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Cozy Grove – All The Spirit’s Heartbreaking Stories (Part 1)

Cozy Grove is a type of Animal CrossingSpiritfarer hybrid game. Where you play as a keeper or Spirit Scout of a ghostly island. In this ever-changing forest realm, you and your campfire Flamey are there to help look after the citizens of the island. Namely some ghost pets as well as restless Spirit Bears that haunt the land.

There are 17 resident bears (not including the DLC) that haunt the island and each of them will need your help. Soothe them every day by running little errands for them and they’ll light up the area around them, revealing more of the island. The more you talk to them the more they’ll reveal about their life and how they got here. Some are happy memories, some are moments regret and some are absolutely heartbreaking.

Cozy Grove follows real-world time and most quests are locked behind time walls. Meaning that you need to wait for a certain amount of time to pass before you can do more on the island. This can be a little hard to keep track of everyone’s stories.

So in this article, we’ve compiled all the stories of each Spirit Bear in Cozy Grove. I think it goes without saying but watch out for spoilers if you haven’t finished the game.




The Spirit Bears Of Cozy Grove

To unlock more Spirit Bears in Cozy Grove, you’ll need to feed Flamey Spirit Logs to expand the island. The order of the bears is the order in which you’ll discover them on your journey.

1. Charlotte Pine2. Jeremy Gruffle3. Captain Billweather Snout
4. Patrice Furbac5. Francesca DuClaw6. Allison Fisher
7. Valentina Oso-Fisher8. Lee Berry Dennings9. Arjun Bhalla
10. Octavia Cubbins11. Clyde Wallace12. Bruin Tram
13. Ursula Pine14. Ted Sapsen15. Pius of Grizz
16. Bearos the Third17. Dalia of Cosgrove

Note: There are so many Spirit Bears that we had to split this article in two. Please find the second part of this story here.


Charlotte Pine

Alias: Ranger Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Reveals hidden items (100 coins), Keeps the Book of Memories

Charlotte is the first spirit bear that you’ll meet in Cozy Grove and she’s not exactly thrilled that you’re there. Apparently, it’s because a previous Spirit Scout came to the island previously and it did not go well. It’s not long however until you realise that the previous Scout was Charlotte herself.

When you help Charlotte with her tasks she will recount her times as a scout and what it was like helping spirits. And over the course of your time on the island, she’ll reveal how she believes she has failed as a Spirit Scout. Most notably with a particularly difficult bear named Ted Sapsen as well as her mother Ursula Pine. She blames the downfall of Cozy Grove all on herself.

Ursula Pine her mother had cancer and no matter what Charlotte did and how much she did to care for her she couldn’t change her outcome in the end. When you discover Ursual on the island she will ask you to deliver a ‘Letter of Forgiveness’ to her daughter Charlotte. The letter tells her that none of it was her fault and she learns that despite all training and preparation, some things are unavoidable.


Jeremy Gruffle

Alias: Maker Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Crafting

Jeremy is the second bear you’ll meet in Cozy Grove and he’s eager to help you in the hopes that he can move on from being a ghost. While on the outside he seems relatively cheerful he definitely has some hidden anger and fear within him. Based on him requesting items from you just to destroy them.

Jeremy speculates that he may have created something terrible in life and that his ghostly existence may be a punishment. And by destroying the things he made hopefully, he can seek some sort of penance. But it wasn’t something terrible he created, it was something terrible he did. He wanted to make something special for his son, a cuckoo clock. But he smashed it when his son called it silly and despite all his ghostly powers in the afterlife, he’s unable to make it whole.

Jeremy’s son is remembered by the metal hearts he asks you to find with his son’s paw prints.

As he processes the memories Jeremy starts to make new items, jewellery and fancy birdhouses. One of the birdhouses in particular has a little metal heart that has a H and a J in it. H for his neighbour Harold who was more than just a friend and neighbour. He learns and is able to accept Harold’s and his son’s love.

Jeremy dies at an old age by slipping on the stairs after hanging up a birdhouse.


Captain Billweather Snout

Alias: Seagull Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Collection Display

The Captain is a grog-loving sailor that has a bit of a tragic story. In life, it seems that he was responsible for the deaths of multiple ferry passengers due to his own drunken negligence. In fact, Charlotte Pine does say in her conversations that she watched the Captain crash his ferry onto this island and that’s how they all ended up here.

The Captain has a lot of bravado and talks about how handsome he was in his youth. He envied the freedom of the sees and thought that the life of a Captain would mean just that. But instead, the job made him feel lonely and he turned to drinking to ease it. One foggy evening he crashed his ferry on this island stranding all of them.

Guilt-ridden and unable to even look at his friend Charlotte he tries to make amends to the spirits he has trapped. Eventually, he is able to attain peace by helping to restore your boat and return home.


Patrice Furbac

Alias: Postal Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Distributing Mail

Patrice Furbac was a postal worker in life as well as in death. He often talks about how much he enjoys his job, though occasionally he does admit to feeling a bit of burnout after so long at the job. One day after finding a photo of his family we discover that he has a wife and kids (Anja, Leroy, and Ophie).

From the beginning of the game, Patrice receives demonic-sounding packages that we learn allude to his previous life, before being a postal bear. Before he joined the Postal Service he was in the military where his entire squad was wiped out except for him. These demonic packages are the survivor’s guilt that he feels he deserves.

Towards the end of his story, Patrice stops receiving the demonic packages and instead gets a letter from his old squadmates. They tell him this is not his fault, which helps him relieve some of the guilt that he’s been holding on to.


Francesca DuClaw

Alias: Wood Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Recycling, Dyeing

When you first meet Francesca she believes that she is a tree and that the other trees around her are her friends. She’ll often ask you to find her “friends” who end up being books or help her “friend” who has an umbrella stuck in them. But as the game progresses she realizes that she is a bear who was a wood sculptor in life, which makes it a little awkward for her tree friends.

Francesca tells us her father was also a sculptor and that she had a great deal of respect for her father’s art. She tried to emulate him and carve out more and more elaborate creations. She wanted to make something “important” but in her eyes, they were never good enough. She never sold a piece of art in her lifetime.

One day in her father’s cabin in the woods a fire broke out. It destroyed all of her and her father’s creations. All but one that Francesca rushes into the fire to save. It was a bust of her Mum that her father had carved and it is assumed that Francesca died to save it.

The lesson from the fire is that nothing lasts and that they don’t need to last. These moments are just passing through, creating a forest of little moments. And if they’re lucky, someone sees them and captures the moment.


Allison Fisher

Alias: Baker Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Cooking

Just like in death, Allison was a baker in real life. She is known for her inventive and wild recipes that fly in the face of tradition and taste. Fish ice cream? Maybe not? But the imps seem to enjoy it anyway.

One day she gets a negative review from the food critic Kuma Watanabe that leaves her devastated. This starts a stream of negative thoughts which causes Allison to lose all confidence in herself and her creations.

But despite the critic’s harsh review the animals in Cozy Grove genuinely seem to enjoy eating her food. Allison however can’t see it. She notes that her customers keep coming back, but they’re not eating the food as fast as she’d expect and she saw one of them even throw his quiche in the bin. But why do the customers keep coming back?

Allison tries to throw away all her food but doesn’t want to waste it and gives it away to the ghost animals. They love it and she slowly regains confidence in herself. She realises that her love of making people happy with food is the secret ingredient to her success. The animals love the positive energy that she fills with her food and she realises that that’s what happened to her in real life.

She genuinely loves her customers and they in turn love her and want to support her. So that’s why they keep coming back every day. Her food isn’t the best but her customers came anyway. Allison is able to accept the food review’s critique and pledges to learn more from her customers and become a better baker.


Valentina Oso-Fisher

Alias: Mayor Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Sells decor and more

Valentina is the mayor and sole real estate agent of Cozy Grove. When you first meet her she hustles you to get your citizenship paperwork sorted on the island, eventually dubbing you her assistant. She runs a tight ship, enjoying having control over everything, but the imps on the island are hard to control. She worries about what their mischief will do to her approval ratings.

The Mayor flailing under the stress about the imps treats herself to a shopping spree. “How can I look this good and not be in control?” she asks you. But eventually, the bills pile up and she’s unable to pay for all her purchases. She still felt empty and that her happiness in the moment of buying things didn’t last. In fact, she learns that the reason the imps surround her is because they’re drawn in by her negative energy.

She has to accept that her “perfect town” and life that she had created didn’t make her feel happy. She does remember a moment though when one purchase did make her feel happy – a motorcycle. In her life, she gave up the Mayor’s office and rode around town on her motorcycle. It gave her peace until one day she crashed and presumably died.

She’s happy about it though and is at peace with herself and the fate of the town.


Lee Berry Dennings

Alias: Veggie Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: Sells Beastly Charms

Lee lives on a farm and as you can tell by his surroundings he’s a bit of a hoarder. He seems to be suffering from some sort of anxiety or other mental disorder where he collects items obsessively. As well as starts and stops projects indecisively. He also gets a bit fixated with his Mum’s ceramic carrot collection, which is a little weird.

At first, he’s very proud of all his collections and he tells you all about his life on the farm. Even recollecting the times of famine and crop failure. That incident likely triggered Lee’s hoarding behaviour and general anxious nature. Eventually, we realise that he died after being crushed under his own collection.

By the end of his story, Lee is able to make a clean start and is able to give away almost all of his possessions.


Arjun Bhalla

Alias: Retiree Bear
Spirit Bear Ability: None

Arjun is an old and forgetful bear that loves photos. He sets you on tasks to find photographs, all of which are always pictures of the other bears, but he believes they are of himself. He initially cannot remember anything about himself.

In the beginning, Arjun’s memories are all jumbled and are not of himself. He mistakes a picture of Captain Snout for himself, as well as believing himself to be Patrice Furbac and working as a Postal Bear. Eventually though he’s able to remember his own memories and of his wife that he loved. He had blocked all remembrance of her because when she had passed from a terminal illness the memories were too painful.

His wife had been ill for some time and his children believed that Arjun didn’t take her illness seriously enough. At her funeral, his children blamed him for her death. He had so many regrets that he forced himself to forget nearly everything, even his own children’s names. He doesn’t think he could’ve done more for his wife but he knows that he didn’t have to lose his children the way he did.

In the end, he willingly chooses to not hold on to his memories so that he can move on.

Note: Archie Pawston will replace Arjun Bhalla from Cozy Grove’s: New Neighbears DLC



Welcome to Cozy Grove, a game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you’ll bring colour and joy back to Cozy Grove!

Cozy Grove is out now for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS (Apple Arcade).