems etc.
Mine for an orange gemMine Citrine from rock nodes in – Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust.
Spent time with a pint-sized sheriffHangout with Woody
Give a very grouchy lion his favorite giftGive Scar his favourite gift
Fish for something with clawsFish Lobster – Glade of Trust (Gold Ripple)