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Apeiron – A Beginner’s Guide

Apeiron is a god game x roguelike in which you play as a godling – a newborn god – summoned by the High Goddess Cosmos to join the War on the Mad God Chaos! With the help of your dood Apostles – cute and powerful lil guys with a penchant for snacking – you’ll dive into dungeons and unravel the mysteries of the godiverse! Or die. That could happen too. Which is why we’ve made you this guide!

Learning how to take advantage of the main features in the game will help you build a stronger Avatar and put together an unbeatable team. This beginner’s guide will cover the absolute basics of Apeiron’s gameplay so you can survive the roguelite without losing all your precious Apostles and having to restart your progress.


How To Begin Playing Apeiron

In the current season 2 demo, players can download the game by going to the Apeiron official Marketplace website and making an account or by downloading it from the Epic Games store.

To begin playing you’ll first, choose your Avatar.

The Season 2 demo has three Tempest Avatars to choose from: The Fury, The Fate, and The Wisdom. If you’re just starting your journey in the godiverse, we suggest starting with The Fury. He’s easier to manoeuvre compared to the Wisdom and the Fate.

Play through as far as possible with your Avatar to get yourself familiar with the gameplay mechanics. Then once you feel confident enough, try switching your Avatar to a different class! Progress is saved independently for each Avatar, so don’t worry about switching and losing any time.


Avatar Skills and Passives

Each Avatar begins their journey equipped with 2 skills and 3 skill slots. As the Avatar gains experience and levels up, it earns skill points, which can then be invested to enhance its abilities.

Focus on upgrading the skills up to at least level 3, then turn your attention to enhancing passive abilities. For passives, the Piercing Tempest (unlocked at Lvl 10) is a must-have, while Cloudburst (unlocked at level 20) is useful against bosses.

Once you’ve tried everything at the earlier stages and found what you like to match your playstyle, you can redistribute your skill points at any time with no cost to optimize your build even more or even try something totally different. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

One last tip is to pay attention to the mana cost. Having too many high-cost cards will make your deck harder to play (unless you have mana generating Artifacts), so be careful about where you invest your points in the later stages


Pre-Battle And In-Battle

Before every battle in Apeiron, players can select up to four Apostles to fight alongside their Avatar. Always try to go for the Apostle with higher IVs. They have more HP, higher attack speed, and do more damage compared to Apostles at the same level with lower IVs.

Similar to Avatars, Apostles boast their own set of skills. You want to pick Apostles with skills that complement your team to increase damage output. Each Apostle comes with 3 skills from a pool of 8 so try out different combos and see what suits your strategy best.

Pro Tip: In the Season 2 demo, you can’t go wrong with at least 1 Guardian and 1 Priest in your
comp. They’re both very good units that sustain your team.

You’ll get a chance to preview your enemy’s composition before the battle, which means you can assess the situation and opt for Apostles that can fight off specific opponents. An example would be if your enemy’s team consists of Rogues, you should choose tankier Apostles like the Warrior or the Guardian who can withstand their attacks.

Finally, positioning your Apostles strategically can make all the difference in a battle. Position tankier Apostles like the Guardian and the Warrior to deal with enemy aggro, and keep less durable Apostles like the Priest out of harm’s way.


After Battle

Each victory rewards you with XP and Soul Gems (money for the Shop) but more importantly, Apostles. Get the high IV Apostles, but also be on the lookout for Apostles with the same skills as your main team.

You can upgrade skills by fusing Apostles together, but only if they share the very same skill. Remember, any Apostles dropped will always correspond to your Avatar’s level, so there is no need to worry if one of your Apostles accidentally dies they are…well… replaceable and you might get a new one with a better IV that can easily slot into your team.


Apeiron Events

Generally speaking, these rooms are like wildcards. There’s a certain amount of risk so be prepared for anything. Notably, Event rooms are the ONLY place in the game that let you upgrade Artifacts and modify their alignment. Event rooms also provide invaluable level-up opportunities for getting your team ahead of the curve.

For more information on events, you can check out this YouTube guide here.




They offer options to heal, revive dead allies or level up your team, including your avatar. Campfires are the single most consistent way to level up because they don’t give you a flat amount of EXP, so always pick them over Shops or Battles.



The choice to head into a shop depends on your current in-game goals. Level-up rooms (events and campfires) should always be prioritized. The main motivation to enter a shop should be when you are gearing up for a boss fight. The shop sells a variety of potions in the early levels but also sells Apostles and Artifacts during later stages of the game.


Artifacts and Miscellaneous

Artifacts are unique items that provide passive bonuses and build around effects. They’re rare drops from battles, or you can get them sometimes from Events or the Shop. Don’t forget to equip them before the battle starts!

The best artifact to start with in Apeiron after completing the tutorial is the “Flysilk Robes” – try to get this upgraded to the Good alignment! Also, be aware that you can have up to 5 equipped Artifacts, so you should look to build synergies. For example, the combination of Smokesoul incense and TimeTwist essentially gives you unlimited mana… but I doubt that will stay in the game in season 3. Try it while it’s OP!

You may also want some Artifacts for quality-of-life upgrades to get some more speed. Additionally, there are upgrades for good and evil artifacts depending on the choices you make in the Event rooms. Good upgrades are a straight upside, while Evil upgrades come with a powerful upside and a little downside, serving as a tradeoff.


Boss Fights

In the Season 2 demo of Apeiron, there are 2 variants of the deadly boss Scorp the Juggernugget: the
Regular Juggernugger
, and the Dark Mystic. Each has its own skill sets and attack patterns. After diminishing half their health bar, each boss will enter a second phase, enraging and unveiling more potent moves.

In combat against a boss, use your Avatar as a decoy to divert its attention, and get it to use its abilities AWAY from your Apostles, since they’ll die pretty quickly if they get pummeled.

Hunters are your best DPS options in boss rooms because they do damage to a single target. In contrast, Mages, whose damage is AoE, are less effective against the singular boss target. Take advantage of the option to restart fights that aren’t going your way. You have three penalty-free restarts, however, after that, each restart will make ALL enemies permanently stronger.


The Apeiron Community

Apeiron is all about building a community and embracing the dood spirit. They have a dedicated Discord server for Apeiron lovers to chat and discuss strategies so head on over if you are trying to become a master of Apeiron!

Plus, should you have any other questions, they’re always there with prompt assistance.
Have fun exploring Apeiron!