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Palia – The Complete Bug Catching Guide

Palia is the latest cozy massive multiplayer online game and if you’re a fan of multiplayer Stardew Valley, then you’ll be happy to know that Palia is out now in open beta. In the world of Palia you’re one of the first reborn humans in centuries and you’re going to learn to live in this world of fantasy. Build your home, plant your crops, make friends with the elven villagers and more.

There are currently eight main skills that you can do in Palia to get by. They are: Foraging, Gardening, Hunting, Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Insect Catching and Furniture Making. To get started on any of these skills simply follow the quests that you’re assigned to at the beginning of the game and then keep working on them to level up. Whatever you do more of the higher that skill rank will reach.

In this Palia guide, we’ll go through the ins and outs of catching bugs and insects around the world. This includes how to catch those critters, where they can be found and more.

Disclaimer: Palia is currently out in Beta mode, as such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


How To Start Bug Catching

To start catching insects in Palia you’re going to need the Makeshift Belt. You’ll get this in the mail on your first day in Palia in the “Welcome to Palia” Quest. A letter from Auni will have the Makeshift Belt enclosed and later when you speak to Auni, he’ll give you 20x Standard Smoke Bombs to use with it.

Much like hunting, catching bugs will involve you sneaking up on these critters in the wild. You can often find grasshoppers and butterflies floating about in the field. Try not to run after them at once, just casually go nearby and with your Belt equipped and select which bomb you’d like to use with the RMB. Then hold down your LMB to aim and toss it at a bug.

If you’re successful a small area of smoke will appear with an angry red mark above the bug. The bug will be a bit dazed out and remain still at this time, then you can head over to pick them up. Do note that some insects will require several bombs to knock them out so just keep tossing them until they stop moving.

Tip: Aim slightly above the insect instead of at the groundm especially for hopping bugs.


Levelling Up Your Insect Catching Skill

You’ll gain experience in your insect catching skill by catching insects. The type of insect you catch will also influence the amount of experience you earn to level up your insect catching skill. As you level up, you can unlock more features and benefits. Once you meet specific level requirements, you can go back to Auni and check if he has upgraded items, and equipment such as bait, and cooking recipes.


Insect Catching Upgrades

As your Insect Catching skill level increases, you’ll have access to a host of new insect catching upgrades including better – Belts, Bombs and other Consumables that will help you in your Insect Catching journey.


You’ll be able to craft better and more efficient bug catching belts ad your level increases. Just check in with Auni when you’ve reached the specific skill level to get the belt recipes.

BeltInsect Catching LvlRecipe Cost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Standard BeltLvl. 3250g1x Makeshift Belt
4x Leather
3x Copper Bar
Fine BeltLvl. 61500g2x Fabric
3x Iron Bar
1x Standard Belt
Exquisite BeltLvl. 93000g2x Silk
1x –
1x Fine Belt


BombsInsect Catching LvlRecipe Cost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Standard Smoke Bomb1x Clay
1x Sundrop Lily
Sneaky Smoke BombLvl. 3100g1x Clay
1x Sundrop Lily
1x Chapaa Fur
Sticky Smoke BombLvl. 6500g1x Clay
1x Fabric
1x Sweet Leaf
Supreme Smoke BombLvl. 93000g1x Clay
1x Pearl
1x Silk


ConsumableInsect Catching LvlDescriptionRecipe Cost In StoreCrafting Recipe
Smoke CandleLvl. 5“Emits a soothing smoke that lasts prevents you from alerting bugs”1000g
5 Bug Catching Medals
1x Any Meat
1x Emerald Carpet Moss
1x Coral
Honey LureLvl. 7“When placed on the ground, lures more insects for a short period of time.”2000g
Buzzy JarLvl. 8“Allows you to track rare insects for 15 minutes.”2500g

Insect Locations


InsectTime of DayRaritySell Price
Brushtail DragonflyAll DayCommon13
Common Blue ButterflyMorning, DayCommon12
Common Field CricketNightCommon16
Duskwing ButterflyMorning, DayUncommon34
Firebreathing DragonflyAll DayRare125
Garden LeafhopperAll DayUncommon49
Garden MantisAll DayUncommon36
Garden MillipedeAll DayUncommon36
Golden Glory BeeMorning, DayRare125
Gossamer Veil MothEvening, NightRare110
Kilima Night MothEvening, NightCommon13
Princess LadybugAll DayRare145
Proudhorned Stag BeetleAll DayUncommon46
Raspberry BeetleAll DayRare145
Spotted MantisAll DayRare120
Spotted StinkbugAll DayCommon16

Bahari Bay

InsectTime of DayRaritySell Price
Ancient Amber BeetleAll DayEpic360
Azure StonehopperAll DayRare150
Bahari BeeAll DayUncommon39
Bahari CrabAll DayCommon16
Bahari GlowbugEvening, NightRare145
Brighteye ButterflyMorning, DayRare110
Brushtail DragonflyAll DayCommon13
Common Bark CicadaMorning, DayCommon21
Common Blue ButterflyMorning, DayCommon12
Cerulean CicadaMorning, DayUncommon60
Fairy MantisAll DayEpic360
Garden LadybugAll DayUncommon46
Garden SnailAll DayUncommon36
Hairy MillipedeAll DayRare120
Inky DragonflyAll DayUncommon49
Jewelwing DragonflyAll DayEpic360
Kilima Night MothEvening, NightCommon13
Leafstalker MantisAll DayRare120
Lunar Fairy MothEvening, NightUncommon34
Paper Lantern BugEvening, NightCommon16
Rainbow-Tipped ButterflyMorning, DayEpic360
Scintillating CentipedeAll DayRare120
Spineshell CrabAll DayUncommon46
Spitfire CicadaMorning, DAyRare145
Spotted StinkbugAll DayCommon16
Stripeshell SnailEvening, NightRare120
Vampire CrabEvening, NightRare145


Palia by Singularity 6 is a free-to-play cosy fantasy MMORPG inspired by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game will be out on PC for closed beta on August 2nd 2023 and open beta on August 10th 2023, sign up here to get registered!

The game is expected to come out on the Nintendo Switch in Winter 2023.