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5 of the Best Souls-Like Games That You Must Try in 2023

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you must have heard of souls-like games. A souls-like game belongs to the family of action-adventure and action role-playing games. In fact, it’s a subgenre of action-adventure and action role-playing games. Soul-like games typically revolve around environmental storytelling, mostly in a dark fantasy setting.

If you’re tired of your usual action games and want to try a different genre for a change, soul-like games are a must try. In this article today, we’ve compiled a list of the best soul-like games that you must try in case you haven’t already, so stick around to find more.


Code Vein 

Code Vein is an amazing anime souls-like game. It takes you into a post-apocalyptic world where you and other players take different roles as vampires. Here’s the twist: whenever we talk about an apocalypse, we get to hear about zombies but not in Code Vein. Yes, it revolves around vampires. The owner of the game proudly calls it a souls-like game and offers incredible things for everyone who likes this gaming genre. 

Also, it’s mostly a single-player game; however, as a protagonist, you get to have a partner character. It is something that makes Code Vein relatively easy; however, there are still a lot of tricky areas where you need to keep your eyes and ears open. 


Lords of the Fallen 

When it comes to souls-like games, it’s almost impossible to not mention Lords of the Fallen. It is one of the first souls-like games, clearly a unique one, and still relevant to this day. It doesn’t have a lot of fun effects like new souls-like games these days; however, it allows you a variety of weapons and abilities, and swinging them here and there makes it quite a satisfying experience.

What makes it different from the rest is that it comes with a risk-reward system, which makes players push through a little harder. It even makes dying a lot fun, which is unlike any other souls-like game. Plus, there’s smoke in the air that its sequel/reboot is launching soon


Mortal Shell

Ranking third is Mortal Shell which takes its inspiration from the Dark Souls Trilogy. It offers a relatively similar grimdark experience where you find a nameless character going on a mission to change the world for good. Mortal Shell heavily relies on environmental storyless and if you spend some time playing it, you’ll know that it’s actually a pretty rewarding game. 

It’s available on Xbox Game Pass, so in case you haven’t tried it earlier, you should definitely do it now. Plus, it’s the best game for anyone who enjoys specific storylines and not just adventure games.



Steelrising, even though not the best souls-like game, could be very exciting for some with its incredible premise and amazing combat. Besides that, it’s a treat for those who enjoy history as it revolves around the French Revolution in which the king uses clock-operated robots to scare off the rebels and forcefully take them into submission.

Following the laws of nature, everything turns out exactly the opposite of what the king expects as the robots eventually start working on their own uprising. That’s when the players of the game jump in, putting an end to the slaughter and saving people in France as well as the human race from a catastrophe.


The Surge/The Surge 2

If you’re a fan of Robo Souls, you’ll fall in love with the Surge and its sequel, the Surge 2. The first one, the Surge, wasn’t as big of a hit in the world of souls-like games as the Surge 2. Yes, the game found its footing with its sequel and while it finely imitates the formula of Dark Souls, it brings along a lot of futuristic elements that nearly alter your gaming experience. 

Moreover, it offers many sweet rewards to its players. It allows you to upgrade your character with new abilities throughout the game, which keeps you motivated as you’re on your way to become a kickass legend. 


How to Improve Your Souls-Like Gaming Experience? 

Like all those trending action games these days, souls-like games can also be super fun. In case they aren’t at the moment, you can always improve your gaming experience.

For one, we suggest you invest in the right gaming gear.

Get yourself a gaming screen that will take your experience to the sky as well as a gaming keyboard and mouse. If you’re more of the listening type, please don’t forget to invest in high-quality speakers or a sound bar. The background sounds, of course, make a huge difference at the end of the day. 

On top of that, we suggest you download and install a VPN on your PC for a safer and smoother gaming experience. You can play your favorite souls-like game for hours without having to worry about anything and read all the gaming news with a VPN for Chrome or any other internet browser that you’re using. It’s as simple as that. 


The Takeaway 

There are many genres and subgenres when it comes to gaming. If you’re a true gaming enthusiast, we suggest you try all gaming genres and subgenres. The same goes for souls-like games. They’re unique in their own way and quite fun, of course. Thus, we suggest you must try them out and have a fun experience.