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Volcano Princess – Cooking and Recipe Guide

Volcano Princess isn’t your typical RPG adventure game, instead of going on adventures yourself you’ll be raising a daughter to that all for you. Depending on how you choose to encourage her, what activities to teach her or even show her how to react to other people will affect her future as well as the future of the entire county.

Being a single Dad is hard and after your wife passes you’re left to make all the decisions of your daughter’s day-to-day activities. What she should do, how she should study, and even who she should befriend are all important decisions. And to help you along Volcano Princess has a fun cooking mechanic that will aid you in all aspects greatly.

Cooking recipes can help increase action points, stats, mood and other attributes. They even make great gifts for new friends and prospective marriage partners. In this guide, we’ll go through all the recipes, how to cook and where to get all the ingredients in Volcano Princess.


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How To Start Cooking

For some reason, the only kitchen-type area you can access in Volcano Princess is at Wild Horse Lake. When you’re able to access the area you’ll see a pot in the middle of the grounds. Access it to begin cooking!

Cooking will happen by simply putting ingredients into the pot. And you’ll be able to acquire new recipes by levelling up your cooking skill in the skills tab. When you start cooking more you’ll be able to cook food at a “gold star level“, meaning that they’ll have a + on the end of it. Such as “Filling Bread+”. These foods have better quality stats when eaten and some characters prefer only the gold star version of meals.


Cooking Skill Levels

You’ll get 1 EXP point per dish made. (Double and extra dishes do not count).

LevelExp. to next levelDouble ChanceFood+ ChanceRecipes Unlocked
2105%20%Snow Smoothies and Creamy Baked Egg
32010%30%Nutritious Carrot Pork and Horse Milk Wine
43015%40%Lobster Gratin and Wild Berry Roast Pork
520%50%Exp. to the next level

Volcano Princess Recipes

LvlRecipeIngredientsEffectGold Star Effect +Favoured By
1Filling Bread2 WheatAction Point + 1Action Point + 1
Mood +5
1Pan-fried Meat Sausage2 Beast MeatAction Point + 1Action Point + 2Basilou
1Giant Omelette2 Giant EggAction Point + 1Action Point + 1
Mood +5
1Sizzling Grilled Fish2 FishAction Point + 2Action Point + 3Hackett, Jermaine
1Grilled Lobster Meat2 Fire LobsterAction Point + 3Action Point + 4Benson
4Wild Berry Roast Pork3 Beast Meat
2 Wild Plum
Action Point + 3Action Point + 4Claude
5Grape Custard2 Grape
1 Horse Milk
Charisma + 1EMO + 10
IMG + 10
Charisma + 1
5Grape Jam2 GrapeEMO + 20EMO + 30Nina
4Lobster Gratin2 Fire Lobster
1 Beast Meat
HP cap + 2HP cap + 4
1Fairy Carrot Gnocchi2 Fairy CarrotINT + 10
IMG + 10
INT + 15
IMG + 15
Claire, Kenneth
1Horse Milk Pudding5 Horse MilkMind + 1INT + 20
Mind + 1
1Stallion’s Diced Carrot2 CarrotMood + 10Mood + 20Derrick
1Cold Seaweed2 KelpMood + 10Mood + 20
1Jasmine Tea2 JasmineMood + 10Mood + 20Connie
1Wild Berry Wine2 Wild Plum
1 Wheat
Mood + 10Mood + 20Mary
5Aromatic Wine2 Grape
1 Wheat
Mood + 20Mood + 30Lebsa
2Creamy Baked Egg2 Horse Milk
2 Giant Egg
Mood + 25Mood + 30Lon
2Snow Smoothies2 Snow Flower
2 Ice
Stamina + 1
Mood + 10
Stamina + 1
Mood + 20
3Nutritious Carrot Pork2 Carrot
1 Beast Meat
STR + 20STR + 30Mona
3Horse Milk Wine4 Horse Milk
1 Wheat
Stamina + 1STR + 20
Stamina + 1

Ingredients List

Beast Meat⭐⭐ Explore – Any area
Small Animals if left in inventory after a month
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Giant Egg⭐⭐ Explore – Holy Light Valley, Flame River, Hell Beach
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Wild Plum⭐⭐ Explore – Oasis Forest
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Fire Lobsters⭐⭐⭐⭐ Explore – Flame River
Carrot Sowing Carrot Seeds
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Fairy Carrot⭐⭐ Sowing Carrot Seeds – Rare harvest from “Land Gift” talent skill
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Wheat Sowing Wheat Seeds
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Ice⭐⭐⭐ Explore – Holy Light Valley
Shiny Spots in Winter
Grapes⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sowing Grape Seeds
Fish⭐⭐ Wild Horse Lake – Rowboat
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Kelp⭐⭐ Wild Horse Lake – Rowboat
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Horse Milk⭐⭐ Horse Stables – Horses produce milk each month
Purchase from Family Restaurant
Snow Flower⭐⭐⭐⭐ Explore – Hell Beach
Explore Event – Hot Springs (Any Area)
Jasmine⭐⭐ Sowing Flower Seeds


The Volcano Goddess has blessed the land of her people. She brought prosperity to a country flourishing in the medieval era. After the death of your late wife, you are left alone to parent your daughter. So the question remains, how will you raise her, and what kind of life will the choices you make lead her to?

Volcano Princess is out now on PC – Steam.