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Remnant 2 – All Archetype Class Guide (Updated)

Remnant 2 is the sequel to the original, Remnant: From The Ashes by Gunfire Games. In Remnant 2 you’ll still be facing off against deadly creatures and god-like bosses but in this new iteration, a few things have changed. Archetypes or a type of hero class is something that’s brought over from the previous game but they now work quite differently from what you might be used to. This time what Archetype you select will have a bigger impact than it did from the previous game.

In Remnant 2 they’ll have nine Archetypes for you to choose from – Gunslinger, Hunter, Challenger, Handler, Medic, Engineer, Summoner, Alchemist and Explorer. This is an important choice that will see the way you and/or your team plays. These classes come with their starting weapons and have a set of fixed abilities that will unlock as you rank up.

Towards the later/mid-point of the game, you’ll be able to add on an additional secondary Archetype. When you have this you’ll be able to receive all the Skills, Perks and traits of that secondary class, minus the Prime Perk. That’s something that will stay exclusive to the first Archetype you’ll equip.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about each Archetype in Remnant 2 so that you can choose which of them fits your gameplay style.


Remnant 2 Archetypes

Choosing which Archetype is the right one for you in Remnant 2 is a personal choice that could be dependent on your playstyle, skill level and even overall group dynamics. I’d say that so far the Hunter and the Challenger have a fairly high skill ceiling and are not a great first pick for the uninitiated.

For beginner-level players or those playing solo, your best Archetypes to go with are the Handler and Gunslinger. The Medic is an excellent support for group play as well and should be easy for beginner-level play.

Class NameClass Comparison
GunslingerRanged DPS, Burst-Damage DPS, Self-Buffing DPS
HunterSniper, Assassin, Thief, Sharpshooter
ChallengerTank, Melee DPS, Bruiser, Berserker
HandlerSummoner, Buffer, Summon-Based DPS, Offtank
MedicHealer, Support, Dual-Type Support/DPS
EngineerHeavy Weapons, Turret Support
SummonerMinions, Health Regen, Being Evil
InvaderEvasion, Shadow Decoys
AlchemistUtility, Support, Buffing Allies
ExplorerFinding Loot, General Utility
ArchonMod Power, Mod Generation


Class Type Comparison: Mid-Range DPS, Burst-Damage DPS, Self-Buffing DPS

Prime Perk: LoadedActivating a Gunslinger Skill instantly reloads both firearms and grants infinite ammo on all weapons for 8s.
Archetype Traits: Ammo ReservesIncreases Ammo Reserves by 50% (5% at Level 1)
Starting Weapons Wrangler 1860 Long Gun – Hunting Rifle
The Western Classic Handgun – Single-action classic Revolver
Scrap Hatchet – A Melee weapon made from scrap

The Gunslinger is your solid all-around DPS character that’s focused on damage output. They enjoy peppering the field with bullets and thankfully have a solid Ammo Reserves Trait to back them up. They have much more ammo than any other class and their perk also helps their teammates with Ammo management.

Choose to play a Gunslinger if you enjoy a faster play style and prefer to prioritise high attack speeds over the damage. It’s a useful Archetype for both co-op and solo play.

Gunslinger Skills

Quick Draw  Unload up to six Critical Shots from the hip. Each shot deals 35 base damage and double stagger value. Press the skill button to instantly fire toward all enemies in view within 25 meters. Upon release, rounds will be divided evenly among all targets. You can also hold and release the kill button to manually aim while holding, then release it to fire one powerful shot.
Cooldown: 40s
Sidewinder Increase ADS movement speed and draw/swap speed by 50%.
Cycling weapons will automatically reload the incoming firearm.
Skill Duration: 12s
Cooldown: 80s
Bulletstorm Increase fire rate by 20%, and reload speed by 50%.
It affects all ranged weapons and lasts for 20s. Single-shot weapons become fully automatic, and kills will instantly reload your weapon.
Bows and Crossbows do not become fully automatic, they will gain 15% critical damage and a 50% projectile speed buff.
Cooldown: 60s

Gunslinger Perks

Swift ShotDamageGain 15% Fire Rate, 25% Ranged Damage, and 5% Crit Chance for all Fire Arms.
Damage increases with Gunslinger level.
Posse UpTeamAmmo Pickups award 30% additional ammo per player with the bonus split equally among teammates. Also causes Ammo Box to drop additional ammo on the ground.
Quick HandsUtilityFirearms gain 10% Reload Speed. The bonus is doubled if the magazine is empty.
Slight of HandRelicUsing a Relic reloads equipped Firearm and increases Ranged Damage by 15% for 10s.


Class Type Comparison: Sniper, Assassin, Thief, Sharpshooter

Prime Perk: Dead to RightsExtend the duration of a Hunter’s active skills by 3.5s by dealing ranged weakspot damage.
Archetype Traits: LongshotIncreases the ideal range of weapons by 6m, with the Weapon Range Bonus being +600 at Level 10 (+60 at Level 1)
Starting Weapons Huntmaster M1 – High-powered bolt-action Hunting Rifle
Repeater Pistol – High fire-rate Semi-Automatic Pistol
Steel Sword – A long sharp bladed Melee Weapon made from car leaf springs

The Hunter Archetype are for our FPS veterans aka you Counter-Strike and Valorant pros. Hello, welcome. These guys are essentially the ‘Snipers’ of the team. Picking off enemies from afar and using their invisibility to dip in and out of gunfights. Their perk Ideal Weapon Range is also an excellent secondary Archetype ability to have in the game.

For solo players who want to choose the Hunter Archetype, you’ll need to be more careful, as surviving some of the more aggressive mob situations can be tough.

Hunter Skills

Hunter’s Mark Casts an aura that automatically applies Mark to all enemies within 35 meters.
Mark increases critical damage by 15% against an enemy for all allies.
Hunter also gains 15 increased ranged and melee damage.
Skill Duration: 25s
Cooldown: 70s
Hunter’s Focus Aiming at an enemy for 0.01 seconds will apply a Mark.
Continuously aiming down sights uninterrupted and without shooting for one second causes the Hunter to enter a Focused state. The Focused state will reduce weapon spread, recoil, and sway by 75% . It will grant 25% ranged, ranged weakspot damage and 10% ranged critical chance.
Hunter’s Shroud Hunter becomes Shrouded, reducing enemy awareness and making them harder to hit while moving. Attacking or activating a mod or skill will instantly exit Shroud.
Exiting Shroud applies Mark to all enemies within 10 meters and grants Ambush for two seconds.
Ambush increases ranged and melee damage by 50% which diminishes over its duration. Ranged and Melee attacks will apply Mark.
Hunter will automatically Shroud again after 1.15 seconds if no offensive action is taken. Cooldown: 90s

Hunter Perks

DeadeyeDamageGain 40% Ranged Damage, 15% Weakspot Damage and 5% Ranged Critical Change. Damage increases with Hunter Level.
Return to SenderTeamKills due to Weakspot and Critical Hits increase Ammo drops by 50% and double the chance of Ammo drops.
UrgencyUtilityFirearms gain 15% Reload Speed and 15% increased Movement Speed after a Kill. Lasts 5s.
IntuitionRelicUsing a Relic extends the duration of any active Hunter Skill by 10s. Effect degrades with each subsequent use. Weakspot Kills against Marked enemies increase the speed of the next Relic Use within 15s by 5%. Stacks up to 10 times.


Class Type Comparison: Tank, Melee DPS, Bruiser, Berserker

Prime Perk: Die HardUpon taking fatal damage, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for 3s and regenerates 100% of Max Health. Can only happen once every 10 minutes.
Resets at Worldstone or on death.
Archetype Traits: Strong BackReduces Encumbrance by 10 at Level 10 (Reduces by 1 at Level 1).
Starting Weapons AS-10 Bulldog – Fully automatic Drum-Fed Shotgun
Silverback Model 500 – Short-barreled six-shooter Handgun
Iron Greatsword – A giant broadsword Melee Weapon made from railroad tracks

The Challenger Archetype are for veterans of the Soulsbourne games. They’ve even decked them out in the classic medical Dark Souls armour to start with. As you might guess this class focuses on skills and perks for close combat. For those of you that are comfortable with this playstyle and want to take on Remnant 2 in another way then the Challenger Archetype is for you.

The Challenger is also a good tank-type option for those of you playing in a co-op party. It is a class that can be soloed but in order to be successful there is a certain skill ceiling for it.

Challenger Skills

War Stomp Creates a high-impact tremor that deals damage and additional stagger in a forward cone up to 7.5 meters.
Deals damage in all directions at point-blank range.
Cooldown: 50s
Juggernaut Gain three stacks of Bulwark, 15% increased movement speed and melee speed, and 50% increased melee damage. Stagger level is reduced by one.
Skill Duration: 25s
Cooldown: 60s
Rampage Increases fire rate by 15%, reload speed by 20%, and movement speed by 10%. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Kills and dealing significant damage grant one stack of Rage, which increases ranged damage by 2.5% per stack.
Upon reaching 10 stacks, the Challenger goes Berserk, reloading their current firearm and doubling Rampage effects for 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 90s

Challenger Perks

Close QuartersDamageGrants a 35% increase to All Damage to enemies within 10m. Damage bonus tapers off until 20m. Critical Chance is increased by up to 10%. Damage increases with Challenger level.
Intimidating PresenceTeamAfter activating a Challenger Skill, enemies within 10m deal 10% less damage for 15s with an additional 2.5% damage reduction per enemy affected. (Max 10%).
PowerlifterUtilityStamina cost increase for each weight bracket and Stamina Regen Delay are reduced by 50%.
Fear of DangerRelicUsing a Relic within 10m of an enemy grants 2 stacks of Bulwark and 10% increased Damage for 10s.


Class Type Comparison: Summoner, Buffer, Summon-Based DPS, Offtank

Prime Perk: BondedWhen Handler is downed, Companion will attempt to revive them at 50% Max Health. Can be used to revive allies with Command. A downed ally must have a Relic Charge.
Archetype Traits: KinshipReduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received by 80% at Level 10 (reduces by 8% at Level 1).
Starting Weapons Blackmaw AR-47 – Medium capacity fully automatic Rifle
Tech 22 – A small-calibre, medium-capacity Automatic Pistol with a suppressor attached
Rusted Claws – Old canine training braces converted into claw Melee Weapons

The Handler Archetype has absolutely everything going for it. With a solid assault rifle and a rapid-fire automatic pistol, you can keep most standard enemies at bay all by yourself. The best thing about the Handler however is that you’ll have a strong dog companion at your side. More than just an emotional support animal however your furry buddy can distract enemies, deal solid damage, and even has a chance to revive you in combat.

Extremely useful for solo players taking on Remnant 2. But it is also an amazing Support-type Class for those of you playing in a team. And not to worry you can definitely pet the dog.

Handler Skills

Guard Dog Companions will follow the Handler and generate 15% increased Threat while attacking. Threat affects the likelihood that enemies aggro to a character.
All damage to them is reduced by 20%.
Activating the skill with a single press will have the companion attack enemies at the target location. You can target using the reticle. Double-tapping the skill button will return the companion to the Handler. Holding the skill button will cause the companion to howl, reducing enemy damage by 15% to all allies within 20 meters.
Skill Duration: 20s
Cooldown: 90s
Support Dog Companion will follow the Handler and continuously heal allies within a 3.5-meter radius for 0.25 of max health each second.
Single tap, double tap, and hold work the same as above.
Attack Dog• Companion will follow the Handler and deal 20% additional damage.
• Single tap, double tap, and hold work the same as above.

Handler Perks

Pack HunterDamageGain 30% Ranged and Skill Damage and 5% Ranged and Skill Critical Chance while Companion is active and within 25m of the player. Damage increases with Handler level.
Spirit of the WolfTeamIncreases Movement Speed by 10%. All allies with 10m of the Handler gain the Handler’s Movement Speed (if faster). Reduces the Stamina cost of actions for allies by 15%.
TeamworkUtilityHandler and Companion gain 30% increased Revive Speed. While Handler or Companion are reviving, they receive 50 percent less damage.
Best FriendRelicHandler and Companion gain 30% increased Revive Speed. While Handler or Companion are reviving, they receive 50% less damage.


Class Type Comparison: Healer, Support, Dual-Type Support/DPS

Prime Perk: RegeneratorAfter restoring 250 Total Health to allies, regain a spent Relic charge. Resting or Respawning at a Worldstone resets healing accumulation. Each additional player increases this healing requirement by 50%.
Archetype Traits: TriageIncreases Healing by 50% at Level 10 (5% at Level 1).
Starting Weapons XMG57 Bonesaw – A Heavy Machine Gun with a long reload time and a high capacity, but can also overheat.
Service Pistol – A standard-issue sidearm pistol that’s designed to be the most ‘basic’ of basic weapons
Steel Flail – Unorthodox Melee Weapon that converts momentum into destruction. Has a unique Charge Attack.

The Medic is focused on healing and support, whether alone or in groups. They specialize in survivability thanks to enhanced healing and Relic effectiveness. Essentially, a medic will just be able to heal more than any other class using the same items, so if you are like me and get hit a lot, this is for you.

As you probably expected, a Medic is only good when there are other people around to heal. If you’re going into tough fights with a Medic in your team, then you’ll have very little trouble taking it down as they can quickly revive teammates and keep you topped up. However, choosing it as a solo player may not as make as much sense.

Medic Skills

Wellspring The Medic channels healing energy into their fist, punching a hole in the ground to create a 3-meter Healing Spring area of effect which restores ten health per second and greatly increases Blight decay rate.
Skill Duration: 15s
Cooldown: 60s
Healing Shield The Medic quickly expels healing energy to shield all allies within 25 meters for 100% of their maximum health.
While shielded, allies regenerate 20% of their max health over the duration.
Skill Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 100s
Redemption• The Medic unleashes a 30-meter shockwave that revives downed allies and restores 50% of their max health over ten seconds.
• For each additional second holding the skill button, the heal gains an additional 50% (up to 200% max). Revived allies will only receive 50% of the healing amount.
• If revived, allies cannot be revived again by Redemption for another 180 seconds. This resets at the World Stone or death.
• Cooldown: 120s

Medic Perks

InvigoratedDamageGrants a 25% increase to All Damage and 5% Critical Chance. Damage increases with Medic Level.
BenevolenceTeamIncreases Relic Efficacy by 15% and heals nearby allies for 30% of the total healing value, increasing to 60% for any ally below 35% Max Health.
BackboneUtilityIncreases the hits Medic can take before losing Grey Health by 2.
BenefactorRelicIncreases Relic Use Speed by 20%. Relic Use gains -1 Stagger.


Class Type Comparison: Support, Dual-Type Support

Prime Perk: SpiritedBestows the ability to have an additional Concoction buff active, enabling versatile tactical options. Buffs increase as Alchemist level does.
Archetype Traits: PotencyIncreases the duration of all consumables by a percentage. At max level, Potency Increases Consumable Duration by 100%.
Starting Weapons Wrangler 1860 – Hunting Rifle
Double Barrel – A short-barreled Handgun
Bone Chopper – A razor-sharp hand axe designed for separating flesh from bone. Can deliver devastating double attacks when charged.

The Alchemist is a support and utility-focused character Archetype. They excel at providing powerful buffs to their allies through the use of vials and consumables. As an Alchemist, their main role is to enhance the effectiveness of their team by providing various beneficial effects and protective abilities. 

Alchemist Skills

Vial: Stone Mist Creates a mysterious vapor cloud which lasts 10s and applies STONESKIN.
STONESKIN reduces incoming damage by 25%, greatly increases Blight Buildup Decay Rate, reduces Stagger by 1, and makes the target immune to Status Effects.
Skill Duration: 15s
Cooldown: 72s
Vial: Frenzy Dust Creates a mysterious vapour cloud which lasts 10s and applies FRENZIED.
FRENZlED increases Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Melee Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 15%.
Skill Duration: 15s
Cooldown: 72s
Vial: Elixir of Life• Creates a mysterious vapor cloud that lasts 10s and applies LIVING WILL.
• LIVING WILL grants 5 Health Regeneration per second, and automatically protects against fatal damage while active. Can revive downed players if it heals them to full when downed.
• Revived allies cannot be affected by Living Will for 180s.
Skill Duration: 20s
• Cooldown: 86s

Alchemist Perks

Liquid CourageDamageGain a 2.5%  increase to All Damage. Increases with Alchemist Level.
Upgrade: Grants a 25% increase to All Damage and 5% Critical Chance
PanaceaTeamCurative effects apply to all allies within 15m and grants 15 additional Resistance.
Upgrade: Allies affected by Panacea gain +10% Status and Blight Resistance.
Gold To LeadUtilityPicking up Scrap has a 15% chance to also award Ammo to the Alchemist.
Upgrade: Picking up Scrap or Metals also has a 15% chance to award Ammo to the Alchemist
ExperimentalistRelicUsing a Relic applies a random buff on the Alchemist for 30s. Cannot be overridden.
Upgrade: Using a Relic applies a random buff o the Alchemist and allies within 20m for 60s. Cannot obe overriden


Class Type Comparison: Tank, Brawler, Summon-Based DPS

Prime Perk: High TechHolding the SKILL button will Overclock a Carried or Deployed Heavy Weapon. Overclocking grants infinite Ammo, increased Fire Rate, and a 25% damage increase for an amount of time.
Cooldown: 60s (20s at Level 10)
Archetype Traits: FortifyIncreases the defensive capabilities of equipped armor.
Starting Weapons Pulse Rifle – Shoots accurate quick three-round bursts
Rupture Canon – Pistol shotgun with medium recoil, brisk fire rate and medium-range effectiveness. Provides a stagger bonus.
Atom Smasher – A powerful crushing device that harnesses rocket technology to increase smashing force.

A highly skilled specialist in Heavy Weaponry, capable of carrying or deploying powerful armaments in turret mode. Remnant 2 Engineer’s unique abilities, such as Fortify Metalworker, and Magnetic Field, empower them to overclock Heavy Weapons, increase skill damage, and provide damage reduction to allies. As players advance, their Heavy Weapon capabilities and armor effectiveness improve significantly. 

Engineer Skills

Heavy Weapon: Vulcan PRESS: Deploys a Vulcan Turret which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
HOLD: Deploys to Heavv Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, will Overlock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield
DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.25% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.
Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower• PRESS: Deploys a Flamethrower turret which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
• HOLD: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
• DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo
• Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.25% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.
Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon• PRESS: Deploys an Impact Cannon Turret which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
• HOLD: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
• DOUBLE PRESS: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining ammo.
• Heavy weapon ammo is regenerated by 1.25% every second, and heavy weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% ammo is available.

Engineer Perks

MetalworkerDamageIncreases Skill Damage by 5%
Heavy Weapons gain 5% Ammo Capacity, and +2.5% Max Health
Magnetic FieldTeamHeavy Weapons grant 15% Damage Reduction to all allies within 2.5m.
Upgrade: Will additionally restore Ammo to allies gradually
Heavy MobilityUtilityMovement Speed while Carrying a Heavy Weapon is increased by 35%.
Upgrade: Will additionally increase Evade Speed and Evade Distance by 25%
SuppliesRelicUsing a Relic refills 15% of Heavy Weapon Ammo. Bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed. If the Stowed Heavy Weapon is overfilled, the Engineer will drop additional Ammo based on the surplus.


Class Type Comparison: Summoner, Buffer, Summon-Based DPS, Offtank

Prime Perk: RuthlessTriggers ENRAGE in Minions when the Summoner deals damage. This boosts Minions’ Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed for 20s, making them more formidable in combat.
Archetype Traits: RegrowthIncreases the rate at which health regeneration occurs. 
Starting Weapons Crossbow – An accurate and deadly single-shot weapon that excels in medium-range engagements
MP60-R – Close-range handgun with a high rate of fire and precise bursts.
Rebellion Spear – A high-damage melee weapon that excels in ranged combat, providing focused direct damage for one-on-one encounters.

The Summoner excels in commanding minions to do their bidding. They can enrage their minions, granting them increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed. Sacrificing minions empowers the Summoner’s own attacks temporarily. Minions that expire leave healing auras, and using relics boosts their minions’ health and damage output. With diverse minion types, such as Root Hollow, Flyer, and Reaver, the Summoner wields a powerful array of abilities. 

Summoner Skills

Minion: Hollow PRESS: Summons a Root Hollow Minion to fight by your side. Costs 15% of Max Health to summon, but will not kil Summoner. Max (2)
HOLD: SACRIFICE Root Hollow Minion will explode, dealing 150 damage within 2m. Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on remaining Health of each Minion Sacrificied.
Cooldown: 30s
Minion: Flyer PRESS: Summons a Root Flyer Minion to fight by your side. Costs 10% of Max Health to summon, but will not kil Summoner. Max (2).
HOLD: SACRIFICE all Root Flyer Minions, dealing 50 damage within 3m and spawning 3 homing projectiles which explode on contact for 150 damage each
Cooldown: 45s
Minion: Reaver• PRESS: Summons a Root Reaver Minion to fight by your side. Costs 35% of Max Health to summon, but will not kil Summoner. Max (1).
• HOLD: SACRIFICE all Root Flyer Minion, dealing 200 damage within 6m and spawning Spore Bombs which bounce and explode on contact for 200 damage each.
Reduces Skill Cooldown by up to 50% based on remaining Health of Minion.
• Cooldown: 120s

Summoner Perks

DominatorDamageIncreases Mod and Skill Damage by 3.5% while a Minion is active. 
Sacrificing a Minion increases Ranged and Melee Damage by 3% for 30s or until another Minion is summoned.  Increases with Summoner level.
ResidueTeamMinions that expire lave a 3m Aura which heals 2.5% Health per second. Lasts 10s.
OutrageUtilitySacrifice grants 3% Lifesteal for each Minion Sacrificed. Lasts 10s.
InciteRelicUsing a Relic grants Minions 5% Max HP per second, and increases their damage dealt by 15%. Lasts 30s.


Class Type Comparison: Rogue

Prime Perk: ShadowCasting an Invader Skill leaves a Decoy for 3s which draws enemy fire. Deal +5% additional damage to enemies not targeting Invader.
Archetype Traits: UntouchableUpgrades the invulnerability period when evading
Starting Weapons Coach Gun – Double Barrel Shotgun
Service Pistol – Handgun
Steel Katana – Quick and agile manoeuvres

The Invader is a highly specialized character archetype that excels in elusiveness and misdirection on the battlefield. Their unique abilities allow them to deploy decoys, drawing enemy attention away from allies. With enhanced damage, reduced threat generation, and temporary invincibility, they strategically manipulate space-time to gain the upper hand in combat.

Invader Skills

Void Clock Automatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for 60s. Each auto-evade reduces the timer by 33% – 100% based on damage absorbed and spawns a Decoy for 3s.
Cooldown: 75s
Worm Hole The next Melee or Ranged attack within 5s will deal 300% damage
Holding the Skill button will show the targeting device. If an enemy is directly targeted, the caster will emerge behind them
Cooldown: 35s
Reboot• Initiates a Data Backup of the caster’s current Health, Stamina, Relic Charges, Ammo, and Negative Status Effects, which are stored for 30s
• While the Backup is active, increase Movement Speed by 15% and Damage Reduction by 10%
• Reactivating the Skill restores all saved values from the Backup and spawns a Decoy which lasts 3s
• Cooldown: 55s

Invader Perks

S.H.A.R.K.DamageSprinting for 1s or Evading adds 1 Stack of Momentum which increases Ranged and Melee damage by 0.7% for 15s. Max 5 Stacks
LoopholeTeamAll ally  Ranged and Melee damage against enemies distracted by the Invader’s Decoy grants 5% as Lifesteal
CircumventUtilityReduce the cost of Evade and Combat Slide by 10%
OverrideRelicUsing a Relic reduces Threat Generation by 25% for 10s. While Override is active, the next Evade leaves an Empowered Decoy which lasts 4s


Class Type Comparison: Support, Dual-Type Support

Prime Perk: LuckyIncreases the chances of obtaining additional items and rarer drops when defeating stronger enemies. 
Archetype Traits: SwiftnessIncreases all Movement Speed.
Starting Weapons Ford’s Scattergun – Shotgun
Repeater Pistol – Semi-automatic Handgun
Hero’s Sword – An ancient, quick, and versatile blade suited for many situations. Charge attacks cast a projectile for dealing melee damage at range.

The Explorer is a highly skilled specialist known for finding valuable items and providing essential team utility. Their expertise allows them to spawn additional items and rarer drops when defeating formidable enemies. With various abilities, the Explorer can enhance their loot-finding capabilities, boost team damage, uncover hidden treasures, and improve movement speed for all allies. Their keen eye for valuables and valuable support make them an indispensable asset on any adventure. 

Explorer Skills

Plainswalker Increases movement speed by 20% and reduces Stamina Cost by 80% for all allies.
Skill Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 59s
Gold Digger Dig into the ground to spring a fountain which grants a random buff.
Fountains can grant either: 10% increased damage, 15% damage reduction, 1.5 Health Regeneration per second, or HASTE.
Skill Duration: 45s
Cooldown: 15s
Fortune Hunter• Increases the Explorer’s treasure sense bto reveal special items within 40m for all allies.
Skill Duration: 60s
• Cooldown: 88s

Explorer Perks

ScavengerDamagePickups increase All Damage Dealt by 0.5% per stack for 15s. Addiotional Stacks increase Duration, up to 60s. Max 5 Stacks.
Upgrade: Scavenger also increase All Crit Chance by 5% while active.
Metal DetectionTeamIncrease Ammo, Currecny, and Metal Drop Rate Chance for entire party by 10%.
ProspectorUtilityRelic Fragments discovered by Explorer drop at a higher quality.
Self DiscoveryRelicUsing a Relic instantly fills Scavenger Stacks and prevents Stack Decay for 15s.


Class Type Comparison: Support, Utility

Prime Perk: TempestAutomatically generates Mod Power, ensuring a steady flow for using Mods. Additionally, when casting a Mod, the perk boosts all Mod Generation by 50% for a short duration.
Archetype Traits: Flash CasterIncreases Mod and Skill Casting Speed
Starting Weapons XMG57 Bonesaw – Prolonged suppressive fire
Enigma – Semi-automatic Handgun with Chain Lightning
• Labyrinth Staff – Additional mod power with basic strikes. A charge attack will unleash an area-of-effect strike, dealing high damage to all enemies within a short range.

The Archon embodies the support and utility-focused character archetype, wielding unparalleled expertise in Weapon Mods and Mod Power generation. With a deep understanding of the Labyrinth’s secrets, they command an array of abilities that bestow potent buffs upon their allies.

Archon Skills

Reality Rune Conjures a 7m protective dome which applies SLOW to any enemy or enemy projectiles.  Allies inside gain 25% Damage Reduction.
Skill Duration: 15s
Cooldown: 7s
Chaos Gate Conjures a 7m unstable zone which grants allies a 15% to all Damage Dealt, 25% increased Mod Generation, but increases the damage that allies take by 15%.
Skill Duration: 20s
Cooldown: 85s
Havoc Form• Unleashes the powers of the  Labyrinth to empower the caster with new abilities.
• FIRE: Blasts Lightning Tendrils from the Archon’s hand, dealing 84.2 SHOCK Damage per second to targets within 15m.
• AIM: Raises a 3m Energy Shield which deals 35 SHOCK damage per second and reduces incoming damage to all allies by 50%.
• DODGE: Performs a Blink Evade that deals 100 SHOCK damage to enemies within 3m.
Skill Duration: 30s (Duration is reduced when Havoc Form special abilities are used.)
• Cooldown: 120s

Archon Perks

AmplifyDamageIncreases Mod Damage by +5%.
Upgrade: Increases Mod Damage by +30% and grants +10% Mod Critical Chance.
Increases with Archon Level.
Power CreepTeamAfter casting a Mod, 5% of the Mod Power spent will be regenerated by all allies over 10s.
Upgrade: While Power Creep is active. allies will also gain 5% Mod Power Generation.
Spirit WithinUtilityReduces the Mod Power requirement for all Mods by 15%.
Upgrade: After casting a Mod instantly regain 15% of theMod Power spent.
Power LeakRelicReduces the Mod Power requirement for all Mods by 15%.
Upgrade: After casting a Mod instantly regain 200% of the Mod Power spent.

Remnant 2

Remnant II is the sequel to the best-selling game Remnant: From the Ashes which pits survivors of humanity against new deadly creatures and god-like bosses across terrifying worlds. Play solo or co-op with two other friends to explore the depths of the unknown to stop evil from destroying reality itself. To succeed, players will need to rely on their own skills and those of their team to overcome the toughest challenges and to stave off humanity’s extinction.

Remnant II is out on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC – Steam on the 25th of July 2023.


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