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My Time At Sandrock – Bachelorette Guide (Updated)

My Time At Sandrock the sequel to My Time at Portia’s Early Access is coming out next week on May 26th 2022. In My Time at Sandrock, you’re a builder tossed into the wild and rugged city-state of Sandrock. It’s up to you and your workshop to save the town from economic ruin!

If you’ve played My Time At Portia, you can expect the same wonderful life sim mechanics that were in the original game but with some added upgrades. As a builder you’re going to be helping out the town, doing quests as well as making friends. Maybe one of those friends will even become something more?

Disclaimer: My Time At Sandrock was released on the 26th of May 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!

Note: This article has been updated from July 2023.


My Time At Sandrock Bachelorettes

As of the new My Time At Sandrock updates, there has been a number of eligible bachelorettes. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find them, their favourite gifts and how to befriend/marry one!

Amirah CatoriElsie
GraceHeidiJane (WIP)
Mi-An Nia Venti

If you want to read about the male romance characters, tab this link open too!



BirthdayAutumn 11
OccupationPottery Artist
LocationsMorning – Her House (Above City Hall, 2nd Floor)
Sometimes – West of Town looking over the Valley

Amirah is a soft-spoken individual who enjoys creating art as well as going sightseeing. She also loves the Sandrock speciality, Sand Tea. Amirah is a Barnarock native and came to Sandrock with her brother Arvio. She’s now the town’s resident artist and produces ceramics from her shop, Ceramic Gate.

Amirah’s Desires: ⁠Golden Bell Pill (+14), Silk Scarf (+13), Sunscreen (+12)


Loved Gifts
Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)
⁠Springtime Rescue Team Hat (+16)
⁠Agate Bracelets (+15)
⁠Autumn Explorer Hat (+15)
⁠Diamond Desert Warrior Visor (+15)
⁠Elegant Flower Box (+15)
⁠Elegant Swing (+15)
⁠Grassy Adventurer Goggles (+15)
⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair (+15)
Moonstone Pendant (+15)
⁠Spinel Corsage (+15)
⁠Yakboy Mirror (+15)
⁠Hemp Carpet (+14)
⁠Bamboo Vase (+13)
⁠Plum Vase (+13)
⁠Chrysanthemum Vase (+8)
⁠Orchid Vase (+8)
Liked Gifts
Diamond (+9)
⁠Diamond Desert Warrior Cape (+9)
⁠Autumn Explorer Scarf (+8)
⁠Copper Pot⁠ (+8)
⁠Frying Pan (+8)
⁠Glass Lens⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Orchid Earrings (+8)
⁠Organic Ceramics Sheet (+8)
⁠Sandgear (+8)
⁠Strong Medicine⁠ (+8)
Wind Chimes (+8)
⁠Agate (+7)
⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠ (+7)
Moonstone (+7)
⁠Mountain Rose (+7)
Mushroom Soup (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Orchid Extract⁠ (+7)
⁠Paint (+7)
⁠Rainbow Locket (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Spinel (+7)
⁠Tempered Glass⁠ (+7)
Tomato Beef Brisket⁠ (+7)
⁠Amber⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite ⁠(+6)
⁠Foggy Bassia (+6)
⁠Heatstroke Medicine⁠ (+6)
⁠Organic Ceramics (+6)
⁠Swan Necklace (+6)
Hated Gifts
All Weapons (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper⁠ (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Amirah’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Receive a 10% discount in the store
Friend: Receive a 20% discount in the store
Good Friend: Receive a 25% discount in the store



BirthdayAutumn 16
LocationDay – Golden Goose & Catori’s Museum
Evening – Around Sandrock Town

Originally from Atara, Catori divorced her unsupportive husband and left her son with her Ma before coming to Sandrock in the hopes of creating a world-renown entertainment complex. Despite this acclaimed dream, Catori is also the owner of the local museum. Catori can be found wandering Sandrock, within the Golden Goose, and around Catori’s Museum.

Catori’s Desires: Sunscreen (+14), Peacock Feather (+12)


Donating items to the museum is a quick way to gain relationship points with Catori, while also giving her gifts like Suncreen or Hair Driers directly. She likes many self-care items, along with certain relics and foods.

Loved Gifts
Diamond Earrings (+19)
⁠Exhibition Stand (+19)
⁠Amber Pendant (+18)
Orchid Earrings (+17)
⁠Armor Display⁠ (+16)
⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)
⁠Jade Bracelet (+16)
⁠Meowses II Statue⁠ (+16)
⁠Premium Wood Desk⁠ (+16)
⁠Sand Eagle Statue⁠ (+16)
Working Desk (+16)
⁠Art Museum Model (+15)
Desk Clock (+15)
⁠Grand Theater (+15)
⁠Monument (+15)
⁠Office Chair⁠ (+15)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠ (+15)
⁠Around the World in However Many Days (+14)
Liked Gifts
⁠Vacuum Cleaner (+10)
Diamond (+9)
⁠Peacock Feather Brooch (+9)
⁠Techno Table⁠ (+9)
⁠Curling Iron⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Hair Dryer (+8)
⁠Crafted Pencilholder⁠ (+7)
⁠Cross Anchor⁠ (+7)
⁠Feather Duster⁠ (+7)
⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Ozdak Dancing Statue⁠ (+7)
⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue⁠ (+7)
Rosestone (+7)
⁠Spinel (+7)
⁠Techno Calendar⁠ (+7)
⁠Techno Lamp⁠ (+7)
Toy Axe Soldier (+7)
⁠Toy Scepter Soldier (+7)
⁠Toy Spear Soldier (+7)
⁠Toy Sword Soldier (+7)
⁠Yakmel Horn Comb (+7)
Milk Steamed Egg⁠ (+6)
⁠Nail File⁠ (+6)
⁠Sand Tea Noodles⁠ (+6)
⁠Sunscreen ⁠(+6)
⁠Techno Phone (+6)
⁠Facial Cream⁠ (+5)
Hated Gifts
All Weapons (-5)
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Gunpowder ⁠(-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Plastic (-5)
⁠Plastic Shell⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Cloth⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Catori’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Receive a 10% discount in the store.
Friend: Receive a 20% discount in the store.
Good Friend: Receive a 25% discount in the store.



BirthdaySpring 14
LocationsMorning – Wandering Y Yakmel Ranch
Sometimes – Around Sandrock and Surrounding Areas

Elsie is the daughter of Cooper, a rancher, and his wife Mabel. Elsie is a highly energetic, unpredictable young lady and a capable horseback rider. She seems to be wary of newcomers and the player, however, is unable to refuse Mi-an, even trying out new activities around Sandrock with her. She also seems to have a love for shiny objects and relics.

Elsie’s Desires: ⁠Desert Defender Goggles (+24), Basic Sandfish Trap (+13), ⁠⁠Fragrant Satchel (+12)


As a fan of sandfishing, Elsie has many types of fish that she’ll happily accept. Sandfishing is a reliable way to get gifts for Elsie. Keep an eye out for Shiny Scorpions as you’re foraging in the desert, as she loves these too.

Loved Gifts
LungFishKing (+20)
⁠Camping Den (+19)
⁠Pet Sofa (+19)
Rescue Team Boots (+19)
⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠ (+19)
⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠ (+19)
⁠Windproof Waist Bag (+19)
Animal House⁠ (+17)
⁠Shiny Scorpion (+17)
Meowses II Statue (+16)
⁠Professional Sandfish Trap (+16)
⁠Sand Eagle Statue (+16)
⁠Golden Bull Head⁠ (+15)
⁠Jeweled Egg⁠ (+15)
Liked Gifts
⁠DesertMudfishKing (+10)
HornedAdderKing (+10)
Pet Castle (+10)
⁠Pet Tunnel (+10)
⁠Sand Snake King⁠ (+10)
⁠Sandacuda King⁠ (+10)
⁠Sandfish King⁠ (+10)
⁠Advanced Sandfish Trap⁠ (+9)
⁠Chopped Pepper Fish Head (+9)
⁠Desert Defender Pants⁠ (+9)
⁠Desert Defender Shirt⁠ (+9)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+9)
⁠Fine Chopped Pepper Fish Head (+9)
⁠Retro Fan⁠ (+9)
Saddle (+9)
⁠Scratching Post (+9)
⁠Desert Defender Boots⁠ (+8)
Gold (+8)
Waist Bag (+8)
⁠Wind Chimes (+8)
⁠Around the World in However Many Days⁠ (+7)
⁠Desert Defender Waist Bag⁠ (+7)
Hot and Sour Fish (+7)
⁠Opal (+7)
⁠Rope Knot Toy (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Spinel (+7)
⁠Journey to the East⁠ (+6)
⁠Pioneer ⁠(+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
Roast Rutabaga (+5)
⁠Rutabaga (+4)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)

Elise’s Relationship Perks

 Buddy: There is a 4% chance to receive a letter from Elsie every morning with 3 Jerky attached.



BirthdaySpring 17
LocationsMost of the Day – Blue Moon Saloon

Grace is the backbone of Blood Moon Saloon, Sandrock’s only diner. Grace is currently working at the Blue Moon Saloon and is Owen’s first mate in the back kitchen. Despite being smart, capable and dependable when it comes to most tasks, she’s not a very good cook.

Graces’ Desires: Rustic Cabinet (+16), Soup Pot (+12), Water (+9)


Grace wants to improve her cooking, so items related to that (or food) are usually a safe bet. Frying pans are a relatively simple item to craft, making for a good daily gift item. She also likes a good dagger.

Loved Gifts
High-speed Motor (+18)
⁠Gravity Motor (+17)
Frying Pan (+16)
⁠High-speed Processor (+16)
Stewed Eagle Cistanche (+16)
⁠Cistanche (+15)
⁠Compact Motor (+15)
⁠Copper Pot⁠ (+15)
⁠DNA Model (+15)
Equatorial Mount (+15)
Grand Theater (+15)
⁠Monument (+15)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠ (+15)
⁠Spaceship Model (+15)
⁠Cooking Master⁠ (+11)
Liked Gifts
Alloy Daggers (+10)
⁠Chromium Daggers (+10)
Four Leaf Clover Necklace (+10)
Gemstone Daggers (+10)
⁠Titanium Daggers (+10)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+9)
⁠Iron Dagger (+9)
⁠Large Desert Mudfish (+9)
⁠Orchid Earrings⁠ (+9)
⁠⁠⁠Two-tone Waistband (+9)
⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant (+9)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
Sand Tea Beef⁠ (+8)
Beef Noodles⁠ (+7)
⁠Engine⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Soup Pot⁠ (+7)
⁠Spinel (+7)
⁠Chilli ⁠(+6)
⁠Fluorite ⁠(+6)
⁠Omelet ⁠(+6)
⁠Power Stones (+6)
⁠Simple Circuits (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
⁠Data Disc (+5)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Grace’s Relationship Perks

 Good Friend: There is a 3% chance to receive a letter from Grace every morning with 1 Cilantro Omelet or 2 Sweet and Sour Sandfish attached.



BirthdaySummer 17
OccupationArchitect & Writer
LocationMorning & Night – Vivi Family Home (2nd Floor)
Day – Construction Junction
Sometimes – Tumbleweed Standard

Heidi is the daughter of Hugo, the blacksmith. Vivi, the tailor, is her grandmother and Hugo’s mother. She received her education in architecture in Atara. She is close with Jasmine and is known by her as “Aunt Heidi” due to her grandmother caring for Jasmine during her mother’s frequent trips and absences. She is always welcome to more building materials to improve Sandrock.

Heidi’s Desires: Yakmel Horn Bracelet (+25), Large Storage Box (+22), Roasted Eel (+18), Wooden Storage (+15), Simple Chair (+11)


Heidi has a love for top-tier tools, certain seafood, and a handful of jewellery — but not all jewellery will win her heart.

Loved Gifts
Aluminum Axe (+20)
⁠Aluminum Pickhammer (+20)
⁠Chromium Axe (+20)
⁠Chromium Pickhammer (+20)
Iron Axe (+19)
⁠Zinc Titanium Alloy Plate (+17)
⁠Cable-stayed Bridge⁠ (+16)
Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)
⁠Fried Fish and Lotus (+16)
⁠Aluminum Alloy Plate (+15)
⁠Art Museum Model⁠ (+15)
⁠Chestnut Fish-heads (+15)
⁠Chromium Steel Plate (+15)
⁠Diamond Earrings (+15)
⁠Grand Theater (+15)
⁠Great Wall (+15)
Monument (+15)
Moonstone Pendant (+15)
⁠Ozdak Dancing Statue (+15)
⁠Rustic Armchair (+15)
⁠Sailor’s Horn (+15)
⁠Spinel Corsage (+15)
⁠Titanium Aluminum Alloy Plate (+15)
⁠Acacia Wood Planks (+14)
⁠Amber Pendant (+14)
⁠Eel Jerky (+14)
⁠Elegant Swing (+14)
⁠Retro Fan⁠ (+14)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠ (+14)
⁠Yakboy Horn Decoration⁠ (+12)
Liked Gifts
⁠Iron Pickhammer (+10)
⁠Jacuzzi (+10)
⁠Love, Sofa and Robots (+10)
⁠Amber Earrings (+9)
Bronze Axe (+9)
⁠Bronze Pickhammer⁠ (+9)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+9)
Helper Box (+9)
⁠Iron Plate (+9)
⁠Large Storage Box⁠ (+9)
⁠Two-tone Waistband (+9)
⁠Armor Display⁠ (+8)
⁠Elegant Bench (+8)
⁠Elegant Square Table⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold (+8)
Granite Slab (+8)
⁠Magnesium-Chromium Brick (+8)
⁠Marble Slab⁠ (+8)
⁠Meowses II Statue⁠ (+8)
⁠Petrified Wooden Board (+8)
⁠Rainbow Locket (+8)
Roasted Eel⁠ (+8)
⁠Titanium Aluminum Alloy (+8)
Yakboy Small Picture Frame (+8)
⁠Zinc titanium alloy (+8)
⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model (+7)
Hot and Sour Fish (+7)
⁠Jeweled Egg⁠ (+7)
⁠Manganese Steel Bar (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
Sandfish with Secret Sauce (+7)
⁠Spinel (+7)
Tomato Fish⁠ (+7)
⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet (+7)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
⁠Wooden Storage⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Heidi’s Relationship Perks

  Buddy – Receive a 10% discount when consuming in the store
Friend – Receive a 20% discount when consuming in the store & 10% less Gols required for homestead upgrades
Good Friend – Receive a 25% discount when consuming in the store