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Volcano Princess – Complete Romance Guide

Volcano Princess has you raising the next potential monarch of the Kingdom and your daughter. In this parenting simulator you can prepare your daughter for the future by finding her hobbies, training her for battle, and befriending the citizens she’ll one day protect. Encourage her to study and find love, depending on and maybe even marriage to one or more people.

There are more than 20 romantic possible endings in Volcano Princess and depending on what you do at each stage of your life will have a different impact on the ending. There are two types of endings in Volcano Princess, career ones (which we have a guide for here) and romantic ones. Whoever you marry won’t affect your career.

So without further ado here is everyone you can marry, how to end up with them and all the romantic endings that you can achieve.


How To Marry Someone In Volcano Princess

The person that you end up with in Volcano Princess will ultimately be the person that you have the highest favourability rating with. You’ll also need to attend all three of their bonding events and not be in any careers that lock you out of marriage. There are even some options that will allow you to marry more than one person and live happily ever after in a polyamorous relationship. We’ll explain more about that later.

The character with the current highest favour will be the one at the top of the list of friends in your social menu.


Social Interaction Options

To get closer to someone you’ll need to socially interact with them everyday. This can come in the form of regular chat, giving them gifts, spending time with them or asking them for advice. Once you get closer to them and become their friend you can then start going on dates. Dates don’t have to be romantic and won’t lock you into your marriage decision.

Social InteractionOutcomeCost
ChatDialogue prompts that will cause your relationship to growNo Cost. Once every turn.
ConsultWill gain random attributes.1 Patience. Once every turn.
ChallengeStart a duel or debate with someone.

Winning a duel will rely on your combat attributes. w
Winning a debate depends on your Mind and how many courses in the subject you have finished.
1 Patience
GiftDepending on how the villager likes your gift, the relationship will grow or shrink. Removal of item from your inventory
Hang OutGo on a date, this works for both romantic and platonic relationships.1 Patience,
2 Action Points

Note: You can also lower your standing with someone if you get caught stealing from them. Or if you give them a gift they dislike.


Polyamorous Endings

Some of the characters in Volcano Princess are open to non-exclusive relationships. If you get the maximum affection (10 hearts) with the particular combination of characters listed below, you’ll end up with all of them. Once you get max affection with the characters listed and meet the marriage conditions, it will take priority over individual romance routes.

These are the relationship paths you could end up with:

  • Kite of the Royal Family – Gwyneth and Kenneth
  • Laurels and Wildflowers – Gwyneth and Mona
  • Girl’s Paradise – Mona and Nina
  • Golden Orchid and Jasmine – Craig and Lon
  • Snow Flower and Rose – Hackett and Ze
  • Let’s Harvest Wheat Together – Benson, Craig, Hackett, Lon, and Ze

Careers That Lock You Out of Marriage

As we mentioned in our Volcano Princess – All Career Endings Guide, there are three career paths that do not allow for marriage. And some for very obvious reasons. They are flagged in the description when you choose it, but in case you missed which career path they are:

  • Become God’s Envoy – Nun
  • Trade my body for fortune – Harlot, Haunted Innkeeper, Upperclass Courtesan
  • Find a good partner – Concubine
  • I’m fine with a simple job – Diligent Farmer

All Romantic Candidates In Volcano Princess

The Lords

Unlike the other romance candidates in Volcano Princess you can only interact with one Lord on any playthrough. If you don’t want to marry any of the three lords, refuse their visits at the start of a month.

Lord Claude BryanPrincess Gwyneth ClaremontLord Lebsa Lorace

Main Characters

With Main Characters, if your affection with one of these characters is too high and you don’t want to marry them you can turn down their bonding event at the start of a month. This will prevent any further events with and remove them as a potential romantic partner.

Benson MullerCraig WheelHackett Munster
Prince Kenneth ClaremontLon HillMona Albrecht
Nina HandelZe Lake

Side Characters

Side characters, unlike main characters will have their bonding events play automatically during the middle of the week. So you should be careful about raising your affection with them if you are not interested in romancing them as raising it too much will lock you into ending up with them.

Basilou BroomeConnie FacioDerrick SchofieldJermaine Tholson
Mary RogenMark BarryRebecca Ira