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One Lonely Outpost – Bug Catching Guide

One Lonely Outpost is a life and farming sim where you’re playing a colonist on a new planet. The planet of Calypso is a dry and arid place but that doesn’t mean that it’s devoid of life! In order to survive and study the area you’re going to have to get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the region. There are fish to catch and insects as well, and because we’re in space we’re not just going to swing any old bug net around to catch these critters. You’ll be using a Bug Catching Drone that will humanely deposit them in a safe little container. Yay.

In this article, we’ll go through how to catch bugs, where to find them and what you can do with them. In our One Lonely Outpost – Bug Catching Guide.

Disclaimer: One Lonely Outpost was released on the 27th of June 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions.


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How To Catch Bugs


In order to start catching bugs in One Lonely Outpost you’re going to need to craft yourself a Bug Catcher Drone.

Bug Catcher Drone: 2x Steel Ingot, 1x Basic Circuitry, 1x Glass, 1x Peridot

Once you have the drone, equip it and you’ll be able to see a grid range around you. This is how far the Bug Catcher Drone can go in order to catch an insect. To catch one simply select an insect that is in the drone’s grid. The drone will swoop down to catch it and you’ll enter a quick-time mini-game.

Watch the slider move left to right and tap when it hits the target marker. .


Insect List


Bat BeetleNight25
Phoenix BeetleDay20Protein Balls

Inanna Falls

Atlas SnailDay10Escargot
Fillaxian WarbeetleNight15
Iridium BeetleDay10
Pill BugDay10
Rust SpiderDay10Eight Legged Pizza

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Nereid Canyon

Ares BeetleDay10
HydraDay10Dragonfly Pie

Seaside Nexus

Crater SpiderDay10Eight Legged Pizza
Flechette MantisNight15


You’re the first pioneer to hit the surface of a barren, alien world – a desolate expanse as far as the eye can see. Your job is simple: Take your Space-RV, power up your multipurpose tech gauntlet, and use whatever seeds are found in the cargo to start a new life in this world. Over time, you’ll make the planet life-sustaining for yourself and dozens of future colonists. But until then, it’s going to be one lonely outpost…

One Lonely Outpost is available now on Early Access on PC – Steam.