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Cozy Grove – Summer Festival Event Guide

If you missed Cozy Grove back when it launched then now is a perfect time to get back into it. With more than 60% off Steam and the Nintendo Switch, this game is perfect for Animal Crossing: New Horizon fans. Or Disney Dreamlight stans, basically anyone that’s into cozy decorating sims.

In Cozy Grove you play as a helpful Spirit Scout that’s there to help look after the spirits on the island. The island is a gorgeous black-and-white hand-drawn landscape that comes to life every time you help a spirit. Just like Animal Crossing the game is synced to your clock and most quests and items require real-world time to pass in order to unlock.

There’s something new to discover every day in Cozy Grove and even every season. New seasons bring with them new plants and animals as well as festivals. These festivals are split into four seasonal events – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. In this guide, we’ll go through when they are, what special items you can get and more.


Cozy Grove Festival Events

  • Spring Festival: 27 April – 25 May
  • Summer Festival: 2 July – 15 July
  • Fall Festival: 20 October – 31 October
  • Winter Festival: 20 December – 23 January
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Summer Festival

Dates: 2 July – 15 July

Summer Festival Items

Sparks and Fireworks
Ms Carouse’s Summer Festival Shop
Summer Festival Clothing


Sparks and Fireworks

Fireworks are a unique Summer Festival item that can be crafted and used to launch fireworks into the sky. Whenever you launch a firework and animals, bears or imps in that area will drop items. The items dropped will depend on the type of fireworks you use.

Craft them at Ms Carouse’s Shop with Sparks you can get from feeding a hungry imp or reuniting a crying imp with bon bons.

ItemCrafting RecipeReward
Firework 3x SparkOld Coins, Flower Blossoms
Deluxe Firework 8x Spark
5x Charred Fishbone
Quartz Gemstones, Semi-Precious Gems
Grand Finale Firework 15x Spark
10x Charred Fishbone
5x Relic Ash
Assorted Essence

Any unused fireworks can be kept and used even after the event ends.


Ms Carouse’s Summer Festival Shop

Ms Carouse will be able to craft ten random decorations from the summer festival set in addition to fireworks.

ItemCrafting RecipePrice (Gem)
Chill Bear Sculpture 4x Tin of Flower Pigment5
Coconut Water Stall 1x Roasted Fruit
4x Tin of Flower Pigment
2x Charred Fishbone
Firework Stand 3x Roasted Fruit
3x Tin of Flower Pigment
3x Charred Fishbone
Ice Cream Hut 4x Roasted Fruit
2x Tin of Flower Pigment
1x Charred Fishbone
Lei Stand 4x Charred Fishbone13
Palm Tree 4x Roasted Fruit5
Summer Festival Float 1x Roasted Fruit
2x Tin of Flower Pigment
4x Charred Fishbone

Summer Festival Clothing

Every day Ms Carouse has six random summer festival clothing items for purchase for old coins. The clothing is exclusive to Ms Carouse’s summer festival store.

Casual Summer SetShirtRareCasual900400
Festival ShirtShirtRareParty900400
Ghost Heart SunglassesGlassesRareParty350150
Lifeguard UniformShirtCommonUniform500300
Monochromatic Heart SunglassesGlassesRareParty350150
Pink Heart SunglassesGlassesRareParty350150
Red Heart SunglassesGlassesRareParty350150
Sun T-ShirtShirtRareCute900400
Swimming GogglesGlassesRareActive350150

Cozy Grove

Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you’ll bring colour and joy back to Cozy Grove!

Cozy Grove is out now for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS (Apple Arcade).


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