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Palia – Villager Gift Guide (Updated)

Palia the cozy sim MMO is a type of Stardew Valley and fantasy RPG with farming and social elements. The game is out right now for free in open beta and with it comes a lot of things to do. There are quests and mysteries to discover, your homestead to build and of course people to meet! There are currently 23 Palians for you to meet scattered around Kilima and Bahari Bay. Each has their personality and is responsible for certain aspects of the game. You can meet all of them here in our Palia – Villager Introduction Guide.

The improve your relationship with the NPC villagers of Palia you can choose to speak to them every day as well as give them gifts. Gift-giving is the fastest way to secure a friend in Palia as well as get some romance started with some of them. Knowing which gift in this case is key and you should always try to give them their Weekly Wants for double the points.

In this guide, we’ll go through the best gifts to give each villager so you can have the best of friends!

Disclaimer: Palia is currently out in open Beta mode, as such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


Palia Villagers



Location: Kilima Village


  • 5:00 AM Goes upstairs to sleep in his room in the Inn.
  • 8:00 AM Works out upstairs in the Inn.
  • 10:00 AM Going up northwest of the village to fish.
  • 2:00 PM Goes to the Remembrance Garden to mourn his wife.
  • 5:00 PM Walks back to the counter of the Inn.
LikesAkwinduu Chapaa, Apple, Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms, Blueberry Pie, Bouillabaisse, Briar Daisy, Channel Catfish, Chapaa Meat, Fish Stew, Glass Bulb, Grilled Fish, Hearty Vegetable Stew, Loaded Potato Soup, Meaty Stir Fry, Sernuk Meat, Shell, Steak Dinner, Sundrop Lily
Weekly WantsAcorn, Flow-Infused Plank, Sweet Leaf, Trout Dinner


LikesGarden Leafhopper, Common Field Cricket, Brushtail Dragonfly, Bahari Bee, Common Blue Butterfly, Silk Thread
LovesFirebreathing Dragonfly, Apple Pie
Weekly WantsWaterlogged Boot, Garden Snail, Hairy Millipede, Apple Pie


LikesPotato, QualityUp Fertilizer, Pearl
LovesBlueberry Seed, Apple Tree Seed, Azure Stonehopper
Weekly WantsTomato, HydratePro Fertilizer, Ramen, Azure Stonehopper


LikesGrilled Mushroom, Glass Bulb, Sernuk Hide, Spotted Chapaa Tail
LovesBahari Glowbug
Weekly WantsShell, Silk, Bahari Glowbug, Chapaa Masala


LikesOnion Seed, Glass Pane, Unopened Oyster, Silk Thread, Onion
LovesDragon’s Beard Peat
Weekly WantsCarrot Seed, Rice Seed, Green Pearl, Pearl


LikesClay, QualityUp Fertilizer, Chapaa Meat, Sernuk Meat
LovesVampire Crab
Weekly WantsChannel Catfish, QualityUp Fertilizer, Scarlet Koi, Gold Bar

Einar (Romanceable)

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LikesGillyfin, Prism Trout
LovesMottled Gobi
Weekly WantsSilver Salmon, Yellow Perch, Vampire Crab, Radiant Sunfish


LikesCantankerous Koi, Duskray, Sernuk Antlers
LovesPearl, Fairy Mantis
Weekly WantsCalico Koi, Cerulean Cicada, Beluga Sturgeon, Green Pearl


LikesLeather, Bluefin Tuna, Silk Thread, Pearl
Weekly WantsChapaa Fur, Silk

Hassian (Romanceable)

LikesFlint, Brightshroom, Sernuk Antlers, Sernuk Hide, Spotted Chapaa Tail
LovesProudhorned Sernuk Antlers
Weekly WantsLeather, Brightshroom, Iron Bar


LikesGrilled Meat, Acorn, Copper Ore, Silk Thread
Weekly WantsGrilled Mushroom, Painted Perch, Trout Dinner


LikesSernuk Antlers, Flow-Infused Wood, Chapaa Fur, Copper Bar, Grilled Meat, Leather, Silk Thread
Weekly WantsStone Brick, Sernuk Noodle Stew, Iron Ore

Jel (Romanceable)

LikesBat Ray, Barracuda, Fabric, Kilima Catfish, Pearl, Sundrop Lily, Crystal Lake Lotus, Sernuk Antlers
LovesPearl, Willow Lamprey
Weekly WantsEyeless Minnow, Striped Chapaa Tail, Pearl, Willow Lamprey

Jina (Romanceable)

LikesFlint, Heart Root, Brightshroom, Mountain Morel, Pearl, Wagon Wheel
LovesMutated Angler, Dari Cloves
Weekly WantsWagon Wheel, Cotton, Radiant Sunfish, Rainbow-Tipped Butterfly


LikesWagon Wheel Ramen, Grilled Meat, Tomato
LovesLoaded Potato Soup, Bouillabaisse
Weekly WantsChapaa Meat, Garden Ladybug, Azure Chapaa Tail, Gold Bar

Kenyatta (Romanceable)

LikesCreamy Carrot Soup, Brushtail Dragonfly, Chapaa Fur, Sernuk Hide, Sernuk Antlers, Pearl, Silk Thread
LovesProudhorn Sernuk Antlers, Meaty Stir Fry
Weekly WantsCrystal Lake Lotus, Inky Dragonfly, Alligator Gar, Fairy Mantis


LikesSweet Leaf, Copper Bar, Bat Ray, Coral, Pearl, Sardine, Copper Ore
Weekly WantsCopper Ore, Copper Bar, Honey Loach, Blueberry Pie

Nai’O (Romanceable)

LikesRice Seed, Stone Brick, Chapaa Meat, Sernuk Antlers, Sernuk Hide
LovesIron Bar, Steak Dinner
Weekly WantsWagon Wheel, HydratePro Fertilizer, Blueberry Jam, Steak Dinner

Reth (Romanceable)

LikesCreamy Carrot Soup, Potato, Grilled Meat, Onion, Sweet Leaf, Ramen
LovesApple Jam
Weekly WantsSernuk Meat, Creamy Carrot Soup, Raspberry Bettle, Dari Cloves


LikesCopper Ore, Oily Anchovy, Grilled Mushroom, Sardine, Sernuk Meat
LovesSilver Ore
Weekly WantsGrilled Meat, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Fireworks Arrow

Tamala (Romanceable)

LikesEmerald Carpet Moss, Chapaa Fur, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Sernuk Hide
LovesRadiant Sunfish, Green Pearl
Weekly WantsEmerald Carpet Moss, Brightshroom, Radiant Sunfish

Tish (Romanceable)

LikesClay, Dawnray, Treasure Chests, Green Pearl, Elder Sernuk Antlers, Pearl, Sernuk Antlers, Sundrop Lily
LovesSilk Thread, Green Pearl
Weekly WantsSundrop Lily, Heartwood Plank, Pearl, Green Pearl


LikesSilvery Minnow, Fish Stew, Silk Thread, Silver Ore, Pearl, Sashimi
LovesSilk Thread
Weekly WantsGrilled Fish, Golden Salmon, Fried Catfish Dinner, Green Pearl


Palia by Singularity 6 is a free-to-play cosy fantasy MMORPG inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game will be out on PC for closed beta on August 2nd 2023 and open beta on August 10th 2023, sign up here to get registered!

The game is expected to come out on the Nintendo Switch in Winter 2023.


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