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One Lonely Outpost – Colonist Recruitment Guide

In One Lonely Outpost, you’re a pioneer that’s attempting to colonise the barren planet of Calypso. When you arrive you’ll find that the earth is not quite suitable for the human population yet. But luckily we have technology on our side and soon you’ll be able to terraform the planet and start growing some crops. Once that happens you’ll attract some new colonists that might want to settle in your budding town.

New colonists bring with them new materials, they’ll open new shops and even become your friend. Once they settle in it’ll be your responsibility to keep your colonists fed. In this guide, we’ll go through what you need to recruit the new settlers, what they’ll unlock and everything else, what they like to eat and everything else you need to know about them.

Disclaimer: One Lonely Outpost was released on the 27th of June 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions.


Colonists In One Lonely Outpost

Aaron HernandezChuck HendersonDirk Violette
Duyi ZhaoshuEve Hearn Fadhill Juma
Jim-Bob Whitman & Elisha WhitmanLinny ArgyrisQwerty

Aaron Hernandez

Requirement: None. You’ll receive the “Recruitment and Aaron’s ETA” in the mail and in 2 days he’ll arrive.
Unlocks: Circuits and Switches Store – Upgrades for your tools

Aaron is an “engineer who’s a bit engineered himself.” He loves all things mechanical, but has a soft spot for gardening, too. Aaron is the first colonist you can recruit and has no special requirements for him to settle.

UnlocksOpens the Circuits and Switches Store
OccupationElectrical Engineer
Birthday12th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsCabbage
Liked GiftsVegetables – Carrots, Potatoes

Chuck Henderson (“Cukoo Chuck”)

Requirement: None. He’ll arrive randomly one day.
Unlocks: Black Market

An eccentric, grumpy old man who seems to know more than he lets on.

UnlocksOpens the Black Market
OccupationBlack Market Dealer
Birthday45th of PreSeason
ResidenceBottom of Seaside Nexus

Dirk Violette

Dirk may look tough at first glance, but they’re clearly a big softie when it comes to animals. Their accent, however, is hard to place.

Birthday64th of PreSeason
ResidenceInanna Falls

Duyi Zhaoshu

Requirement: After recruiting Jim-Bob and Elisha. 4x Geology Omnistars and 1x Veggie Stew.
Unlocks: Mine

Behind Duyi’s calm exterior is an even calmer interior. But the mechanical limbs hint at a deeper story…

Birthday16th of PreSeason
ResidenceInanna Falls
Favourite GiftsCrabs
Liked GiftsRocks and Ore

Eve Hearn

Eve is taciturn and distrustful, but she makes up for it with her sharp intellect and work ethic.

Birthday39th of PreSeason
ResidenceNereid Canyon

Fadhill Juma

Fadhill is the ultimate people person, working hard to build a positive, caring community. And his muscles are nothing to sneeze at, either.

OccupationLogistics Officer
Birthday9th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus

Linny Argyris

Unlocks: Fishing Store – Fishing Equipment

Linny seems to have boundless energy, and she puts it to use by fishing and doing flips all over the colony. Impressive.

UnlocksOpens the Fishing Store
Birthday26th of PreSeason
ResidenceInanna Falls

Jim-Bob Whitman & Elisha Whitman

Requirement: After Aaron arrives. 5x Steel Ingots and 1x Winter Root Stew.
Unlocks: Gardening Store – Sells Seeds and Sprinklers.

Jim-Bob Whitman

Jim-Bob and Elisha are a father-and-daughter duo that will arrive sometime after Aaron does. Jim-Bob works hard to balance being a mechanic with being a single father to Elisha, two tasks that require his full attention.

UnlocksOpens the Gardening Store
OccupationMechanical Engineer
Birthday37th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsCrab
Liked GiftsCarrot

Elisha Whitman

Elisha is a whirlwind of a kid; headstrong and not likely to allow other people’s opinions to get in the way of her goals.

UnlocksOpens the Gardening Store
OccupationTomboy Mechanic
Birthday17th of PreSeason
ResidenceSeaside Nexus
Favourite GiftsFish
Liked GiftsGlass


Requirement: None. They will be with you when you arrive on Calypso.

Qwerty started out as a Christmas gift but has become a trusted companion.

OccupationCompanionship Robot
Birthday60th of PreSeason
Favourite GiftsSunflowers
Liked GiftsRocks

One Lonely Outpost

You’re the first pioneer to hit the surface of a barren, alien world – a desolate expanse as far as the eye can see. Your job is simple: Take your Space-RV, power up your multipurpose tech gauntlet, and use whatever seeds are found in the cargo to start a new life in this world. Over time, you’ll make the planet life-sustaining for yourself and dozens of future colonists. But until then, it’s going to be one lonely outpost…

One Lonely Outpost is available now on Early Access on PC – Steam.


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