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Fae Farm – All The Magical Creatures

Fae Farm is your home away from home, that is if your home is a magical fairytale filled with soft cozy friends. In this upcoming co-op farming sim, you’ll be transported to the enchanted world of Azoria. A diverse land home to many spell-casting inhabitants as well as mythical creatures. These creatures can be adopted by you to be taken care of on your farm. While others exist in nature to help you on your quest and take care of the land.

Fae Farm is launching on the 8th of September 2023, in just a few months on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Developers Phoenix Lab have already teased a bunch of gameplay features, characters and creatures coming up in the game. In this article, we’ll cover everything we know about the magical creatures of Fae Farm. We expect more news to be coming to us in the coming months so we’ll be updating this article as they reveal it.

Disclaimer: Fae Farm will release on the 8th of September 2023 so details in this article may change. We will try to keep our information here as updated as possible.


All Of Fae Farm’s Farm Friends (WIP)


Farm Animals

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What’s a farm without a few fuzzy friends? In Fae Farm animals are a big part of your life and you’re responsible for taking care of them. There are a number of creatures for you to adopt and raise. Build them the proper home, feed them, pet them and in return, they will gift you with magical animal produce.


These are all the animals we’ve spotted so far:

  • Cottontail
  • Chickoo
  • Lunen
  • Spriggan
  • Mamoo
  • Woolyhorn


  • Produces: Wool
  • Lives in Barn
  • Adores carrots and Acorn Squash.
  • Loves scritches behind the ears and at the base of their tail.
  • Will spend hours grooming their fur to perfection.


  • Produces: Nutritious Eggs (boosts stamina)
  • Lives in Barn
  • They have best friends and bond for life.
  • Quick to anger and does not like getting wet.


  • Produce: Silk
  • Nocturnal. Can be found stargazing.
  • Shy with a keen sense of smell.
  • A happy Lunen is said to be good luck.


  • Produce: Their leaves have magical properties that can be ground down to make a bitter extract.
  • Found among clover patches, their leafy camouflage makes them very good at hide and seek.
  • Every pattern on their leaves is slightly unique with their leaves becoming more vibrant when they’re happy.
  • They enjoy warm patches of sun.


  • Produce: Milk
  • Adores Huckleberries
  • Are gentle giants that can chew fodder for hours.
  • They are social animals and get along well with Woolyhorns.
  • Loves to be brushed


  • Produce: Wool
  • Their coat is thick enough for them to enter through thorny bushes unharmed
  • Likes to gather in groups
  • Afraid of storms



Adoption isn’t the only way to get animals to join you at Fae Farm. It looks like you can catch roaming critters with a bug net. Whether we can use magic for this though has yet to be revealed.

So far these are the critters that we know are coming:

  • Frog
    • Found all year around, they have a full, round belly.
    • Their sweat has magical properties.
    • They love to jump.
  • Bees
  • Ladybugs
  • Cicadas
  • Monarch Butterflies
  • Spring Peepers
  • Needle Beetles
  • Brown Snails
  • Red Dragonflies
  • Azure Blue Butterflies


Fishing is by now a staple of the farming sim genre and Fae Farm is no exception. Reel up some of Azoria’s fish with your handy dandy fishing rod.

  • Sole Fish

Other Magical Creatures

The world of Azoria outside of your farm is huge! And your adventures will take you to deep mines, dark forests, the ocean and more. Along the way you may meet other magical creatures that you’ll be able to help or befriend. Unlike the farm animals, I’m not sure these beasts will live on your farm but it looks like they can be befriended all the same.




Wisps appear everywhere on Azoria and come in a variety of types.

  • Sun Sprite
  • Myst Fairy
  • Gloom Shade
  • Fae Shadow

Fae Farm

Escape to the world of Fae Farm and create your own cozy home in the enchanted world of Azoria. As you nurture and grow your homestead, you’ll get to meet charming characters, foster deep relationships and discover ways to infuse magic into everything you do. Customize your character, master the arts of crafting, cooking, potion-making and discover so much more.

Unfold the mysteries of the island on your own or with up to three other players. You can invite your family and friends or visit their homestead to progress together, playing beside you or online. As the seasons change, you’ll be able to unlock new areas and restore the world around you. Embark on a ship and set sail to Azoria, there’s a magical world waiting for you!

Fae Farm is available for pre-order now on the Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam and PC – Epic Games.