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Loftia – A Cozy Farming MMO In A Solarpunk World

Loftia is an upcoming solarpunk massive multiplayer online game, but unlike most MMOs doesn’t focus on combat. Instead, it’s all about farming, crafting, exploring and helping the environment with your friends!

Cozy multiplayer games have been on the rise and if you’re a fan of this genre then you must also be excited for Palia coming out on open beta in a couple of days. But while Palia is set in a world of fantasy, Loftia is set in an alternate universe where technology and society are built around green energy, nature and other sustainable business practices. This means that homes and farms are built with a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. You’ll be involved in recycling materials, utilising hydroponics, solar energy and more.

Loftia came out on Kickstarter yesterday and its already fully funded campaign will run throughout the month of August. Here’s everything we know about the game so far.


The World of Loftia

Loftia City is a floating oasis built above the clouds with three unique districts to explore, build and thrive in with your friends.

There’s the Freefolk District which is kind of like the city’s main square. In there you’ll find a Study Cafe, a Bakery and of course a Boba Shop. There’s the Hanging Gardens Network, the place in Loftia where you can get involved with community farming or adopt a new best friend. As well as the Tech Hub that’s all about developing and producing technology that will contribute to the sustainable living of the people of Loftia City.

You’ll also be able to explore the floating islands surrounding Loftia. Here you can explore with friends and uncover new secrets.


Gameplay Features

Sustainable Farming

Farming in Loftia involves a bit more technology and community involvement than just digging the ground in your farm and using a watering can. As part of this world, everyone will contribute to communal farms that will use sustainable farming techniques such as hydroponics, polyculture etc.

There are over 50 fruits, vegetables and flowers that are being planned for game development. These fruits and vegetables will help supply the various shops and restaurants in Loftia. And you’ll even be able to use the produce to refine it into other goods such as wine or looking after your own beehive.


Green Energy

In this solarpunk world, Loftia chooses to focus on harnessing energy cleanly and sustainably while working together with nature. This means that energy can come from building hydro stations on neighbouring islands or solar energy to harness the power of the sun. You can even hook up your own flying fish turbines to catch the wind in the sky.

All this captured energy can be stored in EcoCells, a special battery made from recycled materials.



The world of Loftia heavily relies on products and goods donated by players, reinforcing the idea of recycling and minimizing waste in the market. That being said, collaboration will be one of the key features of Loftia. Whether you choose to embark on this adventure with your friends or on your own, you’ll be able to make new friends and work together with others.

Together Loftia players will need to work on community projects to build a better, most sustainable world. These projects like Hydro Turbines or the Loftia Metro will unlock new resources, areas, stories and more.



The world of Loftia is home to a huge world ready for you to explore. Go solo or with your friends to scavenge through deserted factories, mines and unexplored mountains. You can even join or gather up a group of 10 to go on a ‘Grand Adventure’. The surrounding islands of Loftia make a great starting ground for all sorts of resource gathering and exploration.

These adventures have been inspired by Fall Guys, It Takes Two and The Witness. So I’m expecting some cosy co-op, puzzle-solving mechanics. And potentially a foot race.


Creative Customisation

Decorating is a fun element of most cosy sims and it’s been highlighted as a gameplay feature of Loftia as well! In this game, you’ll have your own living space that you can decorate as you see fit. There are a number of themed furniture, decorations and wallpapers for you to customise your home with.


Cute Pets

A big draw to any cosy game is the abundance and availability of some soft fuzzy friends. Thankfully in Loftia, you’re able to rescue and adopt several species of wildlife native to the land. These come in the shape of dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more. Bonus points for being able to give them cute outfits.


World Events

Celebrate Earth Day, Halloween, and other exciting holidays and events right here in the world of Loftia! Participate in special mini-games with the chance to win exclusive wallpapers, skins, outfits, and rewards galore.


Loftia Kickstarter

Loftia’s Kickstarter campaign launched on August 1st 2023 and will run throughout the entire month of August. And as of the time of writing the game has garnered over USD$300,000 in support, which is more than double its original goal of USD$150,000.

Loftia is expected to be released in Early Access on December 2024 and fully released in December 2025 for the PC and Nintendo Switch.