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One Lonely Outpost – Beginner’s Farming Guide

One Lonely Outpost is a farming sim in the most unlikely of places – space. In this game, you play as a space colonist on the desolate and alien planet of Calypso. It doesn’t look like this barren wasteland is the ideal place for growing crops but luckily we have technology on our side! Not to mention a helpful robot companion. As a pioneering settler, it’s your job to terraform this arid desert to make it a suitable place for human civilization. And just like in The Martian the first thing you’re going to want to start doing is get some crops growing.

Farming in One Lonely Outpost is a little less straightforward than in other farming games like Stardew Valley and Coral Island. But for the most part still fairly similar. If you’ve played My Time at Sandrock some of the steps we go through may seem familiar because just like in Sandrock, water is a precious resource and plants need it to grow.

In this guide we’ll go through the basics of farming on Calypso, what crops are available, their requirements to grow and more.

Disclaimer: One Lonely Outpost was released on the 27th of June 2023 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions.


How To Start Farming

You won’t actually be able to start farming and growing crops straightaway in One Lonely Outpost. Instead, your first day on the planet will be centred on introducing you to your new home – The Farmstead. This will be the place where your Astrobago Lander is situated, along with where you’ll live and farm crops.

There are three areas of fertile land for crops, one to the south, one to the southwest, and one to the southeast of the Astrobago. You’ll be able to farm crops by your second day there, but first, let’s go through all the tools you’ll need.


Farming Tools

  • Matter Manipulator Tool – Used to Till the Earth into Soil. Seeds can only be planted in tilled soil.
  • Gust Tool – Remove tilled soil.
  • Spray Tool – For watering crops. Refill your Water Tank by lasering Ice Crystals.
  • Mining Laser – Remove seeds from tilled soil (obliterates seed). And destroy Ice Crystals for water.

Farming Steps

1. Get the land ready by cleaning it up with your Omni-Tool
2. Use the Matter Manipulator to till the soil. (Use the Gust Tool to remove a tilled land).
3. Plant the seeds in the tilled soil
4. Water the seeds with the Spray Tool
5. Water your seeds every day until they grow.

And those are the basics of farming!


How to Acquire Seeds

On your second day, you’ll receive some seeds on your delivery platform – 8x Bok Choy Seeds, 8x Carrot Seeds, and 8x Potato Seeds. To get more you can either:

  • Use the Gust Tool on dust piles to find Seeds.
  • Purchase Seeds from Jim-Bob’s shop.

Note: Jim-Bob’s shop sells seeds and sprinklers but will only become available a few days later into the game. To have them join, you must forge 5 Steel Ingots and cook 1 Winter Root Stew. Steel Ingots can be made by processing Iron Ore in an Omniforge, while Winter Root Stew is cooked using 1 Potato and 1 Carrot.


One Lonely Outpost – Crops

Every Crop in One Lonely Outpost has its own requirements for temperature and season, all of which you can find in the in-game database. But in the beginning, that database will be fairly empty. Fill it up by growing a Crop for the first time and exposing it to varying conditions. You can interact with a Crop at every stage of its growth to add new information to your database.

CropGrowth TimeClimate
Bok Choy8 Days< 5°C
Cabbage10 Days< 5°C
Carrot6 Days< 14°C
Garlic9 Days< 14°C
Green Tea15 Days< 14°C
Jewelfruit11 Days< 14°C
Milkroot14 Days< 14°C
Noah Nut12 Days< 14°C
Novapop6 Days< 14°C
Potato6 Dats< 14°C
Raspberry11 Days6 Days
Rice17 Days< 14°C
Soybean8 Days< 14°C
Sugarcane13 Days< 14°C
Wheat13 Days< 14°C

One Lonely Outpost

You’re the first pioneer to hit the surface of a barren, alien world – a desolate expanse as far as the eye can see. Your job is simple: Take your Space-RV, power up your multipurpose tech gauntlet, and use whatever seeds are found in the cargo to start a new life in this world. Over time, you’ll make the planet life-sustaining for yourself and dozens of future colonists. But until then, it’s going to be one lonely outpost…

One Lonely Outpost is available now on Early Access on PC – Steam.


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