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Remnant 2 – How To Obtain All Materials Guide

Remnant 2 by Gunfire Games is a tough-as-nails shooter that will put your skills to the test in each randomly generated world. But you can make it all a bit easier with the right weapons and armour, each of which can be upgraded and/or modded. Luckily the game isn’t too stingy about players farming for materials and you’re encouraged to farm and reroll worlds to fight bosses again.

You’ll need all the materials you can get, especially with how much gear and weapons there are to upgrade and buy. That’s not including unlocks for new Archetypes, Mutators, consumables and much more. In this guide, we’ve listed all the materials you’re going to need in Remnant 2.


All Material Locations In Remnant 2



MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Alkahest PowderLosomnGwendil The UnburntWitchfire Weapon Mod
Anamy’s EchoLosomn – Retreat’s HorizonNimue – Attack her with DreamcatcherCrescent Moon Bow
Bloody Steel SplinterLosomn – Fae PortionPay tribute to The Red Prince of 3 or more Crimson King CoinsBlood Draw Weapon Mod
Bone SapLosomn – The Great Sewers DungeonBloat KingVoltaic Rondure Weapon Mod
Broken TimepieceLosomn – After completing the Clock Tower eventTime Lapse Weapon mod
Cursed Dream SilksLosomnThe NightweaverNightfall (Long Gun)
Decrepit RuneLosomn – Morrow Parish

Give Ravenous Medallion to the Nightweaver’s Web
Rune Pistol
Forlorn FragmentLosomnThe Red PrinceFirestorm Weapon Mod
Imposter’s HeartLosomn – Council ChamberFaelinDeceit (Long Gun)
Melded HiltLosomn – Malefic GalleryFearinGodsplitter (Melee)
Mysterious StoneLosomnManticora – Manticora from the Drain EventPhilosopher’s Stone Engram – Unlocks the Alchemist Archetype
Sacred Hunt FeatherLosomnThe Huntress – Attack her with DreamcatcherFamiliar Weapon Mod
Tainted IchorLosomn – Shattered GalleryMagister Dullain Corrosive Rounds


MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Agnosia DriftwoodYaesha – The Twisted ChantryLegion BossFargazer Weapon Mod
Blood Moon EssenceYaeshaRed Wisps – During a Blood MoonCrafting items at the Blackwood Altar
Cordyceps GlandYaesha – The Nameless NestMother MindTremor Weapon Mod
Crimson MembraneYaeshaRavager – Kill it after it eats the doeMerciless (Long Gun)
Faded GrimoireYaesha – Bloodmoon Altar, The Far WoodsTome of The Bringer Engram – Unlocks the Summoner Archetype
Faith SeedYaesha – Cathedral of OmenAstral Burst Weapon Mod
Heart SeedYaesha – The ChimneySoulbinder Weapon Mod
Hollow HeartYaesha – The Great BoleCorruptor – Don’t drown the GuardianSoulbreaker
Ravager’s MawYaeshaCorrupted Ravager – Kill it before it eats the doeFeral Judgement (Melee)
Scroll of BindingYaeshaSong of Eafir Weapon Mod
Soul SilverYaeshaShrewdRotted Arrow Weapon Mod
Twilight DactylusYaesha – Kaeula’s RestKaeula’s ShadowRootlash Weapon Mod
Twisted LazuriteYaesha – The Great BoleCorruptorTwisted Arbalest (Long Gun)


MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Cracked ShellN’Erud – The HatcheryPrimogenitorSpace Crabs Weapon Mod
Eidolon ShardN’ErudSha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’ErudSpectral Blade (Melee)
Escalation CircuitN’Erud – Abyssal RiftOverflow Weapon Mod
Mutated GrowthN’ErudAbominationBore Weapon Mod
Sentry’s Old IrisN’ErudThe Custodian’s EyePrismatic Driver Weapon Mod
Shining Essence EchoN’Erud – Forgotten PrisonTal Ratha or Tal Ratha (Metaphysical)Craft Void Idol
Give to The Custodian for Siphon Heart
Stasis CoreN’Erud -Solving the Zombie Cave EventStasis Beam Weapon Mod
Ionic CrystalN’Erud – Timeless HorizonEnergy Wall Weapon Mod

The Labyrinth

MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Cipher RodThe Labyrinth – Base of a statueEnigma Rifle
Conflux PrismThe LabyrinthLabyrinth SentinelCube Gun
Seeker ResidueAstropath’s RespiteThe AstropathHelix Weapon Mod
Strange BoxThe Labyrinth – The BackroomsHexahedron Engram – Unlocks the Archon Archetype

Root Earth

MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Broken CompassRoot Earth – Blackened CitadelAnnihilationGolden Compass Engram – Unlocks the Explorer Archetype
Dread CoreRoot EarthVenomSkewer Weapon Mod
Forgotten MemoryRoot Earth – Blackened CitadelAnnihilationAlpha-Omega (Long Gun)
Necrocyte StrandRoot EarthCancerDefrag Weapon Mod
Wooden ShivRoot EarthBaneSerrated Root Blade Engram- Unlocks the Invader Archetype

Ward 13

MaterialLocationMonster DropUsed For
Medic PinWard 13 – Dr Norah (1,500 Scrap)Caduceus Idol Engram – Unlocks the Medic Archetype
Old Metal ToolWard 13 – Reggie (1,500 Scrap)Steel Enswell Engram – Unlocks the Challenger Archetype
Old WhistleWard 13 – Mudtooth (1,500 Scrap)Silent Whistle Engram – Unlocks the Handler Archetype
Rusty MedalWard 13 – Brabus (1,500 Scrap)Sniper War Medal Engram – Unlocks the Hunter Archetype
Worn CylinderIron Cylinder Engram – Unlocks the Gunslinger Archetype

Remnant 2

Remnant II is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes which pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds. Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop evil from destroying reality itself. To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and stave off humanity’s extinction.

Remnant II is out on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC – Steam on the 25th of July 2023.