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Coral Island – Lake Temple Offering Guide (Updated)

Coral Island is a gorgeous farming simulator set on a tropical island. Not only will you have your chance to build and nurture a productive farm, make friends with the townsfolk and live your life. But you’ll also be tasked with helping restore the nature of Coral Island. As part of your journey, you’ll encounter the supernatural beings that bless the island. One namely being the Goddess of Coral Island.

Her Lake Temple located northeast of Starlet Town has been neglected over the years. But by offering items as a tribute to the six alters at the Temple you can help revitalise the town. As well as net yourself some nice rewards along the way. Some of the items are seasonal, crop, fish or nature-based. In this guide, we’ll go through all of the offerings and rewards you can get from the Lake Temple.

Disclaimer: Coral Island was released on the 11th of October 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


First Altar – Crop Altar

Completion Reward: Unlocks the Green House on the Farm

Completing all offerings at the first altar will unlock the Greenhouse and a path through the southwestern part of the forest.


Essential Resources

No. of Items Required: 5
Reward: Recycling Machine

QuantityPossible OfferingsAcquire Item
10WoodChop branches, trees, and stumps
10StoneBreak stones and boulders
10FibreCut grass
10SapChop down trees and stumps
5Maple SeedChop down Maple trees (orange round)
5Oak SeedChop down Oak trees (green round)
5Pine ConeChop down Pine trees (green pointy)

Spring Sesajen

Reward: 8x Sugarcane Seeds

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1TurnipSpring Crop (Rank F)
1CarrotSpring Crop (Rank F)
1DaisySpring Flower Crop (Rank F)
1WasabiForage in Spring – From Forest
1MorelForage in Spring – Near Cavern

Summer Sesajen

Reward: 8x Tomato Seeds

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1BlueberrySummer Crop (Rank F)
1Hot PepperSummer Crop (Rank F)
1Sunflower (Bronze)Summer Flower Crop (Rank F)
1ShallotForage in Summer
1Hibiscus (Red)Forage in Summer – From Forest, Bath House

Fall Sesajen

Reward: 8x Barley Seeds

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1PumpkinFall Crop (Rank E)
1RiceFall Crop (Rank F)
1OrchidFall Flower Crop (Rank F)
1Black TrumpetForage in Fall – Forest
1FigForage in Fall – Lake

Winter Sesajen

Reward: 8x Tea Seeds

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Tea LeafWinter Crop (Rank C)
1SnowdropSpring Winter Flower Crop (Rank C)
1Fairy RoseForage in Winter – Town, Woodlands
1Brussel SproutsForage in Winter – Forest, Garden Lane
1KaleForage in Winter – Forest, Woodlands

Ocean Scavengables

Reward: 1x Dehydrator – Dries Fiber into Hay and Scavangeables

This set requires items that can be collected from foraging underwater.

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
5Sea SaltScavenge while Diving in any area
1King ScallopScavenge while Diving 50-60m
1Eastern OysterScavenge while Diving 20-30m
1Blue MusselScavenge while Diving 20-30m
1Green Sea UrchinScavenge while Diving 40-50m

Second Altar – Catch Altar

Completion Reward: Unlocks the Dig Site (not yet usable in the current version of the game)

The second altar unlocks following the completion of the first altar. Completing all offerings at the second altar will unlock the Dig Site. For our full Coral Island: Fishing Guide check it out here.


Fresh Water Fish

Reward: 1x Large Fish Bait

1CatfishSpring, SummerRice Field, Pond, River (Forest)Night – Rain, Storm
1TilapiaSpring, WinterPond, Lake, Earth MineAll Day – Any Weather
1Rainbow FishSpring, WinterRiver (Town)All Day – Sunny, Windy, Snow, Blizzard
1Silver ArowanaWinterEarth Mine, Water Mine, Wind MineMorning, Afternoon – Any Weather
1KoiSpring, SummerRiver (Town), Cavern Entrance, LakeMorning – Any Weather

Salt Water Fish

Reward: 1x Small Fish Bait

1Pink SnapperSpring, WinterOcean (Dock), Wind MineAfternoon, Evening – Any Weather
1LionfishSpring, SummerBeach, ForestMorning, Afternoon, Evening – Any Weather
1Asian SheepsheadWinterOcean (Forest)All Day – Any Weather
1Yellowfin TunaWinterBeach, Ocean (Dock)Afternoon, Evening – Rain, Storm, Snow, Blizzard
1SardineSummer, FallLookout, BeachEvening, Night – Any Weather

Rare Fish

Reward: 1x Fish Pond

1SturgeonSummer, Fall, WinterLakeEvening, Night – Summer, Fall, Winter
1Gator GarSpring (3-28)River (Forest), LakeAfternoon – Rain, Storm
1ArapaimaFall, WinterRiver (Forest)All Day – Rain, Storm, Snow, Blizzard
1Giant Sea BassFall (1-7)Ocean (Forest)Morning, Night – Any Weather
1Yellow Moray EelSpring (15-28)
Summer (15-28)
BeachEvening, Night – Any Weather

Day Insect

For our full Coral Island: Bug Catching Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Bee House

1Pipevine Swallowtail ButterflyAnyForest, Garden Lane, Lake, WoodlandsDay – Sunny, Windy, Rain, Storm
1Tiger BeetleSpringBeach, Garden Lane, Lake, Lookout, Town, WoodlandsDay – Any Weather
1Yucca MothSpring, SummerBeach, Town, Hot SpringDay – Any Weather
1Assam Silk MothSpring, FallForest, Garden Lane, Hot Spring, Lookout, VineyardDay – Sunny, Rainy, Windy
1Monarch CaterpillarFall, WinterBeach, Garden Lane, WoodlandsDay – Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Snowy

Night Insect

Reward: 1x Tap

1FireflySpring, SummerForest, Garden Lane, Lake, WoodlandsNight – Sunny
1Cecropia CaterpillarSpring, SummerForest, Garden Lane, Lake, Lookout, VineyardNight – Sunny, Windy
1CentipedeAnyBeach, Forest, Garden Lane, Town, Vineyard, WoodlandsNight – Sunny, Windy
1Rove BeetleFall, WinterGarden Lane, VineyardNight – Sunny, Rain, Storm
1Atlas MothFall, WinterForestEvening, Night – Sunny, Windy

Ocean Critters

Reward: 1X Crawler Trap

QuantityOfferingsSeasonAcquire Item
1Cannonball JellyfishSpring, Summer, FallCatch while Diving 10-20m
1Hermit CrabAnyCatch while Diving 20-30m
1ShrimpAnyCatch while Diving 40-50m
1Sunflower StarfishSpring, SummerCatch while Diving 50-60m
1Pom Pom CrabSpring, SummerCatch while Diving 10-20m

Third Altar – Advanced Altar

Completion Reward: Warp Sesajen (not yet available in-game) – Consume to teleport to any unlocked waypoint.

The third altar unlocks after completing the second altar.

Barn Animals

For our full Coral Island: Ranching Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Cheese Press

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1MilkHarvest from Cow
1Goat MilkHarvest from Goat (Rank D)
1WoolHarvest from Sheep
1Large Goat MilkHarvest from Goat (Rank D)
1Large WoolHarvest from Sheep
1Large MilkHarvest from Cow

Coop Animals

Reward: 1x Mayonnaise Machine

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1EggHarvest from Chickens
1Large EggHarvest from Chickens
1Duck EggHarvest from Ducks
1Large Duck EggHarvest from Ducks

Basic Cooking

For our full Coral Island: Cooking and Recipe Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Oil Press

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1SmoothieBlender – Any Fruit (1)
1Grilled FishGrill – Any Fish (1)
1Sunny-Side-Up EggsSkillet – Any Egg (1)
1Tomato SoupPot – Tomato (1)
1OnigiriSeasoning Set – Rice (1)

Basic Artisan

Reward: 1x Keg

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Any MayonnaiseAny Egg in Mayonnaise Machine
1Any Fruit JuiceAny Fruit in Keg
1Any ButterAny Milk in Mason Jar
1Any Dried ScavengeableAny Scavengeable in Dehydrator
1Any PickleAny Vegetable in Mason Jar

Fruit Plant

For our full Coral Island: Fruit Tree List check it out here.

Reward: 1x Sprinkler II

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1RambutanSpring Summer Fruit Tree (Rank E)
1DurianSpring Fruit Tree (Rank C)
1MangoSummer Fruit Tree
1DragonfruitSummer Fall Fruit Tree (Rank E)
1AppleFall Fruit Tree (Rank C)
1LemonFall Winter Fruit Tree (Rank C)
1AlmondWinter Fruit Tree (Rank C)
1Cocoa BeanFall Winter Fruit Tree (Rank E)

Monster Loot

Reward: 5x Explosive III

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
5Silky FurDrop from Snatcher and Tuku-Tuku monster
5Monster EssenceRandom drop from monsters
5Bat WingDrop from Snatcher, Tuku-Tuku and Bat monster
5Tough MeatDrop from Snatcher and Armulite monster
5Slime GoopDrop from Slime and Snatcher monster

Fourth Altar – Rare Altar

Completion Reward: Savannah Access (not yet available in-game)

The fourth altar unlocks after completing the third altar.


Rare Crops

Reward: 1x Sprinkler III – 9×9 watering system

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1SnowdropSpring / Winter Flower Crop (Rank C)
1Coffee BeanSummer Crop (Rank D)
1GarlicFall Crop (Rank C)
1CottonFall / Winter Crop (Rank C)
1CactusFall Flower Crop (Rank B, Year 2)

Precious Gems

For our full Coral Island: Mining Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Slime of Replication – Duplicates items

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Black OpalEarth Mine, Earth Geode
1LabradoriteFire Mine, Fire Geode
1DiamondWater Mine, Water Geode
1PeridotWind Mine, Wind Geode
1Red BerylEarth Mine, Earth Geode

Rare Cooking

For our full Coral Island: Cooking and Recipe Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Jamu Recipe

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Vegan TacoSkillet – Tortilla (1), Any Vegetable (1), Kiracha Sauce (1)
1Apple PieOven – Apple (1), Wheat Flour (1), Any Butter (1), Any Honey (1)
1SerabiSkillet – Gourmet Salt (1), Rice Flour (1), Sugar (1), Any Coconut (1)
1Pad ThaiFrying Pan – Wheat Flour (1), Shrimp (1), Any Vegetable (1), Lemon (1)
1Es CendolBowl – Rice Flour (1), Any Coconut (1), Syrup (1)

Rare Artisan

For our full Coral Island: Aging Barrel Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Aging Barrel

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Titan Arum Black HoneyFrom Beehouse with a Titan Arum Flower found in Fall
1Any KimchiFrom Aging Barrel with Pickles
1Any WineFrom Aging Barrel with Juice
1Fermented Goat Cheese WheelFrom Aging Barrel with Goat Cheese Wheel
1White Truffle Oil• Craft with an Oil Press and White Truffle – Pig
• Purchase at random from Ratih’s Floating Market for 2,540g

Rare Ranching

For our full Coral Island: Ranching Guide check it out here.

Reward: 1x Auto Petter

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
1Black TruffleHarvest from Pig (Rank C)
1Large Quail EggHarvest from Quail (Rank D)
1Large Llama WoolHarvest from Llama (Rank B)
1Large FeatherHarvest from Peacock
1Large Gesha Coffee BeanHarvest from Luwak (Rank B)

Rare Resources

Reward: 5x Osmium Kelp Essence

QuantityOfferingsAcquire Item
3Gold Bar• Furnace – Gold Ore (5), Coal (1)
• Slime of Transmutation – Silver Bar (3)
3Silver Bar• Furnace – Silver Ore (5), Coal (1)
• Slime of Transmutation – Bronze Bar (3)
• Buy from the Black Market for 9,000g
3Bronze Bar• Furnace – Bronze Ore (5), Coal (1)
• Buy from the Black Market for 3,000g
3Gold Kelp Essence• Extractor – Gold Kelp (10), Glass (1)
• Slime of Transmutation – Silver Kelp Essence (3)
3Silver Kelp Essence• Extractor – Silver Kelp (10), Glass (1)
• Slime of Transmutation – Bronze Kelp Essence (3)
3Bronze Kelp EssenceExtractor – Bronze Kelp (10), Glass (1)


Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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