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Pekoe – Tea Brewing Guide

Pekoe brings together two of the most relaxing items in the world – tea and cats. In this game, you play as the proprietor of a tea shop in a cat town. You’ll need to brew different types of tea for the fussy cats who visit your shop, discover new recipes and upgrade your teahouse.

Tea making in Pekoe is more than just adding hot water to a tea bag. In this game, you’ll learn all about different types of tea from leaf to blossom and powder. As well as tea-making rituals and styles to form a combination of deliciously relaxing tea-based beverages. Build relationships with your cat customers, visit their teahouses and get new teaware and ingredients to make more tea.

Learn new rituals and tea-making styles to make an endless combination of recipes. Build relationships with the townsfolk, and visit their teahouses to purchase exclusive teaware and ingredients. In this guide, we’ll go through all the basics of tea brewing, types of tea, brewing temperatures and more.

Disclaimer: Pekoe was released on the 29th of June 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


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How To Brew Tea

Types of Tea

Drink Recipes


How To Brew Tea

You can brew tea in Pekoe at any time, either for you to drink yourself or for a resident or customer that comes to your teashop. There are right now in the game four different types of tea which may or may not require a piece of specific equipment to brew.

  • Teabag – No Special Equipment needed
  • Loose Leaf – Requires an Infuser Basket of Infuser Ball
  • Powdered Tea – Requires a Whisk
  • Blooming Tea – Requires a Teapot

With your tea base brewing, you can then add different ingredients to enhance the taste. This can range from sugar cubes to flower petals, milk, cream and more.

Brew your tea according to the specific instructions of the tea (listed below) and the equipment. Then grab the ingredients and put them into the teacup. Note that ingredients can’t be added to a cup that is too full of other ingredients or water.


Types of Tea


TeaCategoryRarityBrew TempSteep Time
Breakfast TeabagBlack TeaCommon90 – 100°2 – 4 mins
Chamomile TeabagHerbal TeaCommon100+°5+ mins
Dark Oolong TeabagOolong TeaRare95 – 100°2 – 3 mins
Dragon Well TeabagGreen TeaCommon85 – 90°2 – 2½ mins
Earl Grey TeabagBlack TeaCommon90 – 100°2 – 4 mins
Echinacea TeabagHerbal TeaUncommon90 – 95°3 – 5 mins
Gunpowder TeabagGreen TeaCommon70 – 80°1 – 2 mins
Jade Oolong TeabagOolong TeaUncommon90 – 95°2 – 3 mins
Jasmine TeaGreen TeaUncommon75 – 85°2 – 4 mins
Moonlight White TeabagWhite TeaRare90 – 95°2 – 3 mins
Orange Pekoe TeabagBlack TeaUncommon90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Peppermint TeabagHerbal TeaCommon90 – 95°3 – 5 mins
Rooibos TeabagHerbal TeaCommon95 – 100°5 – 7 mins
Sencha TeabagGreen TeaCommon70 – 80°½ – 1 min
Silver Needle TeabagWhite TeaUncommon80 – 85°1 – 3 mins
White Peony TeabagWhite TeaCommon70 – 80°2 – 3 mins

Loose Leaf

TeaCategoryRarityBrew TempSteep Time
Loose Leaf Autumn Flush TeaBlack TeaRare90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Breakfast TeaBlack TeaCommon90 – 100°2 – 4 mins
Loose Leaf Chamomile TeaHerbal TeaCommon100°5+ mins
Loose Leaf Dark Oolong TeaOolong TeaRare95 – 100°2 – 3 mins
Loose Leaf Dragon Well TeaGreen TeaCommon85 – 90°2 – 2½ mins
Loose Leaf Earl Grey TeaBlack TeaCommon90 – 100°2 – 4 mins
Loose Leaf Echinacea TeaHerbal TeaUncommon90 – 95°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Golden Memory TeaHerbal TeaRare75 – 80°2 – 3 mins
Loose Leaf Gunpowder TeaGreen TeaCommon70 – 80°1 – 2 mins
Loose Leaf Jade TeaGreen TeaCommon85+°3+ mins
Loose Leaf Jade Oolong TeaOolong TeaUncommon90 – 95°2 – 3 mins
Loose Leaf Jasmine TeaGreen TeaUncommon75 – 85°2 – 4 mins
Loose Leaf Monsoon Flush TeaGreen TeaUncommon90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Moonlight White TeaWhite TeaRare90 – 95°2 – 3 mins
Loose Leaf Orange Pekoe TeaBlack TeaUncommon90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Peppermint TeaHerbal TeaCommon90 – 95°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Pine TeaHerbal TeaRare90 – 100°10 – 15 mins
Loose Leaf Rooibos TeaHerbal TeaCommon95 – 100°5 – 7 mins
Loose Leaf Sencha TeaGreen TeaCommon70 – 80°½ – 1 min
Loose Leaf Silver Needle TeaWhite TeaUncommon80 – 85°1 – 3 mins
Loose Leaf Spring Flush TeaWhite TeaUncommon90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf Summer Flush TeaBlack TeaCommon90 – 100°3 – 5 mins
Loose Leaf White Peony TeaWhite TeaCommon70 – 80°2 – 3 mins

Powdered Tea

TeaCategoryRarityBrew TempSteep Time
Matcha TeaGreen TeaUncommon85+°0+ mins
Roasted TeaGreen TeaUncommon80+°0+ mins

Blooming Tea

TeaCategoryRarityBrew TempSteep Time
Blooming Dragon WellGreen TeaUncommon85 – 90°2 – 2½ mins
Blooming Jade OolongGreen TeaUncommon90 – 95°2 – 3 mins
Blooming Moonlight WhiteWhite TeaRare90 – 95°2 – 3 mins

Drink Recipes

BoBoBa Tiger Milk TeaMilk, Brown Sugar Syrup, Tapioca Pearls
Cardamom’s Cuppa CinnamonLoose Leaf Earl Grey TeaMilk, Powdered Cinnamon
Michi’s Moonlit SakuraLoose Leaf Jasmine TeaFresh Cherry Blossom
Milky Black TeaBlack TeaMilk, White Sugar Cubes
Min’s MorningDried Ginger
Mjorn’s Mulled TeaLoose Leaf Breakfast Tea Cranberry, Cinnamon sticks, Cloves, Honey
Sae’s Tropical Tea MixPineapple, Mango, Dried Passionfruit
Taffy’s Taste of HomeChamomile TeabagMilk, White Sugar Cubes
Tamsin’s Festive Rosehip PunchWhite Sugar, Cloves, Dried Rosehips, Ginger Powder, Dried Orange


Blend tea and friendship in the flavourful world of Pekoe, a cosy cat-filled tea-making simulator about taking the time for self-care and connecting with what makes you happy. Build relationships, upgrade your teahouse, and discover new recipes as you work towards creating a place you can call home.

Pekoe by Kitten Cup Studio is out on Early Access now on PC – Steam for Windows and Mac.