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The Witch Of Fern Island – Plant Guide (Updated)

The Witch of Fern Island is the newly released farming and life sim game. So if you love Stardew Valley but want a nice sprinkling of magic with your farm sim then this is one to check out.

Play as Abrill, a young acolyte studying to become a young witch. One day on her journey outside of the magical academy she crashlands into the lush and magical Fern Island. Here you’ll explore more of the island’s culture, uncover its deepest secrets, and master magical trades.

In The Witch of Fern Island, you’ll take part in witchcraft practices such as performing magic rituals and crafting talismans. But you’ll also need to cultivate other skills such as growing your own plants, raising animals and foraging in the woods. Work hard and you’ll be able to pass your Academy of Witches exam and become a full-fledged witch!

In this guide, we’ll go through all of the plants that you can grow and forage for in The Witch of Fern Island.

Disclaimer: The Witch of Fern Island was released on the 2nd of May 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!



The Witch of Fern Island is a farming sim and to grow your own vegetables works as it does in most games. Gather seeds, plant them in the ground, wait for them to grow and harvest them to use as food or potions. But there is an additional magical element in this game, you can enchant vegetables as well. When you do so they’ll transform into extraordinary magical varieties.

Vegetables are grown in the farm area of the witch’s cottage by planting seeds in the ground cultivated with a hoe, then watering until the vegetables are ready for harvest.

VegetableMagical VariantEssenceMoon PhaseSeasonSeed CostGrowth (Days)YieldRecipes
BeansSerpent BeansAnimal Last QuarterBask, Harvest, Reverie35108Bean Chili
CabbageCabbage CatcherAnimalWaning CrescentBloom, Harvest25111Bloom Salad, Blue Dye, Cabbage Soup
CarrotThunder CarrotStormWaxing CrescentBloom Storm3083Carrot Fritters, Stuffed Peppers, Veggie Stew
Potion: Speed Grow Fertilizer
CornRockcornMountainNew MoonHarvest35103
CucumberThorned CucumberWaterFirst QuarterStorm, Bask, Harvest35123Spicy Cucumber Salad
EggplantFaceplantDreamWaxing CrescentStorm, Bask35101Veggie Stew
GarlicGarlic FlakesMoonFull MoonBloom, Storm, Bask, Harverst, Reverie2594Farmer’s Omelette, Garlic Bread
GrapesFrost GrapesIceNew MoonBask, Harvest25147Grape Parfait
OnionOnion RingDustWaxing GibbousBloom, Storm, Bask, Harverst, Reverie3074Boran Sandwich, Farmer’s Omelette, Fish Stew, Onion Soup, Skewer, Spicy Cucumber Salad
Quest: Paffti Shrine
PepperBell PepperSoundWaxing GibbousBask, Harvest2094Bean Chili, Skewer, Stuffed Peppers, Veggie Stew
PotatoExplotatoVolcanoWaxing CrescentBloom, Storm, Bask, Harverst, Reverie2583Cabbage Soup, Fish and Chips, Fish Stew, Hash Browns
PumpkinJumpkinLifeWaning GibbousHarvest, Reverie40151Pumpkin Bread
RadishTeeth RadishAnimalWaning GibbousBloom1566Bloom Salad
Ritual: Watered Land
RedbeetHeartbeatBloodFirst QuarterBloom, Harvest2082Borscht, Red Dye, Sugar, Veggie Stew
StrawberryMeltberryFireWaning CrescentStorm20117Fruit Ice Cream, Strawberry Cooler
SunflowerMoonflowerMoonLast QuarterStorm, Bask, Harvest30101Granola Crackers, Oil
Quest: Mysterious Letter
TomatoShy TomatoDesertFull MoonStorm, Bask35144Bean Chili, Boran Sandwich, Livrian Pasta
WatermelonAirmelonAirNew MoonStorm, Bask, Harvest30121Fruit Ice Cream, Watermelon Lemonade
WheatEarthFull MoonBask, Harvest1584Flour
Potion: Quality Fertilizer


Mushrooms are found all over Fern Island. Some are highly poisonous but most are potent and are used by witches in potions.

A mushroom can be gathered in the wild by simply picking it up as one does with shells on the beach. Using the sickle to gather mushrooms has the additional benefit of improving the quality of the mushrooms. While gathering mushrooms you will occasionally gather spores of the mushroom as well. These spores can be grown on the witch’s farm on a Mushroom Log.

MushroomEssenceMoon PhaseSeasonGrowth (Days)YieldRecipes
Amethyst DeceiverMountainWaning GibbousBask, Harvest, Frost75Forest Stew, Skewer
BlackhatVolcanoNew MoonStorm, Harvest, Reverie75Forest Stew, Skewer
Bleeding ToothBloodLast QuarterHarvest, Reverie, Frost95Forest Stew, Skewer
BoletusEarthFull MoonBloom, Storm, Harvest, Reverie75Forest Stew, Skewer
Potion: Witch Broomstick Creation Potion, Strength Potion
CuflowrelleAnimalWaning GibbousStorm, Bask, Harvest65Forest Stew, Skewer, Mushroom Pasta
EarthstarForestFirst QuarterBask, Frost75Forest Stew, Skewer
Ritual: Rain Weather, Sunny Weather
Horn of PlentyMountainWaxing GibbousBloom, Bask, Harvest95Forest Stew, Skewer
Indigo MilkcapMoonWaxing CrescentBloom, Storm, Frost75Forest Stew, Skewer
Potion: Blue Dye
Kite MushroomAnimalFirst QuarterStorm, Bask, Harvest, Reverie75Forest Stew, Skewer
MorelWaterWaning CrescentBloom, Storm, Bask, Harverst, Reverie75Forest Stew, Mushroom Pasta, Skewer
Potion: Plant Revival Potion, Speed Grow Fertilizer
Octopus StinkhornDarkWaning CrescentBask, Reverie, Frost95Forest Stew, Skewer
Oyster FungusMetalLast QuarterAll65Forest Stew, Skewer
Pixie CupSunLast QuarterBloom, Reverie75Forest Stew, Skewer
Chram: Fishing Charm
PuffballAirWaning GibbousBask, Frost65Forest Stew, Skewer
Potion: Witch Broomstick Creation Potion
ShiitakeWaterWaxing GibbousStorm, Harvest, Reverie75Forest Stew, Skewer
Potion: Strengthening Fertilizer
Speedy RoundheadStormFull MoonHarvest, Reverie45Forest Stew, Skewer
The Eyes of AstraLightNew MoonStorm, Reverie, Frost65Forest Stew, Skewer
ToadstoolDustFirst QuarterBloom, Storm, Harvest, Reverie, Frost55Forest Stew, Skewer
Potion: Red Dye
TruffleEarthNew MoonStorm, Reverie105Forest Stew, Skewer
Victory ChampignonFireWaxing GibbousStorm, Bask, Harvest75Forest Stew, Skewer, Mushroom Pasta
Charm: Kitchen Charm


Herbs grow wild all over Fern Island and can also be cultivated on the witch’s farm. They can be enchanted and used for crafting.

Herbs may be found in the wild or grown from seed in cultivated ground on the witch’s farm. A herb can be gathered by simply picking it up as one does with shells on the beach. Using the sickle to harvest herbs will increase the chance that a seed of that herb can be gathered as well.

HerbEssenceMoon PhaseSeasonGrowth (Days)YieldRecipes
ArchangelicaFireNew MoonBask, Harvest, Reverie54Forest Stew, Mixed Wild Herbs, Anti-Demon Amulet, Analgesic Ointment, Purifying Potion
Bitter GentianMetalFirst QuarterStorm, Harvest, Reverie54Forest Stew, Medicine for Cold
BitterleafWaterWaning CrescentAll48Forest Stew, Irrigation Fertilizer, Plenty Fertilizer
Ritual: Weed Suppression
Breeze MintAirFirst QuarterAll54Strawberry Cooler
BurdockWaterWaning CrescentBloom, Reverie64Forest Stew, Friendship Charm
Chatter CinquefoilSoundWaxing CrescentBloom, Bask54Forest Stew, Mixed Wild Herbs, Mild Perfume, Friendship Charm
CloveDustFull MoonStorm, Reverie, Frost64Forest Stew, Medicine for Cold, Herbarium, Analgesic Ointment
Demon’s MandrakeDarkWaning CrescentBloom, Storm, Bask61Forest Stew, Amulet of Health, Analgesic Ointment
Dream MulleinDreamWaning GibbousBask, Harvest54Amulet of Safe Sleep, Anti-Demon Amulet, Forest Stew
EphedraFireWaning CrescentStorm, Reverie64Forest Stew
Fiber WeedDustNew MoonAll46Forest Stew, Fiber
Ritual: Weed Suppression
Gazing FennelAirWaning GibbousHarvest, Reverie54Alchemist Charm, Borscht, Forest Stew, Herbal Dough Bait
GingerVolcanoLast QuarterBloom, Reverie, Frost64Forest Stew, Herbal Dough Bait, Mixed Wild Herbs
HorehoundStormNew MoonBloom, Storm64Forest Stew, Amulet of Safe Sleep, Purifying Potion
KūkaenēnēVolcanoWaxing GibbousBask, Harvest, Frost66Forest Stew, Purple Dye
LavenderAirFull MoonBloom, Harvest55Forest Stew, Mild Perfume, Bloom Bouquet, Herbarium
LongrootEarthLast QuarterAll47Forest Stew, Classic Fertilizer
Ritual: Weed Suppression
LotusLifeFull MoonBask, Harvest61Forest Stew
Mirage AgrimonyMoonFull MoonStorm, Bask, Harvest, Reverie65Forest Stew
Ritual: Contact through Crystal Ball
NettleFireWaning GibbousBloom, Storm55Speed Potion, Forest Stew, Mixed Wild Herbs, Mild Perfume, Witch Broomstick Creation Potion
Ocean’s SquillOceanFirst QuarterHarvest, Reverie63Forest Stew, Irrigation Fertilizer, Herbarium
OreganoDesertFull MoonBloom, Storm, Bask64Forst Stew
Snake AgaveAnimalLast QuarterBloom, Storm, Harvest, Reverie53Forest Stew
ThistleSunWaxing GibbousStorm, Bask, Harvest56Forest Stew, Strength Potion
TumericSunWaxing CrescentBask, Harvest54Forest Stew, Purifying Potion
TyphaEarthWaxing CrescentStorm, Bask, Harvest, Reverie56Forest Stew, Friendship Charm, Wicker
Velvet VanillaDreamFirst QuarterBloom, Storm, Reverie64Grape Parfait
Wolf’s BaneWaterLast QuarterBask, Harvest62Forest Stew, Anti-Demon Amulet


Flowers Grow wild on Fern Island. They can be enchanted and used for crafting. The seeds can be planted to grow your own flower crops.

Flowers may be found in the wild or grown from seed in cultivated ground on the witch’s farm. A flower can be gathered by simply picking it up as one does with shells on the beach. Using the sickle to harvest flowers has the additional benefit that a seed of that flower can occasionally be gathered as well.

FlowerEssenceMoon PhaseSeasonSeed CostGrowth (Days)YieldRecipes
AsterAirBask, Harvest, Reverie4064
ChamomileWaterWaning CrescentBloom, Storm, BaskAmulet of Health, Forest Stew, Medicine for Cold
CornflowerIceNew MoonBloom, Storm53Forest Stew, Bloom Bouquet, Herbarium
CosmosOceanNew MoonBask, Harvest, Reverie3573
HeatherAnimalHarvest, Reverie93
HyacinthBloodBloom, Storm4082
LobeilaMetalWaxing CrescentStorm, Bask, Harvest, Reverie
LupinsDesertFull MoonBloom, Reverie, Frost
PansyForestWaning CrescentAll3553
PelargoniaEarthBloom, Storm, Bask3591
PoppyDreamFull MoonBloom, Storm62
RoseFireStorm, Bask55101
SurfiniaDustStorm, Bask, Reverie3573
TulipWaterWaning CrescentBloom, Storm, Bask3593Wreath of Dedication, Bloom, Bouquet


Tree/BushEssence TypeMoon PhaseSeasonRecipes
AcronGranola Crackers, Plenty Fertilizer
AppleStorm, Bask, HarvestApple Pie, Watermelon Lemonade
ElderberryStorm, Bask
Pine ConeWreath of Dedication

The Witch of Fern Island

Welcome to the mysterious Fern Island! A lush temperate isle home to three great magical cultures – Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa – including one bright-eyed newcomer, Abrill. After crashing onto the island during her travels to a magical academy, the young witch makes the most of the situation, still eager to become a full-fledged Witch. Instead of waiting idly for her arrival, the Academy of Witches also decided to use this as an opportunity for young Abrill to demonstrate her mastery of magic and unveil the secrets of the mysterious island.

The Witch of Fern Island is out now on PC – Steam.


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